He watches Hiruzen make his way back to his bedroll, having just relieved him from his watch. The last shift is normally his and today is no different.

A kage bunshin is sent to check the traps quickly. Koharu set them and he really doesn't want to know what she put in them. Sometimes that girl worries him.

He glances down at where she's sleeping. She's utterly still. Beside her, Homura turns over quietly. On her other side, Hiruzen sprawls, arms and legs flung out wildly. Suddenly Koharu shifts, rolling closer to Hiruzen. He yelps softly as her weight is now mostly on his arm and gently eases it from under her. Homura moves closer to her as well, pressing against her side.

Tobirama smiles. He remembers when they all refused to sleep anywhere near the others and isn't sure when that changed. It might have been after that mission to Suna when Homura had run into that puppeteer and almost died because of it. Maybe it was when Hiruzen returned home to learn his father had died. Perhaps it had been watching Koharu nearly fall to a well-aimed kunai.

Whatever it was, he's just glad that their squabbling is more good-natured teasing now than the calculated digs it had been when they'd first become a team.

He looks back at them and grins. Koharu has an arm wrapped round each boy and a gentle smile on her face. Homura's got a leg over her and Hiruzen's copied him.

Yes, they've pulled together just fine.

Team Tobirama is winning in my poll so I decided to upload this old ficlet from LJ.

481 re-awakened my muse for them with a vengeance so I might do another chapter of Youth and Innocence related to it.