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Epilogue: Endless Possibilities

It was not hard for the Company Possible to start their new lives. The island was kind to the whole crew… not that they were a crew anymore. They still considered themselves a family, though. They were all they had and they did not see a problem with that. They all knew they would be there for each other if necessary and they knew they could not ask for anything more from someone.

It barely took them all a couple of months to figure out what they wanted to do with themselves, their freedom, and their plunder from piracy, especially when they saw all of the opportunities on the island. They were welcomed to stay at Porter Manor, as Betty and Vivian called their home, for as long as they needed to, especially they went to launch their own dreams. Some stayed longer than others.

Wade was the first to venture out on his own. He claimed he could not stand all of the couples and their lovey-dovey behavior. Those were not his exact words, but close enough. Everyone laughed when he pointed that out, but they supported his decision. They all helped out in what he wanted to do.

"We can go scout places for you to stay whenever you want," Betty told him. They all helped out and he ended up buying a shop in town with an apartment above it.

Wade opened a carpentry business. At first, things were a bit slow. No one really paid him any mind because there were plenty of more established carpenters in town. But, as always he could rely on his crew to help him. Ron and Yori requested that Wade build a home for them on some land that they purchased. Wade eagerly jumped at the chance to help his friends and to show off his skills.

People immediately noticed the huge and beautiful house Wade designed and built for Ron and Yori. It was close to a dazzling waterfall and designed like the homes in Yori's native land. He also modeled all of the furniture to look like the furnishings of her ancestral home. It was a bit difficult for him because he had never been to Yori's home country, but she described things well enough for him to work through it. Whenever he got confused, she was right there to help him out and he was able to make everything just as she remembered it or wanted it. After that, things just sort of fell into place for the brilliant craftsman.

Soon, Wade and his young business were doing great, creating and repairing all sorts of things. Over time, he handcrafted all of the furniture in his friends' homes. He eventually began designing and building ships for Betty's growing shipping company. She helped a lot in that regard, knowing how she wanted her ships to be and what she wanted them to be capable of.

His apartment quickly became more like a private workshop than anything else. He built specialty items or just things that interested him. Sometimes, people saw and wanted something similar for themselves and money was no object. It was not long before there were over a dozen men working for him to help him keep up with projects and he was thinking about taking on his own apprentice.

He ran the idea by Kim, as the crew still sort of looked at her as their captain and her opinion mattered. Kim flashed her usual encouraging smile and told him to go for it. She offered ideas on how he might find an apprentice since she was much more social than he was, so she knew more people. He smiled at the eager help.

"It's no problem, Wade! I want to help you with your dream and your future!" Kim declared, getting on task quickly.

Kim worked really hard, really quick. She easily found a young man by the name of Felix Renton. Felix was already an architect and could design structures, but he did not know how to make them with his bare hands. Not many people were willing to give Felix the time of day because his legs did not work. Wade welcomed him on board with open arms and they got along swimmingly last time Kim checked. Wade actually wanted to give Kim a gift for finding him such a wonderful apprentice.

"Wade, I'm actually a little insulted you want to give me something," Kim said with her usual smile.

Wade laughed. "You deserve the world and more. I wish I could make that happen."

She waved him off. "It's no big."


Ron wasted no time opening a restaurant in town with all of everyone's support. Hell, Wade helped reinforce the building that Ron bought for the place and rebuilt much of the furniture himself. The whole crew helped paint and arrange the place. The day the establishment opened, the whole crew was there and ready to eat. Betty and Vivian even called their old crewmates to join them. They were all addicted from the start.

"Ron can actually work magic if he has the time, the right stuff, and steady ground apparently," Monique declared, grabbing for one of the many bowls on the large table the crew sat around. Betty and Vivian joined them on the venture, enjoying the grub just as much as everyone else.

The table was covered in food. It was either in deep bowls or large plates. They were grabbing what they wanted and put the food on their own plates. Everyone had a stack of food and did not seem to be letting up.

"He is quite the chef," Vivian agreed, taking some flat bread and dipping it in a food that she could not even identify. She just knew it was damned tasty.

"I can assume you guys were never hurting for good food while out to sea," Betty remarked, finishing up one morsel and starting on another.

"No, Ron always took excellent care of us," Kim replied before leaning over to Shego and eating the fruit that the older woman was about to put in her own mouth. Shego made a choked noise and Kim gave her an innocent, impish look.

"Why don't you try eating your own food? It all tastes the same," Shego pointed out, pretending to be huffy.

"No, it tastes the best when I take it from you," Kim assured her with another impish smile.

"She's right," Vivian concurred before leaning over and nipping Betty's food from her fingers. She went a step further, lingering on Betty's fingers for a moment while throwing the one-eyed woman a coy look.

Betty frowned and rolled her eye. "That look isn't always going to work," she lied. She knew it would work from now until the end of time.

"I might have to stop eating with you married folks," Wade teased, laughing while reaching for some more of the huge spread of food. He was used to their antics at the table, so it really did not bother him.

The three couples laughed with him, but did not cut out their hijinks. In fact, they seemed to go out of their way to be even more ridiculous after that. Bonnie ended up getting up from her seat and sitting in Monique's lap while Monique fed her. Vivian and Betty took turns feeding each other, too. And no one wanted to contemplate where Shego's hand went as it left the table. All and all, everyone had a great time with very good food.

"All the boy needs is some decent wine and we might never leave!" Betty declared and she got agreements from Shego and Monique surprisingly enough. "I have to make sure I get him some fine wine to go with all of this delicious food," the former captain decided. The lack of good wine did not stop the feast.

The group all ate there about four days a week and found each meal better than the last. Many people in town agreed with them. Business boomed for the former ship cook. His joy and success had his beloved considering starting her own business and finding her own passion.

Yori began kicking around the idea of opening a martial arts school, but she was not too sure if she wanted to call that much attention to her considering what she went through with Monkey Fist. But, the idea was very tempting since martial arts was her joy and she noticed the people of the island practiced their own style. Surely someone would like to learn another. She decided to run the idea by Ron first and get his thoughts.

"A martial arts school?" the chef echoed, milling about their bedroom just because he was not ready to lie down just yet.

"Yes. I wish to practice, but I also wish to teach. One of the things I greatly miss about home is my school. My fellow students, my devoted teachers, and sheer camaraderie," Yori replied, longing in her voice. Her life before Monkey Fist had been one of learning and honing her skills at her school. It was the only life she knew before being kidnapped and enslaved by that madman.

"Then go for it, Yori! Open your school and it'll be great," Ron declared. He honestly thought she should just go for it instead of worrying over it.

Yori smiled softly. "You make it seem so easy. Where would I get trustworthy students?"

"Are you kidding? That's the easiest thing! You just ask Kim for help. Did you see how quickly she found Felix for Wade?" he reminded her.

Yori nodded; she could not argue with that point. So, the next time she saw Kim, she requested her help. The redhead was on it in an instant, knowing just who she thought would make the perfect students for Yori. She gathered a couple of small children and five young teens who Kim was certain Yori would enjoy working with and who would enjoy Yori in return.

Kim once again proved correct. Yori loved her students almost immediately. They were all eager to learn and hard working. Yori welcomed them into her home and they knew without being told to treat it with serious respect. They heeded all of her teachings and were always thankful for her teaching them.

Ron was thankful Yori was happy again. He thanked Kim until his mouth was dry, but she waved it off as "no big." That was expected of her and she just let it go, feeling like she was doing what she was supposed to do. Still, Ron tried to figure out ways to pay their former captain back, but nothing really came to mind.

"I want to get you something for helping Yori out and making her happy. Is there anything you want?" Ron asked.

"I don't need anything," Kim assured him, which made him sigh.

Kim seemed content for the moment, so Ron took her at her word. Besides, he was not sure what he could give her aside from his gratitude. He was tempted to ask Shego, but he would need the time and to catch up with her. She was hard to pin down now that she had a bunch of free time and he did not. So, for the moment, he let it go.


Bonnie and Monique were the next to get out of the Porter manor house. Monique knew they had to leave or someone was going to kill Bonnie. She just could not understand why her companion always had to run off at the mouth, especially to people who Bonnie was more than aware could kick her ass twice before she even realized it. Still, she could tell Bonnie was working everyone's last nerve and it was time to go, especially when Vivian started rolling out the threats toward Bonnie.

Bonnie and Monique had a somewhat small house built for them by Wade. It was large by most standards, but compared to the Porter manor house and Ron and Yori's Eastern-style mansion, their home was downright cozy. They had a wonderful garden complete with a manmade pond and waterfall. It was luxury Monique insisted on and she planned to spend a lot of time relaxing in the garden. It was a joy she picked up from Vivian, who was more than happy to pass on the skill and appreciation of natural beauty.

Vivian and Kim had both helped with constructing the garden. It was a fun job that involved a lot of playing around, especially when water was filled into the pond. They suddenly found themselves swimming more often than they found themselves arranging plants.

"I think I'm going to have to talk Betty into getting a pond!" Vivian giggled as she waded around in the water.

"Or we could just move in here," Kim remarked, floating on her back, gazing up at the sky.

"Like hell!" Bonnie barked. She was on the edge of the pond, dangling her feet in. She was not in the mood to swim… yet. "In fact, you two need to get going, right now!" she ordered, pointing toward the door.

"And why is that?" Vivian asked, paying close attention to Bonnie and noticing the tanned woman was not really focusing on she or Kim. She then followed Bonnie's blue-green and saw where Bonnie's attention was. "Kimmie, dear, I think we should take our leave. After all, it's never a good idea for us to leave our spouses alone for a long period of time," the blonde woman commented.

"Yes, that's true. With our luck, they'll be drunk and singing pirate songs when we get home," Kim replied. It had happened a few times already.

Monique laughed, just a little away from them and floating on her back. "Okay, hopefully, we can get this garden going sometime this lifetime, though."

Kim and Vivian chuckled and pulled themselves out of the pond. They let themselves out while Monique turned her attention to Bonnie. Bonnie glanced behind her to make sure their company was gone before ripping her clothing away and diving into the pond. She swam over to Monique and they met with a splash and a clash of their lips.

"I can't believe this is all ours," Monique said as they parted for air.

"I can't believe all this is mine," Bonnie remarked, pulling Monique's body closer to hers. A few of her fingers drew circles on the small of Monique's back.

Monique smiled; it was little things like that that kept her with Bonnie. Well, words like that and the fact that when Bonnie kissed her, she felt dozens of wonderful sensations course through her. Bonnie held her like she was most precious thing on Earth. She could only hope she showed those emotions and passed them to Bonnie whenever they touched.

"What say we move this inside the house?" Monique proposed.

"Why? This is all our property and we don't have to worry about anyone entering that we did not invite. Isn't that one of the best liberties we have?" Bonnie pointed out with a smile.

Monique practically grinned and nodded, agreeing with that. She then leaned in for another kiss while Bonnie rid her of her shirt. They then enjoyed their own private land and their leisure time. Eventually, the couple made it out of the pond.

The garden was also eventually completed. It was a garden to be envied. They knew that because Vivian certainly envied it, saying so quite often with a dreamy sigh. Once their home was finished, Monique and Bonnie searched for ways to occupy their free time, aside from hanging out with their crew, which they did quite often.

Bonnie spent her days lounging in the garden while Monique found joy in teaching children how to read. Sometimes, she would bring the children to the house and they would enjoy the garden and treats as well as their lessons. On very rare occasions, Bonnie would join in and read with them. On other occasions, Bonnie would resist the children urging her to read with them, needing her alone time.

Monique suspected Bonnie used the alone time to continue to come to grips with their freedom. She had never realized how hard slavery had been on Bonnie until they were free. While she and Wade easily cast off the shackles and moved on into society, Bonnie wrestled with it. Monique tried to talk to Bonnie about it, but Bonnie could not really put her troubles into words. Monique figured it was something only time would be able to heal. Bonnie silently agreed. But, this made Bonnie's attitude make a little more sense to Monique.

The couple also spent time fixing up their home, decorating it with treasures. Some of those purchased and others kept over from their adventures on the Anything's Possible. They thoroughly enjoyed this. There was something about making a space their own that touched them deep within and often, they were overwhelmed while doing it. Sometimes, they had breakdowns, amazed that all of this was theirs when around the same time last year they had been someone's property and toys.

Once the house was somewhat how they wanted it, they both decided it was time to relax for the most part. They had enough money to easily hire servants, but they did not have many. Just enough so Bonnie did not have to do much and was not calling Monique every five minutes for something.

They started a small farm and raised some livestock when they got bored again. The animals mostly just provided them with eggs and milk. Whatever they did not use, they would send to their friends.

Bonnie still practiced her marksmanship. Collecting guns became a passion of hers and she took up hunting. Whatever she killed went to Ron for use at his restaurant because Bonnie did not believe in keeping and displaying anything she hunted. She just wanted to stay sharp and Ron needed meat anyway, so it was a win-win situation for them both, not that Bonnie would admit to helping Ron in any way, shape, or form.

At some point, word got out about Bonnie's kin eye with a gun and her expertise and people showed up to see her work. Sometimes, people showed up with questions, but she mostly turned them away unless they were women. She made a few friends through hunting, but again, only with women. It made sense to Monique and she did not worry over it, knowing Bonnie would always have a hard time trusting men, except Ron and Wade anyway.

Most of the former crew suspected that Bonnie would get into some kind of weapons business when she was done lying about like a lazy cat. She knew too much about guns and how to use them and liked them too much to not do anything with the knowledge. She might even teach women how to use guns, just in case they needed to defend themselves. Monique just hoped her companion did not end up shooting someone.

Mostly, Bonnie and Monique enjoyed being independent, just like the rest of the crew.


And then there were Kim and Shego. Kim and Shego stayed the longest at Porter Manor, which was no real surprise. Kim enjoyed her former captain's and her mentor's company too much to leave them. They got along on land just as well as they did at sea. Her wife did not make waves with the relationship either. In fact, Shego only added to their group dynamic.

Shego found she and Betty got along quite well, especially when they were getting in trouble with their spouses. And get in trouble they did. It was always something with the pair and it did not help when they found a common interest that only led to more trouble.

Betty and Shego became drinking buddies since Kim was still only interested in tea. Betty introduced Shego to what the green-skinned woman amounted was the greatest drink in the world — plum wine. Shego loved the stuff.

"This stuff is great," the pale warrior declared, holding a goblet half-full of the rich wine. She and Betty relaxed and reclined in one of the many rooms in Porter Manor.

"I know, I know. I told you that, in fact!" Betty pointed out with a laugh.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. They sell this stuff in taverns around here, too?" Shego inquired.

"Yeah and a lot of other good local drinks," Betty replied with a smile.

"We need to sample some. Now," Shego proclaimed, jumping up… a little too fast for her own, drunken good. Wobbling, but staying on her feet, she motioned for Betty to get up as well.

"We better get moving before the wives get back then," Betty said. She was aware they were drunk and their women did not like them leaving the house intoxicated. Well, if they got out of there soon enough, their women would not have to know, they both figured.


And with that, they staggered into town to do some barhopping. Most of the locals knew them and knew not to start anything with them, especially since they were already drunk out of their minds. When they were tipsy, their brains did not tell them hold back in fights. But, some sailors who were in town did not know them and soon there was a fight going on. The bar owner could only watch in horror and send someone to try to find Kim or Vivian to take control of the situation. That someone was able to find both women a few minutes later.

"Of course," Vivian sighed as she and Kim entered the tavern. The fight was over and sailors littered the ground while Betty and Shego had the nerve to call for another round — if they meant drinks or fighting, no one knew.

"I think you two have had enough," Kim declared and she meant of both drinks and fighting.

"It's never enough, Princess. Come on, sit down with us and have a drink," Shego replied, waving her lover over.

Kim shook her head, noting the deep flush of her lover's features. The redhead took hold of Shego, yanking her out of the bar. Before leaving, the former captain nodded an apology to the bar owner, who nodded back. Kim would later pay for the damages, as she always did.

Vivian followed her out, pulling Betty by the ear as if she was a naughty child. Shego and Betty were scolded all the way back to the manor house. Vivian and Kim suspected their spouses were not paying attention to them, especially when the two drunken women started pawing at Vivian and Kim.

"No." Vivian gave a sharp tug to Betty's ear, which went mostly ignored.

"Keep your hands to yourself," Kim ordered Shego, but the pale woman was definitely not listening.

By the time they got to the manor, Vivian and Kim were trying to pry their lovers off of them more than reprimand them for their drinking. It turned out that Betty and Shego were all smoke and no fire that night, though. They both passed out as soon as they hit their beds. Vivian and Kim stayed up, trying to figure out what they were going to do with those two.

"We need to get Shego a hobby," Vivian said the next day at breakfast. Their wives were still passed out in their beds.

Kim nodded in agreement. Shego was the one with too much time on her hands. Betty had her shipping company to run and the plantation to worry about, but would play with Shego whenever the green-skinned woman looked bored. The pair just took to each other like long-lost sisters. So, to settle them both down, they needed to settle Shego down.

"Shego seems to have taken a keen interest in the plum wine she and Betty always share," Vivian pointed out.

"You think more wine is the solution to this problem?" Kim inquired with a skeptically raised eyebrow. As far as she was concerned, more wine never solved anything.

Vivian took a bite of honey-covered biscuit. "I think it would lie within."

Kim nodded and thought on it. "Shego and Betty share more interest than just the wine, right?" she asked. It felt like a leading question to Vivian.

"The wine seems to be an opening for them to go over the vast number of things they have in common, including debating," Vivian replied.

"The debates sometimes turn scientific."

"If they're sober enough to make an intelligent conversation, yes," Vivian concurred.

"I know what to do. But, it'll probably lead to more wine tasting for the both of them."

"As long as it keeps them out of taverns, I will back you up on it."

Kim smiled and then put her plan in motion. It started with an innocent question, asking Shego how plum wine was made and how she thought the process affected the taste of each wine. Shego had not known the answer, but it made her curious. From there, Shego was off, learning the process and trying to figure out why some wines were better than others.

Now with a serious interest and beyond basic knowledge, Shego decided to make plum wine her business because she thought she could make wine better than anyone else on the island. She experimented with lots of different fruits and spices, creating all sorts of different drinks. A few of the things she had come up with grew very popular, first on the island, and throughout the world quite quickly. And, of course, to get her cargo around, she used Betty's shipping. No one could figure out why, but Betty's ships never seemed to get touched by pirates.

Eventually, Kim and Shego moved out of the manor house, just like everyone else. They built a house on the hill overlooking their lands, full of growing fruit. Shego wanted their home to best Betty and Vivian's manor house, which it did. Kim wanted a garden similar to the one that Monique had, so that was done. Their land was not too far from their dear friends, allotting them the chance to get together daily if they wanted to.

They did not see their crewmates as often as they used to, though. It was understandable since everyone now had lives of their own and their own businesses to take care of. But, they all tried their best to get together. Other times, they ran into each other while at Ron's restaurant. It was rare for them to all run into each other at the same time, so they tried to schedule meetings for everyone to gather.

Sometimes, they would all get together for dinner at Porter Manor and catch up on each other's lives. They tried to do it once every couple of weeks, if not more. These times were very high-spirited and incredibly joyful. But, something odd always happened after Shego and Kim returned home after these gatherings.

Kim's eyes seemed duller than usual and her smile went missing for days after the festivities. Shego noticed this after a couple of gatherings and then she brought it up to others later on. Betty, Vivian, and Ron all agreed with Shego's assessment. They all also let her know she was supposed to be the one to find out what was wrong with Kim since she was supposed to take care of the redhead. Shego assumed the role with vigor.

One night, while they were lying in bed after one of their gatherings, Shego decided to go for it. "Kimmie, you okay?" she asked, caressing her lover's bare arm.

"Why do you ask?" Kim countered, curling into her lover's body as if trying to merge with her.

"Well, you have been quiet since we left Betty and Vivian's house."

Kim nodded. "Shego, do we feel like a family to you when we get together?" The question was posed in a quiet tone.

"A family? Yeah, I guess. A really dysfunctional, crazy family, but a family nonetheless. We are all really close," the older woman admitted. In fact, she liked how close they were. It felt great knowing she had such good friends who would do anything for her and she would do anything for in return, even Bonnie. Not that she would ever say that out loud.

"See, I feel that way, too. I hate it when we part with our family," the redhead confessed. She hated they were not always together anymore.

"But, we're going to see them again. Some — Bonnie — sooner than we want to," Shego remarked.

"But, sometimes I think it could be the last time. You never know…" Kim trailed off, but Shego got the real meaning to the words.

There was a moment of silence between them as Shego absorbed what she was just told. She leaned down and kissed the top of Kim's head, hoping to bring some comfort to the younger woman.

"You miss them, don't you?" Shego asked.

Kim nodded and her voice sounded so tearful as she responded. "Every single day now that things have calmed down. Before, I always felt like I was running at top speed. I never had a chance to think about it. I never had a chance to miss them, but now that things have slowed down and I'm not being consumed every second, I miss them all the time. I wonder, do they think I'm dead? Do they know I wasn't responsible for Josh's death? What would they think of me if they knew I was a pirate? What would they think of you if they knew you were the love of my life? Would they accept you as my wife? So many questions and no answers."

"You know, you're generally not this pessimistic, so I know this really does bother you. Would you really introduce me as the love of your life to them?"

"Of course I would. They might not understand, just like I didn't at first, but they would accept you with open arms because you've taken such great care of me," Kim declared with confidence.

Shego smiled and placed a gentle kiss to Kim's cheek. She believed Kim. And because she believed Kim, she knew what she had to do. Not just for her wife, but for herself.


Kim bounced on her heels as she stood on the pier. She wore a dress of fine cloth, but not the cumbersome gowns most ladies of the Empire or even of means were expected to wear. She wanted to look her best. Shego stood next to her, dressed in equally fine cloth, but wearing trousers with a ruffled shirt and thin jacket. It was some of their best clothing. Usually, they walked around in average gear that anyone in the port would wear. Shego put her hand around Kim's shoulders to keep the redhead from jumping right off of the deck.

"Calm down, Princess. The ship isn't going to get here any faster if you spring off the pier into the ocean," Shego pointed out.

"I just can't believe this is happening! I mean, it's been three years!" Kim said with excitement beaming off of her.

"Yeah, so three more minutes shouldn't bother you much. I knew I should've had Vivian do this with you, but knowing her, she'd be bouncing just as much as you are and you'd have both just sunk the dock," Shego snorted.

"Why? You want to go boozing around with Betty? You two can do that tomorrow, even though I would prefer you don't do it at all. You two get into a lot of trouble when you're drunk." As much as she and Vivian tried to stop them, there were still periods of time when Shego and Betty got together to wreak havoc on the town and unsuspecting sailors.

Shego snorted again. "You're no better and you're not even drunk when it happens. You and Yori drink tea and get into just as much trouble when Bets and I have some plum wine. I should've kept this a secret from you." Sighing, she shook her head because Kim was still hopping on her heels. She thought Kim might bounce through the pier at the rate she was going.

"You wouldn't have been able to do that. I knew something was up. You're all horrible at keeping secrets from me, especially when you and Bonnie are trying to be nice to me," Kim replied with a grin.

"Hey, I'm always nice to you," the pale woman declared with a cocky half-smirk.

Kim was about to give a smart retort, but she noticed people disembarking one of the ships. A huge grin full of infinite happiness spread across her face. The light in her eyes was almost blinding.

"There they are!" Kim took off down the pier. "MOM! DAD!" At the sound of her voice, four people turned. She threw herself into her mother and father before they even had a chance to open their arms. She engulfed them in a tight hug and cried tears of joy. She then moved to include her brothers in the embrace. Now she was getting her true fresh start with her family by her side.


The End.

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