Gilbert positioned his camera so that only the right side of his face and his bare chest could be seen in the photograph. He fussed with his hair for a second, and snapped a picture.

He slowly crept out of Ludwig's bathroom and went back to the basement. Because he was no longer a nation, he held residence in his younger brother's basement.

Gilbert plopped down into his bed and began typing rapidly on his computer. He took the SD card out of his cheap, Wal*mart brand digital camera and shoved it into the SD slot in his dirty laptop.

"Why hello there, sexy," He whispered to himself as the newest pictures uploaded onto his PC.

He pulled up his favorite website and began frantically accepting every friend request in his inbox. He pulled up another window and typed in his friend code. The only sound present in the basement was of the clicks of Gilbert's keyboard and of Gilbird chirping every few minutes.

When his newest photo was finally saved to his computer, he pulled up another window and uploaded it to his profile.

"Fuck you, I'm a sexy beast," He typed as the caption to his newest addition to his 357478398 photos of himself. He then made the picture his profile image.

Gilbert then clicked on his profile page just to see the awesomeness of it. His blinking text took a little bit longer to load than he wanted. After 5 minutes, his profile in its entirety was fully loaded. Obnoxious blinking text that read "AWESOME" was accompanied by the death metal version of "Milkshake" that was blaring out of Gilbert's speakers. His Prussian flag background was mostly blocked by the other blinking images and text. He scrolled down past all of his applications to his friend list.

2750632 friends.

Ultimate whoredom, Gilbert congratulated himself.

Gilbert's silent celebration was temporarily intervened by his younger brother.

"Bruder? What is that? Is that a song?" Ludwig asked.

"Oi! West! Check out my profile! That's my song!" Gilbert called back out.

Ludwig hesitantly walked down that dark stairs just to see his brother glued to the moniter. The only light in the entire room was the faint glow of the screen. Ludwig walked over to see just what was so amazing.

"Myspace…?" Ludwig started. He had heard about the website from America, but never visited the site. America mentioned something about preferring Twitter over Myspace. What is up with these website names anyways? Ludwig asked mentally.

"YEAH! IT'S MY FUCKING AWESOME PROFILE!" The ex-nation said a bit too loudly.

"I-it's giving me a headache, bruder…"


"Why is the camera positioned so awkwardly? Why are you half naked? Are you wearing eyeliner?!"

"Oh, the picture? That's what all myspace pics look like! Isn't it awesome?!"


"Lookit how popular I am!"

Ludwig glanced at the module titled "friend list". Is that amount even possible? Ludwig took a long look down the list. Why…what is that…that's actually kind of hot. The personification of Germany mentally slapped himself for that thought.

"Gilbert, do you even know these people?" Ludwig asked, interested.

"Nah, but I got a few comments from some of them! They all told me that I was hot!* Look, my list is about to beat the list of some guy named Tom!"

"Uh, Gilbert, that guy is the creator of Myspace."

"But he's not as awesome as me."

Ludwig ignored his older brother's last comment. "It's not possible to beat him."

…Gilbert then spent the rest of the week trying to add more friends than the infamous "Tom".

Okay, so I got this idea from a chatroom I was in.

We all started talking about if Prussia had a myspace and what would happen.

*= Ever notice that all the picture comments you ever get (if you are a myspace whore) say that you are hot/cute/pretty?

I will probably continue this. We didn't just talk about Myspace.