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Here's the first installment of Actions Speak Volumes!

Break Me, Shake Me – Savage Garden

February 15, 2010
Wells Fargo Arena
Des Moines, Iowa

6:54 PM

It's been three weeks since the Royal Rumble. It's been three weeks since I beat Randy Orton. It's been three weeks since my father spoke to me. It's been three weeks since Hunter looked at me. It's been three weeks since I lost my family.

Three weeks.

I still had John, Ted, and Cody with me on RAW that didn't mind the fact that I somehow had something to do with them getting eliminated. Rumors have blown up over the internet that the only reason I won was because I was 'sleeping my way to the top'. Of course, I had joked about that to John but we had both taken offense to that statement. I've been pretty much quiet since the Royal Rumble, only talking when I had to talk and showing my face when I needed too.

To say that these past few weeks have taken a toll on me would be an understatement. As everyone knew, Shawn and I used to be close. He would watch every move I made while I went off and did something immature for my age. He would be the over-protective father that got defensive when something was said about his daughter. Since the PPV, it went down hill.

Maybe it started to go down hill when I joined Legacy. Randy did have a part in my relationship with Shawn. I don't think it was completely Randy's fault though. It was more of my fault than anyone else's. I should have recognized the signs when they started to appear. Now I was starting to dwell on the 'should of, could of, would of' moments.

Three weeks ago it came crashing down around me. My world, my life, everything. It was over the moment I stepped out onto the stage. I knew, somewhere deep down inside me, my career was in jeopardy now. I had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything I ever wanted, one moment to capture it or just let it slip.

I better go capture this moment and hope that it doesn't- I yelled as I was cut off mid-thought by someone pulling me into a closet.

Third Person Omniscient POV

John walked down the hall looking for Kayley, who was supposed to meet him 5 minutes ago at catering to talk about RAW tonight. He sighed and turned down yet another hallway in search of his best friend who seemed to be missing in action.

"That brat has to be around here somewhere…" John said to himself as his eyes inspected the hall. "She couldn't have gotten far; she's not that capable…"

John wasn't all that worried, though. Of course he worried about her but he knew Kayley could handle herself at times. But these past few weeks she was a wreck, with winning the Rumble but now her father and Hunter wouldn't talk to her, she seemed to be slowly loosing it. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, just what John and Kayley had feared.

John neared the end of the hallway only to turn to the left down another one. He was starting to grow tired of this manhunt but Kayley wasn't where she was supposed to be and that made him nervous. She was always somewhat on time but never 5 minutes late, unless of course, she was trying to make Shawn shit his pants by driving way to fast and making sharp turns while taking a detour, then yes, she was later than 5 minutes. John knew she had no reason to be late because he had seen her earlier in the arena.

"…you're just worked up from being so creative…" A male voice said.

John leaned closer to the door where the voices where coming out of.

"…please, just leave me alone!" Kayley's voice pleaded desperately

"I thought you would have gotten the message by now when Ted was sent to the hospital but of course, you are Shawn's daughter so I can understand the confusion." The male's voice responded.

John couldn't pin point the voice but he knew he's heard it before. It didn't sound anything like Randy's voice and even if it was, John doubted he would threaten Kayley in a closet of all places. He would do it in the hallway where there were some witnesses. The voice was definitely male but the closed door and insulation of the wall was making the voice deeper and John was having trouble hearing it.

"Don't insult my father!" She growled. John leaned closer and heard her gasp for air.

"Look Michaels, just give it up. You don't deserve it anyway. If you don't I will hurt someone you love." The man said again.

John began thinking of guys who had deep voices and crossed them off in his head.

"Don't touch anyone!" She gasped.

"Well, Ted is crossed off the list but I can always go after your best friend." The man laughed.

"Don't touch him! John has nothing to do with this! It's between you and me!" John heard Kayley struggling to talk.

"Listen and listen carefully, you have no say in what I do to get you to admit you don't deserve it. All you have to do is give it up, that's it." John nearly growled out loud but he didn't want to be noticed.

John wanted to rip open that door and beat the crap out of whoever was hurting his best friend. John was very protective of Kayley and thought she should be with no one else but him or Ted. Deep down inside, John still loved Kayley and always will. She was his first real girlfriend that he actually cared about to the point where he would jump in front of a bullet. Those feelings stay with you through your life time. John was living proof.

John's list of names in his head was starting to decrease rapidly. He had a few names to look into but none of them made sense. He was starting to get confused but angered at the same time because he couldn't figure it out fast enough.

The Hardy's – No, one is gone and the other one is too nice.

Morrison – No, he's on SmackDown and to nice also.

Randy – No, he wouldn't do this in a closet.

Cody – No, he's been there for her for way to long.

Hunter – No, no matter how mad he got at Kayley, he wouldn't do this.

The Miz – Maybe, though, she doesn't talk to him or maybe it was because he was too stupid to even do anything.

Big Show – No, he wouldn't fit in the closet.

Jericho – No, no he's a good friend of Kayley's and he's on SmackDown.

Shawn – No. Plain and simple.

Edge – No, just because he has returned, he wouldn't hurt her, plus he's in a storyline with Jericho.

John punched his thigh out of frustration. He couldn't punch the wall because then he'd be caught. He had no leads now, nothing. He couldn't figure out for the life of him who was holding Kayley in the closet threatening her about…whatever they were threatening her with. John thought the worst, thinking it was her body the man was after and not thinking completely logical.

"If I give it to you, will you leave John, Ted, and I alone?" She asked softly.

John almost shouted 'no!'

"Of course." The man said; it came out as if he was talking through a smile. "When can you give it to me?"

John leaned in close.

"After the Elimination Chamber this Sunday." Kayley gasped out. "Monday, February 22."

John sighed extremely soft so the sound wouldn't seep under the door and reach their ears.

"Perfect. I knew you'd see things my way."

John heard something he never wanted to hear. It sounded like a kiss or something. He started to tremble in anger at the thought of someone else other than him and Ted touching her. He was a goner if he didn't get out of there soon.

"You have to keep you your end of the deal this Sunday." Kayley told the man.

John heard shuffling. "I never said I wouldn't stop hurting them AFTER you gave it to me. Next time, listen."

"Don't hurt John. Please."

"See you at Elimination Chamber, Michaels."

John ran when he heard the door knob turn. He'd find out who it was this Sunday, as soon as he gets through the Chamber and walk out in one piece. He was determined not to give in and question every breathing son of a bitch that walked the same halls he did. He had to suppress that anger and focus on winning the WWE Title.

John's thoughts soon drifted away towards the 'good ol days' where Shawn was alright with Kayley dating him. He had some great memories and only hoped that Ted gets some created as well, that is, if Shawn grew balls. His favorite one would have to be the time they stopped at Starbucks on the way to Jacksonville, Florida.

Hunter was driving with Shawn in the passenger' seat while John and Kayley were in the back, laughing and pointing out the window at random buildings. Once in a while they would wave at cars passing by them since Hunter drove so slowly.

"Starbucks!" John yelled, pointing to his left.

Kayley's head whipped around to see where he was pointing to. "Hunter! Pull over!

Hunter jumped slightly making his foot hit the gas pedal a bit harder than he was used to. Shawn held onto the 'oh-shit' handle above the door as Hunter looked over and chuckled silently as he did as Kayley requested.

Shawn didn't like caffeine or alcohol or drugs, he was becoming a modified version of CM Punk but Shawn dipped so he was knocked out of the category. Shawn had tried to tell Kayley over and over that caffeine was horrible for you but she didn't listen.

Shawn found Jesus and Kayley found Java.

Once Hunter, John, and Kayley had their coffees and were heading back to the car, Shawn tried desperately to convince Kayley not to drink her drink. It was proving rather difficult for the older man but that said older man was determined yet, Kayley was too. Kayley was a stubborn person and she had her father to thank.

"Don't drink that stuff baby. Hell, it looks like old tar, it smells like new tar and...... Kayley, Kay, get back here! Awww dammit that didn't mean go and get a-goddamn-nother one!" Shawn shouted after her.

Kayley ignored him and his warnings and went back inside to get another one. Hunter and John laughed hysterically as she came out sipping her drink through a straw happily.

Shawn was silent the rest of the way

John walked back to catering with an overwhelming desire for Starbucks after re-living that memory. He laughed to himself as he recalled Shawn being so pissed at Kayley for getting a second drink. He had told her she'd be hyper and he was right, she was bouncing off the walls. Jeff Hardy didn't help that fact either when he gave her some of his skittles. Shawn nearly shoved Jeff's head down a toilet.

John looked up from his seat as Kayley walked in and saw him. As she made her way over, John vowed not to talk about what he heard earlier. He'd find out on his own.

Hopefully, if he lived to see that day.