The Crazies: The Craziers

by Jayovac


The Duttens had they been walking for a very long time, that was not very long across a field after a satellites zooms on their locale and sets up a brand new quarrantine for the military to begin a operation upon them that the town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"Honey, are you okay?" asked Sherrif Dave Dutton as he putted a hands through his hair and stare longingly away into the fire of an event horizon.

"No yes I am still fine," Judy Dutton says and reaches an arm alongside him to wrap it around him comfortably.

"But the baby!" David Dutton exclaimed loudly and flailed his arms around madly like a crazy.

"Don't you say that.." she says with a far away. "You makes me think of one of them."

"Dare you!" shouted now David Dutton, and dangerous memories came through his brain that were horrendous.

"Allow us to keep walking," she said introspectively.

And they continued to walk across a burning field.


"Hello? Is anyone on this town is okay?" says David quietly as if not to wake up the sleeping inhabitants of the cityscape.

They were a nearing inside the street, where cars have been crashed and explosioned across the very asphalt in a way so treacherous, that it was dangeorus.

"What happened here?" said Judy Dutton.

"I don't know, but I think I do." Sherrif Dutton quietly said and revealed a gun.

"Who goes there!" a voice exploded over a radio wave. Then a spotting light was thrust over them, and it was so bright that they, it came from a helicopter as the blades wipped trash and plastic on the ground away. Then some guys weraing gaskmasks were holding a gun at them.


So the Dutten did just that.


"I am so scarred," whispered a Judy Dutton as they were sitting inside of a metallic transporting car.

"I know," Dave said and drew her closerly.

"This makes me very sad," one soldier said and put his face to the ground, which was covered by a mask to prevent the viral. He lifted him gun and said, "I will let you out."

But just then, the fire explosioned forth. "What is that!" shouted the driver of the transport. Then some crazies were busting through the glass and pulls him outside.

Teh good soldier tried to fight them, but he wasn't succesful. David felt bad for his death, but knew he had to protect him and his doctor wife.

He knew there was no way left, though, so he grabbed a gun and shot him and his wife fatally in the hart.

Beyond them, the world was slowly being consumed into a crazily.