Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Amber Haven was walking home to her apartment after a late night at J.J.'s Bar when she suddenly felt like someone was watching her. The twenty-four year old woman became nervous. She had decided to walk home instead of catching a ride with her boyfriend Charlie but now she wasn't so sure if it was a good idea. After all she'd just moved into a trashy apartment building in a Boston alley and she didn't know any of her neighbors.

Amber picked up her pace, hoping it was only a homeless person when she spotted someone hiding behind a few trash cans.

He wasn't. Just as she reached her apartment building a huge, strong Latino man grabbed her and covered her month. Amber tried to scream but it was muffled by his big right hand.

The man grinned and whispered, "Don't scream, I'm just going to take you with me so we can have some fun."

Amber's brown eyes widened with fear and she struggled to free herself of his tight grip.

Suddenly, a shot rang out merely missing the man who was holding her. He let her go and Amber fell. She saw two tall and handsome young men standing a few yards away as she hit the ground.

"You again," the man who'd tried to kidnap her hissed, showing his coal black eyes to the guys who were trying to save her.

The shorter of the two men shot at him again and the Latino man took off running further down the alley. The shorter man chased Amber's attacker holding a colt revolver in his hands while the second man- the younger, taller one, jogged up to her.

"You okay?" he asked.

Amber nodded.

"Call 911," he told her then took off, following the other two men deeper into the alley.

Amber did as ordered. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed 911 as she stood up on her now shaky legs.

Dean Winchester followed the man into the alley until he suddenly disappeared. He hated that. How demons could just teleport away right before his eyes. But it was nothing knew to him. Many of the supernatural creatures he and his brother hunted had that ability. Dean listened for the thing with the Colt at ready in his hands. The gun was one of only two weapons in the world that could kill a demon and it was the greatest asset Dean and his brother Sam had.

Dean heard the sound of shoes on pavement and turned to see Sam running up to him.

"Is he gone?" Sam questioned as he stopped in his tracks, a couple of yards away from him.

Dean shrugged, "He disappeared."

Right after he said that Sam's eyes widened. "Behind you Dean!"

Dean whipped his body around to see the demon's grinning face before him. The demon swung his head towards the right side of the alley and used his powers to throw Dean against the wall. Dean lost grip of the Colt and it fell to the ground as he was thrown. The back of Dean's head hit hard against the brick and he blacked out.

"Dean!" Sam shouted as his brother fell to the pavement. He ran and picked up the Colt but wasn't able to fire it before the demon disappeared from sight once again.

Sam took a second to take a deep breath before turning to look down at his brother who had fallen to the ground on his side. Sam took a few steps closer to Dean and kneeled next to him.

"Dean!" Sam yelled with worry as he shook his brother's shoulder. "Dean!"

Dean groaned, and Sam sighed in relief.

"Quit yelling Sammy; you're giving me a headache," Dean groaned with his eyes still closed.

"Sorry Dean," grinned Sam.

"Did you kill that damn demon?" Dean inquired a few seconds later as he opened his eyes. It didn't help because he still couldn't see anything. The alley was too dark.

Sam shook his head. "He got away before I could."

"Son of a bitch," Dean growled. "He's a freakin escape artist."

He stood up quickly and regretted it because as he did dizziness and nausea hit him like his head had hit into the brick wall. Hard and fast.

Dean swayed and he felt Sam grab his arm to steady him. He was able to manage to keep down his dinner but just barely.

"I'm fine, Sam," Dean told his little brother.

"No you're not," Sam argued.

Dean sighed. Knowing he couldn't make Sam lose his concern, Dean changed the subject. "Where's The Colt?"

"I have it," said Sam.

"How'd you find it without your flashlight?" Dean asked his brother.

"And when did it get so dark out? It wasn't this dark a while ago, was it?"

Sam starred down at the flashlight in his hand which was on and pointing down at the ground next to Dean.

If he couldn't see that…. Sam gulped, something was wrong.

"You hit your head pretty hard, why don't we go to the hospital to see if one of the doctors can give you something for the pain?"

Dean hesitated. He hated going to the hospital. But he had to admit he wouldn't mind some painkillers for the pounding headache he had.

"Okay," Dean agreed.

Dean walked to his black 1967 Impala, with Sam on his right guiding him in the dark by pulling on his leather jacket's sleeve. Once again he wondered how Sam could see in the darkness and he couldn't. It only was when Sam started the Impala and drove him to the hospital that the truth hit Dean. Something was wrong with his eyes.

"Dean, it's only supposed to be temporary," Sam repeated what the doctor they'd seen had told them earlier as they walked into their hotel room a couple hours later.

"Yeah, Sam supposed to be," Dean growled as he threw his leather jacket towards his bed, missing by a foot or so. "What if he's wrong Sam? What if I stay blind?"

"That's not going to happen," Sam reassured his brother as he picked up Dean's jacket from the floor.

"But what if? Huh?" Dean asked Sam. "What am I supposed to do?"

Sam was silent. He didn't know the answer to that.

Dean kicked off his boots and made his way around Sam careful to not bump into him.

"Where are you going Dean?" Sam sighed.

"To take a shower," answered Dean sharply.

Sam watched his brother make his way into the bathroom and close the door behind him.

Afterwards, Sam sat on his bed and put his head in his hands for a moment before looking back at the bathroom door. Sam didn't know what he was going to do about Dean's situation. He felt utterly helpless.

In the bathroom Dean managed to pull off his clothes, get in the shower without stumbling, and turn the knob left for hot water. As the steamy water poured down over him Dean leaned his head against the shower wall. He closed his eyes for a moment and wondered how he was supposed to live blind, temporary or not. As a hunter Dean knew you needed all your senses to stay alive and to keep others safe. Sight was the most important sense to have as a hunter. Without it, Dean knew, he would be vulnerable and Sam would have no back-up. Dean had never felt more helpless in his life, even when he'd made the deal to save Sam several months ago.

Even though he was going to die in May Dean didn't want to live his last few months blind and helpless.

Dean was glad when he was able to lie down in bed. He was exhausted. But Dean just couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned in his bed and constantly kept wondering what time it was. It agitated Dean to know that the alarm clock was right next to his bed but he couldn't read it.

Desperate to get some shut eye before morning, Dean decided to try to clear his mind and listened quietly to the sounds around him. He could hear Sam's breathing and whooshes as cars and trucks passed by the hotel on the main road. Dean wondered when Sam would have to wake him. He had a concussion and Sam had been told by the doctor to wake Dean every two hours to make sure he didn't slip into an coma just for the night. Finally, Dean drifted off but unfortunately a few minutes later, Sam's alarm went off and Sam shook him awake.

Dean was officially discouraged as Sam began asking him the simple questions the doctor had told him to ask.

Let me go into an coma, Dean thought. Anything for some shut eye.

"Dean!" Sam's yell came from across the room.

"Sammy, I'm coming!" Dean said as he rushed towards his younger brother's voice with his hands out in front of him, feeling his way.

Dean heard Sam scream out in pain and he bumped into a wall.

"Damn it!" Dean growled as he made his way around.

Dean continued to make his way towards the sound of Sam's screams but it suddenly stopped.

"Sam!" shouted Dean.

There was no reply.

"Sam!" Dean repeated.

Again nothing and Dean panicked.

He felt around the room only to discover nothing but what felt like and probably was- blood on the hotel room door.

Dean was horrified.

"Sam!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Suddenly, Dean awoke and sat straight up in bed, jolted out of sleep by his nightmare.

He took a few seconds to take in a few breaths, then got out of bed to wake Sam. When Dean felt Sam's bed though he realized that it was empty.

"Sam, where are you?" Dean called out.

There was no reply. This worried Dean, so he felt for the door. There was nothing on it. Dean let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding because of his fear.

He probably went to get something at the store near by, Dean thought as he reached for his bag that was lying beside his bed. He lifted it up onto the bed, wincing as he did so. He was still sore from the night before and stiff as well. Dean grabbed some clothes and brought them into the bathroom to change hoping that the shirt and jeans he'd chosen matched.

After he'd dressed Dean managed to find his tooth brush and toothpaste in his bag and brushed his teeth.

When he was all finished Dean put his bag back where it had been and sat at the table in the back of the hotel room.

There he waited for Sam, the Colt in his hand, just in case anything besides Sam walked through the door.

When Sam entered the hotel room with two coffee cups in his hand he noticed right away that Dean was starring in his direction with the Colt in his hand, at ready.

For a moment all Sam did was just stand at the door recovering from the shock he felt every time he saw his brother's blank stare. It felt so weird for Sam to know that Dean couldn't see that it was him that had entered. It pained him.

"It's just me Dean," Sam told his brother after a few seconds. "I went out for coffee."

Dean put the gun on the table at the sound of his voice and his stiff body relaxed.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked angrily.

"You were asleep; I didn't want to wake you," replied Sam as he walked over to Dean.

He gave him his coffee and Dean took a quick sip from it before saying, "Next time tell me where you're going."

"Okay, sorry," Sam apologized as he sat down at the table too.

They were silent for a moment until Dean spoke up again in his firm, demanding voice. "Sam, promise me you won't go after that demon alone."

Sam sighed, "What I am supposed to do Dean? I just can't let him keep killing people."

Just as he finished Sam's cell phone started ringing and he pulled it out of his pocket.

"Hello?" Sam answered it.

"Sam, why isn't your brother answering his damn phone?" asked a gruff voice on the other end.

Sam recognized the voice as Bobby Singer's, a hunter whom he and Dean had known most of their lives. They were good friends with him and he sometimes joined them on hunts.

"Hi Bobby, his phone's probably not on," Sam replied.

"That's Bobby?" Dean stood up from his seat and pointed a finger at him, "Sam, whatever you do, don't you dare tell him I'm blind."

Sam cupped his phone with his hand. "Dean, I have to. He could help me finish hunting the demon down."

"Sam, no," Dean argued.

"I'm telling him," Sam told Dean.

"Sam I swear if you tell, I'll freakin kick your ass!"

Sam rolled his eyes and put his cell to his ear again.

"Sam are you still there?" Bobby questioned with irritation.

"Yeah, sorry about that," said Sam.

"I called to know how the hunt went last night," Bobby explained.

Bobby's voice must have been loud enough for Dean to here his words because he glared in Sam's direction afterwards.

"We didn't get the demon but we will," Sam told Bobby.

"Why? Did something happen last night?" inquired Bobby.

Yeah. A lot, thought Sam.

"We saved the girl he was going to kill but he managed to escape; that's all," Sam said, glad to at least be able say the half-truth.

He hated having to lie. Especially to Bobby.

"Well, if you need my help call," Bobby ordered Sam.

"I will," promised Sam.

Bobby hung up on his end and Sam shut his phone too.

"Thanks Sam," said Dean.

"Whatever, what are we supposed to do now, Dean?" asked Sam.

At that Dean shrugged and Sam shook his head with disbelief.

For the rest of the day Sam went over the information about the demon and planned out his next move on him despite Dean not wanting him to. He understood Dean didn't want him getting hurt but he had to get the demon before he killed more people.

Just after four o'clock in the afternoon there was a knock on the hotel door. Dean was asleep in his bed and Sam had been watching TV at that time. Sam turned the TV off and answered the door. When he opened it he was surprised to see a silvery haired, bearded man with a trucker's cap on his head standing in front of him.

"Hey Bobby, we didn't expect you'd come," said Sam trying to act as normal as possible.

Not that it would help. The cat was about to be let out of the bag no matter if Dean wanted it to or not.

"I just finished that hunt in New York and figured I'd dropped by to help," Bobby explained.

Sam knew better. Bobby had figured out that he'd been hiding something on the phone and had come to force him tell him the truth.

Bobby looked past Sam and asked, "What's Dean still doing in bed?"

Before Sam could say anything, Bobby squeezed by him and walked over to Dean. He gave Dean's shoulder a good shake and Dean woke up.

"What, what, Sam?" shouted Dean as he quickly sat straight up in bed.

"It's me," Bobby said after backing up a bit from Dean.

Sam could tell he was confused by Dean's reaction.

Dean growled, "Sam…"

"I didn't call him, I swear," Sam said, raising his hands up in the air even though Dean couldn't see them.

Bobby immediately noticed Dean's unfocused stare and turned to Sam.

There was anger in his eyes.

"Sam, you're going to tell me what the hell happened last night whether or not you don't want me to know."

"When we ran into the demon he threw Dean and Dean's head hit against a brick wall," Sam paused, "He's temporally blind."