Bobby craned his neck to take another glance at Dean who wasn't looking very happy.

When he turned to look at Sam again his face had softened. "You should of told me Sam."

"Dean didn't want you to know," Sam said truthfully.

Bobby turned to Dean angry. "Why the hell didn't you want me to know boy? When things like this happen, tell me Dean. Promise me you will."

Dean lowered his head without saying anything.

"Dean…" Bobby paused, waiting for a reply.

"Okay, I will," Dean promised.

Bobby gave a satisfied nod then turned to Sam. "So we going to go after that demon or what? What's the plan?"

"The demon has been going after some girls who go to a local bar. We could check if he's there again tonight," Sam suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Bobby nodded.

Sam and Bobby went to the bar when it opened at seven leaving Dean alone in the hotel room with the Colt. Sam prayed the demon wouldn't find the hotel room. Dean wouldn't be able to fight a demon without his sight even though he had the gun.

Dean was bored out of his mind alone at the hotel. He'd been bored before but never like this. He turned on the TV but it didn't help much because he couldn't figure out what was happening just by what the people were saying. Dean shut it back off after only a few minutes and tried to sleep but he wasn't tired. He finally settled on listening to some classic rock on the radio clock. This helped pass some of the time and calmed him.

Later, Dean ate a bag of chips. When he was finishing up the bag he heard Sam's and Bobby's voices from outside and Sam entered. Dean was relieved. Another minute alone would have driven him crazy.

"So did you get him?" Dean questioned.

"No, he wasn't there," answered Sam.

"What are you going to do then?" inquired Dean.

Sam said, "Bobby and I want to summon him tomorrow at an old abandoned apartment complex just down the road."

"You sure about that? He's tricky, and summoning any demon is dangerous," Dean warned Sam, concern in his voice.

"It's the only way Bobby thinks we'll be able to catch him," Sam said.

Dean sighed, "Well, he knows what he's doing. Just be careful."

"We will." Sam promised.

The next day after Dean and Sam had showered, Sam met with Bobby in the front of the hotel. They climbed into the Impala and Sam drove to the apartment building. On their way they made a plan. They'd set up a Devil's Trap and summon the demon whose name they had discovered was Luc. They were going to try to trick him into going into the trap.

Hopefully, all would go as planned.

After the Devil's Trap was drawn Sam and Bobby covered it with a old rug that was lying in the main entrance of the apartment building. They set up candles next to the rug about a yard away, and lit them. Once everything was ready Sam pulled out a journal from the bag he'd brought with him. It had been John Winchester's, his father's, before he had died. John had been a hunter too and had raised Sam and Dean to be hunters.

John's journal was filled with information on the things they hunted and had some summoning rituals in it as well. Ever since John's death, by the hands of a demon called Yellow Eyes, the journal had been one of the most valuable and one of the only things he and Dean owned. It was also one of the only things he and Dean had left of their father.

Sam opened the journal to a page nearly half-way into it and passed it to Bobby. Bobby began reading the summoning ritual written on it and Sam pulled out the Colt from his jacket pocket. Dean had refused to let him leave the hotel without it and at the moment Sam was glad.

When Bobby finished the ritual a wind picked up inside the building blowing out the candles. Sam glanced at Bobby and prepared for Luc to appear.

"You know, summoning a demon is a foolish thing to do, right?" Luc appeared far out of reach. "How's your brother, Sam?" he smirked.

"You son of a bitch," Sam growled in return.

"Now, come on, that's not nice," Luc grinned, beginning to step closer. "I was just asking; can't a demon be curious?"

Sam took a step forward, his temper flaring, but Bobby grabbed his arm before he took anymore. "Stop Sam."

Sam sighed and Bobby backed up. Sam did so as well and they didn't stop until their backs were against the front door.

Luc reached the rug and paused. He bent down and threw it up and off the Devil's Trap it covered.

The demon gritted his teeth with irritation as he stood back up. "How stupid do you think I am hunters? I'm not some fresh demon, I've been around a long, long time. Before Columbus was even born. I don't fall for tricks like that."

Luc made his way around the trap and pushed Sam and Bobby into a corner. Sam fired the Colt but the demon froze the bullet in mid-air and it fell to the floor inches away from him.

Luc's eyes turned black as he used his power of telekinesis to throw Sam. Sam fell to the floor and moaned. Soon Bobby joined him after the demon used his powers on him too.

"You two don't know how much trouble you're in," smirked Luc. "Well, maybe you do, but I'm sure Dean won't."

"Leave him alone," Sam said, now angry at himself for agreeing to bring the Colt with him. What had he been thinking? He'd taken the only weapon that could give Dean a fighting chance from him.

Luc grinned, "Oh, I won't go after him but my friend will."

A blonde-haired man about the same size as Luc appeared next to him suddenly as if on cue.

"Zeke, go kill the hunter," Luc ordered the second demon.

Zeke gave a nod and disappeared.

"Now, where was I? Oh yeah, about to kill you," Luc said.

He moved towards Sam and Sam jumped up onto his feet. He grabbed the Colt off the floor and shot Luc in the center of his chest.

Luc fell to his knees, surprise in his eyes, and then nothing. He was dead. Sam took a few heavy breaths then turned to Bobby who was back on his feet as well.

"Let's hurry," Bobby told Sam.

Sam nodded and they raced out of the building to the Impala.

Once in it Sam sped off to the motel praying Dean would be still alive when he and Bobby arrived.

Dean was sitting on his bed when someone opened the hotel door.

"Sam?" Dean asked softly.

There was no reply only the scuffing of boots. Dean became fearful, knowing that only an intruder wouldn't answer.

"Who are you?" he inquired.

"A friend of Luc," said an unfamiliar voice.

Demon, thought Dean as he stood up quickly. Great.

Just as Dean was up he was thrown against the closest wall in the room. He groaned from the impact.

"I'm getting tired of hitting walls bitch," Dean spat at the demon.

"Huh, even blind you're still a smart ass," noted Zeke. "You never change, do you?"

Dean tried to move but couldn't.

"I'm going to kill you," Dean stated.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Zeke told Dean. "I'm not the one pinned to the wall."

Dean sensed the demon was close and once again struggled to move but it was useless. The demon was too powerful.

"I'll see you in hell Dean," said Zeke.

Dean grunted. "That why you came over? To give me a heads up? Thanks buddy."

Zeke did not say anything else. Instead he began pushing Dean's body into the wall. The wall began to crack and crunch and Dean grimaced.

He fought the force that was pushing him into the wall but it did no good. His back filled with pain, overwhelming pain, and Dean couldn't do a damn thing about it.

Sam swerved the Impala into the hotel parking lot and shifted it roughly into park. He and Bobby jumped out of the vehicle and raced into the hotel as fast as they could, Sam leading the way. He climbed the stairs with ease and rushed into the hotel room Colt aimed and ready.

Right away he spotted Zeke forcing Dean into the wall and he shouted, "Leave him alone!"

Zeke turned to face Sam and Dean dropped to the floor moaning.

"Hi, Sam," grinned the demon.

Sam shot at Zeke but he disappeared then reappeared after the bullet passed and was lodged into the back wall.

Zeke cocked his head towards the right wall of the motel and Sam went flying. He hit into it and crumpled to the ground. Zeke then turned to face Bobby and pinned him to the same wall that the door was on.

He glanced at Dean who was still lying on the floor then walked up to Sam.

"How nice of you to join us," Zeke said sarcastically as Sam tried to stand.

Zeke kicked him in the ribs and Sam fell back onto his side. He grimaced, holding his ribs with one hand. Zeke then grabbed Sam by the chin and lifted him to a stand. Sam groaned as Luc tightened his grip.

"Leave him be," Bobby growled.

"I don't think so," Zeke said.

Suddenly Dean mustered up all his strength, got up off the floor, and charged Zeke, knocking him to the ground. Sam collapsed back to the floor as well.

The demon released his invisible grip on Bobby and Bobby grabbed the Colt.

When he picked it up and turned Dean and Zeke were busy throwing punches at each other.

"Dean duck!" Bobby yelled.

Dean dropped to the floor and Bobby shot at Zeke's head. The bullet hit the demon square in the forehead and he fell to the floor on top of Sam's legs.

Sam pulled himself out from under him and stood slowly, panting.

"You boys okay?" inquired Bobby.

Dean picked himself up off the floor. "Sam?"

"I'm fine," Sam assured him.

"We'd better get out of here," Bobby told them.

"Yeah," Dean agreed. "Before someone comes to see what the hell is going on up here."

For the next five days Dean and Sam stayed at Bobby's unsure of what else they could do. Dean couldn't hunt and Sam didn't want to leave him behind. Dean wouldn't let him anyways.

One morning a week after the hunt, Dean was sleeping on Bobby's couch when a truck blew its horn out on the highway in front of Bobby's place. Dean stirred and covered his eyes with his right hand at the brightness of the sunlight coming through the window in the living room.

Dean froze with shock. I can see sunlight, he thought.

Dean sat up on the couch and looked around the room. He could see the old gray chair in the corner and the floor. He saw the dusty bookshelves, Bobby's desk, and his blankets that covered him. He could finally see again just as before. It took Dean everything not to whoop with glee. He quickly jumped up off the couch and went to dress in the bathroom then headed into Bobby's kitchen where Sam and Bobby were eating breakfast.

"Hey, Dean," Sam said forlornly.

"Sam, I can see!" Dean exclaimed.

"Really?" Sam brightened, surprise sprung upon his face.

Dean starred right at him to prove it. "Really. And I've never been more glad to see your ugly face."

Sam laughed, "Thanks a lot, jerk."

"You're welcome, bitch," Dean grinned.

Bobby shook his head.

Dean turned to face Bobby. "Got any hunts we could go on?"

Bobby smiled, "I do actually. A missing person, matter of fact."

"Where?" Dean inquired.

"In Virginia," Bobby replied. "It could be a possible ghost hunt."

Dean gave a nod and craned his neck to look at Sam. "We'd better hit the road."

In ten minutes flat Dean and Sam had their things packed up in the Impala's trunk and had said their good-byes to Bobby.

They lowered themselves into the Impala, Dean in the driver's seat and Sam in the passenger. Dean started the Impala's engine and it roared to life. He gave a small smile. AC DC's Back in Black played in the cassette player as Dean drove onto the road. He lifted the volume and sighed happily.

The volume of the music was too loud but Sam didn't have it in him to complain about it. He was too glad that his brother could see again. Sam had never been more anxious to head off on another hunt and he knew Dean had never been more happy either.