Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge - Happy Birthday, LivingforTV.

Prompt: "use an idiom in the drabble". I had a really fun time writing these tonight. :-)

Word Count: 100 words on the dot.

Other players in the challenge are now too many to list here! There're lots of people throwing snowballs around on this Supernatural playground. You can find the list of names at Enkidu07's profile page and/or OnyxMoonbeam's profile page. Also, to find all of the lovely drabbles, there's a sweet little C2 community out there to subscribe to and enjoy. You can find the link on their profile pages mentioned above.

Disclaimer: Neither the boys nor anything related to Supernatural belongs to me. I'm just having some fun with the boys, playing around with Eric Kripke's sandbox.

Let's Clear the Air

By: Vanessa Sgroi

"Dean, you've gotta know I'll bend over backwards for you. To fight with you. Especially when you bite off more than you can chew."

"Actions speak louder than words, Sam."

"I know. All these months, you've helped me remember that blood is thicker than water. And I'm not talking demon blood."

Dean sighed. "Had to go back to square one, let go of my axe to grind, and realize that desperate times call for desperate measures."

"I'm finding my feet again."

"Good. Because we're really between a rock and a hard place."

"Yeah, I know. We're up against the clock."