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Story: Sasuke is ready to propose to Hinata, but before it happen. A whole bunch of flashback were presented in front of him, reminding him on how much he fail to propose to Hinata when they were young.

Title: Random

Storyline: Multi-Flashback

Genera: Humor

Rate: T

Character's age: Over 21

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Multi-Proposal: Part 1

"Hey Sasuke jerk! Are you ready?! I'm hungry. Sasuke!" through the whole apartment, Naruto's annoying shout was heard like bomb. His voice got everyone irritated and angry. Naruto, being the happy and hyper ninja he is, didn't mind being the loud-mouth man, all he wanted was his promising meal that Sasuke offer the other day. So here he is, knocking on his best-friend's apartment room, waiting with a grin on his cheerful face.

Meanwhile, on another Location

"So, you lie to Naruto, just to prevent him from ruining your proposal to Hinata. Am I right?" the lazy-male ninja analyzed the fact that Sasuke just explained.

"No," Sasuke stopped him, "I simply ditch him, so he won't know none of this," Sasuke re-phrase the sentence in a different reason, making sound like a semi-good and bad thing.

"But, you're still plan on taking him out to eat?" he asked.

"Mmm.... maybe," he shrugged, "When everything goes perfectly as it plan, than I'll consider the lunch-out. Until than, just don't tell Hinata about this," he scowled, giving the lazy ninja his glaring stare. Shikamaru only shrugged than continued on his tea.

A minute later, the lazy ninja did something that was never done around Sasuke before, he giggled. The serious ninja stared at his sudden smily friend, "Why are you giggling?"

Shikamaru calm himself before explaining his sudden giggles, "I just had a flashback about how you fail to propose to Hinata when we were kids," he gave a lazy smile at the twitching Uchiha.

"That was a long time ago," he scowled.

"Right.... if you consider us being only twelve and full of questions about our hormone, than I guess that was a long time ago to you,"

"That is a long time ago,"

"Why does it matter. The point is it was pretty ridiculous and funny," he smirked.

Flashback (at the academy)

The class was preparing for their next lesson from their mentor, "Alright class, today's lesson is about explosive," he smiled.

All the students had an exciting stared, "Now, everyone get a partner so we could being the lesson,"

Suddenly, by his command, the student pushed their chairs, swarm around, chatted and mingled with one another, trying to pick their partner.

Naruto, being the hyper and gullible kid he was (and still is), he dashed straight to the pink-hair girl, "Hey Sakura!"

"No Naruto!" she barked.

"But you didn't let me finish," he had his innocence face on before her.

"I already know what you're going to say. So no means no," she growled as he continued on his attempt to ask her to be his lab partner.

From a few distance yard, a pair of white and lavender eyes gave a sad stare before staring away from the ecstatic blond. She wanted to ask Naruto to be her partner, but he had already chosen someone else.

Fortunately though, there was a brown hair boy who was brave enough to approach her, but apparently he dragged out of the direction by an malevolent stare from the serious Uchiha boy. Sasuke pulled the brown hair boy from Hinata's direction and threaten him if he ever try another attempt like that again. The boy trembled from Sasuke's threat and never came near to Hinata ever again.

Hinata sigh before setting her eyes to one of the girls in her class, she was about to approach her and ask if she was available, but someone blocked her path. Sasuke Uchiha.

"O-Oh, hi S-Sasuke," she stuttered with a kind smile. For awhile, they have been good friends, but Hinata didn't see there was more to them than she'll ever know.

"Hi," that's the only word he always seem to get out perfectly without sweating in front of her. For some stupid reason, he couldn't get out the rests as she stared at him with those hypnotic eyes that he adored so much. The first second, his heart pounded, than his hands sweat. His breathing grew hard and heavy with no warning. And before he knew it, he lost balance to his feet and his stomach made him want to vomit, and it's only three second.

"U-Um S-Sasuke, I-I h-have to-"

"No, wait," he was stun by the intense eerie feeling that occurred in his stomach, "I-I....I-I w-want to ask you i-if... i-if you c-could," he gulped before instantly taking both her hand to mid-air.

Hinata's eyes widen, "Uh-Uh, S-Sasuke w-what a-ar-"

"Hi-Hinata w-would you do me the h-honor o-of be-being my-"

"There he is! Sasuke! Hey Sasuke!" suddenly a group of insane fan-girls bursted through the aisle and straight to Sasuke's direction.

Within second Sasuke was drain away from Hinata's hand and into the hand of the uncontrollable crazy mob of fan-girls, Sakura and Ino were among them.

Iruka witness the long wait that his young future ninja took just to pick a damn partner. His temper was short and annoyed, so he paused everyone and picked their partner for them, no exception.

End of Flashback

Shikamaru laughed, "In the end, Hinata end up with Naruto, while you got paired up with Ino," his laugher ease, to sip his warm tea.

"At least I wasn't pair up with Sakura," he tried to backfire but Shikamaru didn't feel the burn, "True, but I at least didn't almost throw-up in front Hinata,"

".....so you were observing us, weren't you?"

"I was bored, and needed a little entertainment. I never thought it was you guys who I end up watching, it was amusing," he smirked.

Sasuke had his mouth open but a familiar voice intervened, "Hahaha, so you got a kick out of it too Shikamaru," the voice was loud and husky.

"Kiba," Shikamaru eyes' roll to his right and spotted the dog like male man walking to their direction, "I had sense it was you. Couldn't resist I see,"

Kiba grinned and took a seat between the two smart ninjas, "Are you kidding, once you said the word 'proposal', I immediately pop my ears and heard everything," the half dog laughed as Sasuke's anger grew noticeable. It didn't worry the dog ninja for one second, he continued, "Yeah, I remembered that flashback, but there was one that was vividly irresistible,"

"Oh really. You got one?"

"Hell yeah,"

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