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Story: A pain so strong that it made Hinata end her own life with no regret just salvation

Title: Random

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Genera: Angst and tragedy

Rate: M

Character's age: Younger than 20

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Angel May Die

Hinata ran in her apartment, where she lives alone, she roughly shut the door behind her. She drops on her knee and had her hands on her sorrow face. She couldn't believe what she just saw; she thought that, this day was going to turn out perfect, a wonderful day. A day, they could've share with each other. A day, that they could of tell each other that they love each other, until the end.

But not like this.

I thought he love me. Why did he do this? How could he?

How! Because you are a fool, blind, and naïve. You are nothing more than a weakling that takes pity toward anyone who is hurting inside. Even though you are the one who is dying inside. That's how.

What? That can't be true. Your lying.

HA! How I wish. Look at yourself; on your knees, crying as if anyone would ever notice you. No one bother to even look at you, let alone stare at you. Why did you think Naruto never even love you?

Shut up! Leave me alone.

Leave, ha, leave. Isn't that the last thing you want people to do to you? But now you want me to leave. How ridiculous! You ask them to stay, to comfort you, to say all those caring words to you. That everything will be alright. Well guess what, they didn't. Instead it's the other way around, you did all the work, while they didn't even bother helping you up. This is so pitiful. What kind of friends are they?

No, you don't know them. They're my friends and they always have. I-I…

You what! You trust them. Hahahahaha. Now that's even more pathetic, isn't it. You trust them, look at what trust did to you. Better yet, look at what your closest friend did to you. She slept with the very same man that you practically gave everything to. Heck, you even gave up so many thing, for him. You are always to gullible. You think he would ever love you. Forever. Well let see, your best friend betray you, your lover lie to you and you still stand there, on your knees, crying. Now this is tragic. Can't you see it, they all used you.

Why me than? Why me?

Its just too simple, because you are weak, fragile, soft, and too kind for your own good. A very easy target. You let them take advantage of you until there's nothing left to take. You always let them walk all over you until there's no other place to step. Always letting them to be the bigger person than you. That's why.

Am I that weak. Am I that too kind, but mother always say, be kind to them and they would be kind to you back. Isn't that how it goes?

What! Are you forgetting that mother is dead, she is gone. She'll never come back. Those words means nothing, they all die, just like the way she die. You trap yourself in her wise, caring words, believing everything that she said is true. That they would help you survive this cruel world. Well look at her now. She has been buried under ground for the last 14 years, along with those words that she said to you. And maybe if you keep on believing her idiotic words than you would probably join mother on the afterlife, that if there is one. Go ahead, do everyone a favor and kill yourself, so you won't be a trouble for anyone, anymore.

Hinata couldn't stop talking to herself. It was almost as if there was another person inside of her that she didn't know. A person that is the total opposite of her. Strange as it is, she listen to that other person of her and went to the kitchen, in search for something sharp.

She went through her drawers and threw anything that wasn't useful for her. Until she found what she was looking for.

It was sharp. As if it never had been use before. It was a razor-sharp knife, it was clean and clear.

As Hinata stare at it, she saw her reflection. She was disgusted at herself, disgusted at the person that she is. Always so weak. Always generous toward everyone that she thought would be thoughtful to her back. But always to naïve, for trusting every word that they said, especially him.

"But not to worry, I won't be that person again," she raise, the pointy-cooking knife with two of her hands, high above her heart as she let out one final tear before ending her life.

Now, my dear reader, Hinata was a lovely lady. One with passions and emotions, but it all was shatter by a trust that couldn't be fulfill. Which lead us to her suicide attempt. The poor girl lost it all after that sharp blade ended her life and allow Hades to devours her most inner pure soul, a very rare fragment that could only be created by the great one themselves. If only, she saw there is more to herself than it appear, than maybe, she could have gotten her revenge on her cheated lover.

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