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Draco and Hermoine pairing

P pov

He took her rough and hard. He moaned when he climaxed. He collasped resting his weight on her skinny body every night he took her like this. He tore her pride , he destroy her hope of him ever loving her.

Because he loved the mud blood. He thought she couldn't hear him moan that name when he climaxed in side of her. He thought she couldn't see the way he eyed her at the dinner table when he was only inches away from his own wife. She was young so very young. Barely could be considered a teenager, well at least in her eyes.

At the ripe age of 17 she bounded her heart to this man. She knew he never would love her , he was simply with her because he was told he most. She remembered the night she whispered I love you to him. When he simply responded "A whore can't love, she lusts" she remembered stating " Isn't that your Mud blood place as, your whore" that was the first night he slapped her.

As she hid behind the curtains in their bed room she watched him take the mud blood. But no not roughly he took her gently, loving her only to speed up as her cries of release grew harder and louder. He called his mud blood love. He never did that for her. It was then she knew.

She never truly was Pansy Malfoy.

The tittle was already taken and would soon become recongized.

It never was Pansy and Draco Malfoy.

It would though always be Hermoine and Draco Malfoy, the golden couple.

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