By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word: Include an idiom. I used seven. Can you find them all?

Note: Happy Birthday, TV. Thank you -- I adore these 100 word - challenges, and agree, they sharpen the mind.

Disclaimer: Not the owner!

"Sam, you know the score." Dean tapped his brother's cheek. "Wake up and smell the coffee."

No response.

"Dude, night of the living dead is over, wake up, man." He ran a hand through Sam's bloodstained hair.


"Sammy." Dean leaned down speaking into Sam's ear. "Need you paddling your own canoe." A small tremor rippled through Sam's body. "Put your thinking cap back on, kiddo."

Still nothing.

"Bro!" Dean scowled. "You know I hate it when you give me the cold shoulder."

Sam's eyes flickered open; he stared up at Dean and smiled slightly.

"That's my tough cookie."