I'm trying a new type of story. I've had this idea in my head for a while, and now I've finally written it down. It is about a girl (her name is Ally, well, Alaina, but I really like Ally and no it is not the same one from my other stories) whose parent's die and Bruce ends up being her guardian. After this she turns into a troubled teen and it is about her struggle through accepting everything that has happened to her and her search for answers about her parent's death. The truth of the matter will shock them all... and hopefully you too! It is also about her and Bruce's relationship (NOT LOVEY-DOVEY). This is my first angsty/super serious fic, and I would definitely appreciate some reviews and feedback about it. This first chapter is short but it will get better over time.

Please enjoy and REVIEW!!


It was only an accident.

The night was clear and crisp; the goose bumps on her skin more from excitement rather than cold. Her quick breathing grew into small clouds, swiftly disappearing a second later. Air rushed in through the open windows and whipped her hair around her head, hiding her smile. The road was empty ahead, and she tapped the shoulder in front of her.

"Come on!" She urged. "We're going to be late if we don't hurry."

The car accelerated. Trees and signs were speeding by, nearly invisible. Something bright caught her eye and she turned to look ahead.

Bright, twin lights were growing closer with each second.

"Look out!"

Tires screamed against the pavement, the smell of burning rubber filled her nose. The light was blindingly bright and dangerously close. Her head rang with a loud, continuous horn as her world spun out of control.

It was only an accident.

But accidents can kill.