Shit, that hurt. I opened my eyes and tried as quickly as I could to stand up. "Werewolves..." Freaking werewolf had thrown my into the brick wall in the alley. I watched as he came towards me. He thought, just like every other supernatural thing, that I was a little innocent human being. I stood there getting ready for the right moment to pull out my gun, silver bullet should do the trick.

I quickly wiped out my gun and shot him. He stood there shocked for a moment and fell to his knees. He transformed back to his human form and closed his eyes. I always felt bad for them at that part, some of them never really knew what they were doing.

I walked past the body and towards the payphone. I called 911 telling them I had heard gun fire. They asked for my name but as always I hung up. I cleaned my fingerprints off the phone booth and hurriedly walked down the street and into my car. I drove off in time to see a police car turn on it's lights and drive by.

I ran my hand through my blond curls and sighed relaxing into my seats. I drove to the nearest hotel, grabbing a room fitted for me.

Before I could even get the salt lines down or anything I could feel a presence in the room. I grabbed my gun turning around to see a man by my window.

"Who are you?" I asked.

The man turned around smiling at me. "No need for guns, if I wanted you dead I would have killed you already." His eyes turned black then back to normal.

I went to grab for the holy water but felt myself being thrown across the room into the wall being held by an invisible force. "What do you want?" This was it, this was the time I was going to die, by a freaking demon. I barely went after these things, why are they after me?!

"Where are the Winchesters?"

Dean. That's the only Winchester I ever knew and I was still pissed at him for what he had done to me.

"I haven't seen any Winchesters in over four years."

The demon walked up to me staring straight into my eyes. "I can always tell when someone is lying..." He stared deep into my eyes. "But aren't lying." I felt myself being taken off the wall and I fell to my knees. He turned his back on me and I looked to my left to see my bag and the holy water and my other weapons had spilled out on the floor. I went to reach for it but he turned back around.

"When you see them tell them I'm looking for them?"

"Who exactly is looking for them?"

He grinned at her walking back towards her and she stood up ready to fight with her bare hands. There was no time for me to reach my bag. With a wave of his hand I was turned around and forced against the wall. I felt him rip my shirt as I struggled against the invisible force. Many thoughts ran through my head of what this demon could do to me.

I felt something hot hit the middle of my back as if my back was being put on fire. I held back the scream and the tears just by clenching my teeth. I wouldn't let him have the satisfactions of hearing or seeing my pain.

"What no scream?" I could hear the smile on his face. He laughed. "I see I'm not the only one who has left their mark." I knew what he was talking about. The vampire that had cut my neck almost making me bleed to death. "You're much stronger than I expected. Just let them take a look at your back and they'll understand who is looking for them."

I felt his hands disappear from my back along with his presence. I slid down the wall and let myself calm down by taking deep breaths. I reached around to my back feeling what he had done and winced in pain. What did he do? Brand me? I got up from the floor ripping the rest of my shirt off and throwing it in the waste basket next to the bed. I walked into the bathroom turning around having my back face the mirror. I turned my head to look in and my eyes widened and my mouth opened a little. He did brand me.

In the middle of my back was a brand from the demon. The middle of my back was all red and she could make out the brand. The brand was a circle and inside the circle were certain symbols I could barely make out.

I felt anger rush through me as I thought about Dean. Another way of him hurting me and something for me to remember him by!

I walked into the bedroom grabbing my duffel bag and grabbing shirt. I put it on and reached in my back pocket to grab my phone. I scrolled down to Dean, knowing him, it wasn't the same phone number. He was trained well by his father to change his number after so many months. I dialed it anyway, nothing, straight to voice mail.

I let out a breath of frustration and scrolled up to Bobby. I dialed his number and waited for him to answer. I looked at the clock knowing it was late. The dialing stopped and I could hear some grunting noises.

This better be good he said in a low gruff and he coughed.

"Bobby, it's Leilah."


"Leilah Ambers, Richard Ambers daughter."

Leilah, Jesus girl, it's been long. Why you calling so late? Everything ok?

"Depends on your definition of ok...listen, I need Dean's number. It's important."

Now, why would you be calling him after everything that happened. Bobby knew, I called him up wondering if Dean had gone to his house when he disappeared. Bobby knew how upset I was and how used I felt.

"Let's just that I had an encounter from an old friend." I winched in pain feeling the brand starting to burn again. "I need to warn him." Bobby gave me his number and I told him I call him when I'm in South Dakota anytime soon.

I stared at the number on my phone before dialing. He wasn't going to be too happy knowing what time it was but I didn't care. Deep, deep, deep, very deep down, I would always care for Dean Winchester.


I hesitated at first but felt my courage build up quickly. "Dean, it's Leilah." did you get this number? I could hear the surprise in his voice but didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Are you ok? Why are you calling so late? What happened..."

I felt myself laugh a little, I remembered back when we worked that vampire case together but I stopped myself from laughing. "Dean...I need to see you, something was here and wants me to give you a message."

He paused for a few seconds before speaking. What's the message?

"He didn't say anything but he left something for you."

Well, what is it?

I rolled my eyes knowing how he was hesitant about seeing me. "Jesus Dean, you just have to come here to see for yourself! And I bet if you don't see me that he'll be back and try to kill me! You know me, I always go after werewolves, vampires, spirits...but never demons! I am not ready for this...I need you here, Dean...I'm begging and you know I never beg!"

I heard him sigh. I know I shouldn't have blown up at him like I did but I couldn't help it. The feelings of how he always used to get under my skin and what he has done started to get to me. I never thought I'd be begging for his help, but I had a feeling that the demon may come back and try to kill me.

Ok, ok...calm down, I know you never beg. I was the one that begged you remember? I felt a little smile spread across my face as he tried to make me feel better. But also memories came flooding back on why he begged me and the next day he left and the smile faded. Where are you?

I took a deep breath. "Eaton, Michigan."

I can be there in a few hours.

"Thanks Dean...I'm in the only hotel in this town. Room 469."

I heard him chuckle a little, still a pervert after all these years. I'll see you soon. I hung up and I felt something stir in my stomach. I was going to see Dean, after all these years. I was twenty three when I met Dean, he was twenty six. We were both working the same case and came across each other at the dead woman's house. We both knew we were bullshitting each other coming up with excuses of who we really were.

I smiled remembering that memory, guns in the face, sarcastic comments being thrown at each other and both our eyes wandering each other but like always my smile faded away thinking of the morning I found him gone, no note, no text, no voicemail, no reason. He was just gone and my heart broke knowing I shouldn't have let him in. Into my heart, into my soul, into my body.

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