General POV

Leilah and Melissa stood there staring at Dean and Sam. Dean and Sam had their hands tied behind their backs and were on their knees with a few men standing behind them. Dean had a busted lip, a black eye and a bruise on his right cheek. Sam had blood plastered to the side of his cheek where a large gash was and scratch marks on his neck. The men looked defeated as they stared back at Leilah and Melissa.

Luther came from behind Leilah and Melissa and placed his hands on the girl's shoulders. "This is your destiny." He looked between the girls. "Destroy them." He turned away walking back behind them.

Leilah and Melissa felt like they had no control over what they were doing. They just were staring at Dean and Sam. The sisters grabbed hold of each other's hands and then lifted their others.

Dean and Sam looked at each other silently saying a goodbye and brotherly love. Sam looked at Melissa and felt his heart break seeing the woman he found love with about to kill him and he couldn't stop it.

Dean and Leilah held each other's eyes and Dean knew they weren't Leilah's. He knew this wasn't Melissa and Leilah that Luther had gotten to the girls. Dean and Sam couldn't protect them, couldn't save them…they failed.

The girls the brothers had fallen in love with were dead and gone just like they were about to be.

Dean winked at Leilah giving her one last smirk before he and Sam were both blinded by the white light that came out of the girls hands. The men screamed feeling their bodies being burnt off slowly and their eyes burning. They couldn't breathe, they couldn't find their voices to beg the girls to stop, they were gone.

Once the light was gone Dean and Sam were too. Luther clapped his hands slowly and walked in front of the girls. "Now…this is a dream you are seeing but this is your destiny, this is what you are destined to do. Kill the Winchester boys."

Leilah sat up in bed holding the sheet to her naked body. She looked to her left to find Dean lying there sleeping on his stomach. His head facing the window. She put her hand over her mouth stopping a sob that was about to come out of her mouth.

She looked up seeing the door open to her room and Melissa was standing there in Sam's t-shirt, her eyes red and her cheeks blotchy and flustered. All Leilah did was nod and Melissa walked out to her and Sam's room.

Leilah folded the piece of paper that she had been writing on and left it on the island of the kitchen. Melissa quietly crept back into the house leaving the door opened slightly.

"Come on, Leilah," she said quietly. "Before they wake up."

Leilah nodded. This was breaking her heart. She had finally found love with Dean and now she had to leave to keep him safe. She hoped he would forgive her because she was doing the same thing he had to done to her all those years ago.

Leilah walked out of the house with Melissa and walked towards the taxi. Leilah stopped and Melissa turned around.

"I can't do it," said Leilah tears falling down her face. Melissa walked up to her and grabbed her hand.

"We have to," she said. Leilah saw Melissa's eyes filling up with tears too. "It's to protect them, we can't let that happen. We have to save them just like they saved us."

Leilah nodded as she wiped the tears from her face. She looked back at the little house they had stayed in for their vacation and frowned. They were normal for a few days and now…She just shook her head and got into the taxi.

Now they were running…from the Winchesters and Luther.

Sam barged into Dean's room making Dean jump. "What the hell Sam?!" He looked to his side to see Leilah gone and deep down in his gut he had a bad feeling.

Sam threw a piece of paper on the bed and ran his hands through his hair. Dean grabbed it and read:

Sam and Dean,

Mel and I are sorry but we had to go. We had no choice; it's for your safety. Mel and I had some sort of nightmare or vision, whatever it was, Luther had something to do with it. We watched you die and…we couldn't stop it. It was our fault that you two died and that's why we left.

It is our turn to protect you guys now. Don't come looking for us and don't contact us in anyway. We threw our cells into the ocean, so there is no way to track us. We just can't let our vision come true…it'll be too horrible and the end of the world would come with it. You two need to stay alive and fight on, without us.

Maybe someday when all of this is over and we all know it's safe the four of us can see each other again, be together like before. But for now…we need to be alone.

All Of Our Love,

Mel and Leilah

Dean read the letter over twice feeling a lump in his throat growing each time he read it. His hands shook while reading it and finally his tears blurred his vision where he couldn't read it anymore.

"What do we do?" asked Sam.

Dean looked up at his brother seeing his heart broken brother. The last time Sam looked like that was when Jessica had died and now Melissa was gone and Sam was feeling the same feelings again. Dean knew how he was feeling.

Dean knew Leilah wouldn't want him to look for her, she said it in black and white and all that kept running through his mind was wanting to track her down and knock some sense into her for leaving him but he knew he couldn't. There was always a reason behind what Leilah did and she did this to keep him and his brother safe. He knew it wasn't because she didn't love him it was because she did love him. But he was feeling the same heartache even if she did say she didn't love him. Maybe it would have been easier if she did tell him.

He licked his lips and looked at Sam. "We go to Bobby's…we try and stop more seals from being broken…we move on, Sam. That's what they want us to do."

"But Dean…"

"No, Sammy." Dean got up and started packing his stuff. "Let's just forget about them and move on."

"I can't believe you're saying this. Move on? Dean I saw the way you looked at Leilah that was pure love you can't move on from that."

"Watch me."

Sam sighed watching his brother take on the heartache. He didn't know how his brother could do it. Sam felt like breaking but he knew better. He walked out of Dean's room to pack his stuff.

Dean looked out the window and closed his eyes holding the pain in. "Leilah…we could have helped you."

Ok…don't be mad there will be a sequel! I know it was short but I wanted to post it and complete this story before I did anything else. So if you liked this story keep an eye out for A Heartbroken Destiny.