E/O Challenge WOW: idioms. Happy Birthday LivingforTV. Hope you like it.

Jalapenos, Pepperjack, Tabasco, and onion ring topper. Just looking at Dean's burger made Sam's stomach cringe. "Can't believe you're eating that."


"That's heartburn on a bun."

"Just because you don't live a little doesn't mean I can't." Soon, Dean was lost in food bliss.

Shaking his head, Sam dug into his salad.


Later, Sam, sick as a dog, prayed for death.

"Man, who knew you could get food poisoning from salad?"

Looking a little green, Sam just glared. "Well excuse me for not having a cast-iron stomach."

Smirking, Dean helped Sam as he tossed his cookies once again.

A/N: Idioms include in this story include "cast-iron stomach", "sick as a dog", and maybe "tossed his cookies". I wasn't sure if the last one was an idiom or not. Hope you like. Let me know by sending me a review. Until next time.