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Iggy POV:

My eyes fluttered open. Of course, this was totally useless, I still only saw black. Black everywhere. No light... no color... no smiling faces... sunsets...

I shook my head. I'm getting off track.

Stumbling out of bed, I almost tripped over the corner of the rug, but quickly caught myself. My head was pounding. I could almost feeling my brain growing larger then shrinking. Like it was it's very own heart.

Ignoring it, I walked out to the kitchen. Everyone was still asleep, there deep breathing rattling threw the house. I sighed. I almost wish I could sleep in late. Waste some of my day with peacefulness and spend hours with my dreams.

Yes, my dreams were what I looked forward to everyday. Every day, I couldn't wait to lay down my head and sleep, getting lost in a world were my wings didn't exist. Where I could see people smiling and laughing, watch movies with my friends, see the sunset, have real parents...

But those were just dreams. And everyday I woke up and was forced back into the horrible reality.

Fishing out the pancake mix, I grimaced. My head did not like that at all.

Fifteen minutes later I had breakfast on the table, and the whole flock dragging themselves out of bed.

After a few grunts of "Hello" or "Good morning" they all had their mouths stuffed with food. Listening to conversations, I heard Nudge and Gazzy to my left, coming up with stuff to do today. Angel was on my right, sitting quietly (God bless her for that. My head was about to explode) and across from me Max was sitting on Fang's lap, laughing loudly.

I smirked.

After my plate was half gone, and everyone else was done, I picked them up to set them near the sink. "It's Max's turn to do dishes." I pointed out before they all left.

Max sulked over to me. "Aww... come on Iggy. Please do it for me! I'll do it next week and the week after!" That's what love does to you. Makes you childish, so you forget the rules you can up with.

But I still couldn't refuse Max. "Fine." I muttered.

"Aw, thanks!" I felt her raise to her tip toes, leaning towards me. But before she could kiss my cheek, I put my finger to her lips, gently pushing her away. I could feel her body heat raise. She blushed.

"Don't" I emphasized it a little, pausing, "mention it." I started to run the water, declaring this conversation over.

I had to say, doing dishes didn't bother me much. I liked the feeling of the warm water on my hands, giving the rest of my body goose bumps, and the smell of the fruity soap. It made different colored bubbles that were fun to hold. The different colors tingling my finger tips.

Pinks felt like... dare I say, laughter? You know how when you laugh, that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Well, that's pink.

Red was fierce. Like that feeling before doing something risky. My favorite.

Orange was almost angry. It felt like someone told you that you were stupid.

Yellow was giddy. Like a sugar rush.

Green was calming.

Blue was somber. Almost a relaxed feeling. Right on the silver lining of sad and content.

Purple was happy. Just made you want to smile.

Brown was tired, dull.

If it was lighter, say, baby blue, it had more of a shock. Like the feeling was stronger.

If it was darker, such as burnt orange, it was more dull.

White was thrilling. Made you want to jump up and sing.

And black... black was nothing.

But the bubbles were a mixture of purples and pinks. Blues and greens. Sending my emotions on an uproar. I loved that feeling, changing every second.

I closed my eyes. There was no use to keep them open, and the color sensation was even better with them closed. But the moment I closed them, visions danced in my mind. Pictures of people laughing, smiling, visions of what I imagined waterfalls to look like. A fall of colors. People laying on the ground, watching the stars. I saw flashes of people fighting, of them crying, no one there to help. I wanted with all my heart to open my eyes, rid myself of these horrible thought and tortures. But I couldn't. Like my eyes were glued shut. Just when I didn't think I could take it any more, I pricked my finger on a sharp knife.

My eyes flashed open.

The water became pink, the pit of my stomach tightening, like I was laughing, and I pulled out my hand. I could feel the red blood run down my finger. And for a moment, I stood there, a thrilling feeling running threw my body. I almost didn't want it to stop.

But I heard someone racing down the hall toward the kitchen. A little someone.

I quickly wrapped up my hand in the towel, though I knew Angel knew what happened.

"You okay?" she asked me.

"Yeah. Why you ask?" I tried to act like I didn't know what she was saying. I imagined her little (well, now 10 year old) forehead crinkling up in concern. It was a comforting thought. That someone cared.

"I've always cared Iggy." She came up and hugged me, her head almost rested on my shoulder. She was growing up so fast. "I'll always care. And I'll always be you'll little girl."

When Jeb had left, Max and I took the spots as parents. Sure Max had a strong connection with Angel, but I still loved her just as much. She was almost like a daughter to me.

"Thanks Angel." I hugged her back, still clutching the towel to my hand.

"Here," she pulled away, "Let me dry."

I could almost feel a smile spread on her face. Whenever Angel smiled, a warm feeling filled the room.

"Go ahead." I pulled out the dishes I'd already washed and gave them to her. I heaRd a towel fling of a rack and the sound of it against wet plates.

Remembering not to close my eyes, I washed the rest and ended up helping her dry. She tried to talk to me, bringing up simple topics like breakfast, weather, songs, but I just wasn't in the mood to talk. She quickly figured that out and stopped.

When we were done, I thanked her again, telling her that I'd bake cookies later, and went outside to fly.

The hot sun beat down on my shoulders, warming my body.

I stretched my wings, then sprinted and took off. In the sky, everything was peaceful. Though I wished I could look below me and see the land fly under me. What did it look like? Was it a blur of greens and blues? Or could you pick out every little detail, see every little person?

I forced my mind to go dull. To not think, just fly. Sadly, that's not as easy as it sounds when you don't have something to concentrate on.

And I made the mistake off closing my eyes.

The visions popped back, faint noises now added, and I grabbed my head, crunching in a ball. I wanted them gone. I didn't know which was worse, watching people suffer or seeing people enjoy things I didn't have.

I then realized I was falling to the ground. Unable to think clear, I whipped out my wings, and they jerked my body up, screaming in agony. Then I felt trees bush my toes, and the next thing I knew, my wings are getting caught in every branch, twig, and leaf with in a 16 foot radios.

I eventually hit the ground, and my eyes snapped open. I was free. But the problem now was, I didn't know, let alone couldn't see, where I was, my wings hurt like hell, and my headache was ten times worse.

Maybe, I'm getting what Max has. A voice. Something useful in the group.

But why would I get a voice? I'm plain old me. Plus no one in the flock has the same power....

It must be something else. Yes, it has to be.

I followed my gut and started walking west, the way in which I hoped I would find the house.

Eventually, I came to the end of the forest. But I knew I wasn't near the house. I was on a sidewalk.

My wings hurt to bad to fly, and frankly, I wasn't in a rush to get home, so I decided to walk. Not back home, just walk around.

The city was always busy. People walked around me, cars zooming by on the street, my hands faintly touching different colors around me.

You know what? I could so take someone's wallet and they wouldn't even know.

I just realized that...

Should I? I'd be so simple. And the money wouldn't hurt. The flock will remember I'm alive (well, at least Max and Fang will. The rest of them aren't that bad) and it's not like people don't have bank accounts right?

No, I can't. Plus, they'll probably disable the thing the moment they figure out it's gone.

But still... Then I smelt gum. Mint gum. And really strong stuff too.

I'll take that.

The person, a girl with her purse close to me, walked past. In a flash, my hand was in the purse, grabbing the gum. Then back out before she could realize.

I stuck a piece in my mouth.

I think I might have a new addiction. It was... refreshing. Something to keep my mind distracted.

Again, my trusty nose (I think I might be turning into a dog) lead me to a coffee shop. I went in, a small bell ringing above me, and found a table in the back of the store.

Sure enough, two seconds later, a waitress walked up to me, and asked what I wanted.

"Just a hot chocolate." I wasn't in the mood for something high in caffeine, and a nice hot chocolate sounded good.

"Comin' right up." She turned around, heading toward another table.

I sighed. Again.

I grabbed a napkin next to me and twirled it threw my fingers. Life was so slow right now. Just simple and boring.

Different sounds and scents drifted to me, passing in and out of my mind. In the back of my mind, I the imagined a black and white coffee shop full of ladies dressed up in fancy gowns, all the guys in suits. I knew this couldn't be what the coffee shop really looked like. Anyone that walked around in a smchancy dress like that would get laughed at.

My eyes drifted with the sounds, scanning the room. I was useless, I know that, but it still made me look somewhat normal.

I looked toward the table next to me, feeling eye's on my back.

Someone blushed.

I blinked, showing just that person that I couldn't see, letting my eyes glaze over even more.

The next thing I know, I hear a chair slide across the floor, and someone approaching me.

"Um... excuse me?" Asked a young girls voice. She was maybe 16.

"Yes?" I looked at her, well, at her shoulder.

Yes, yes, I'm like a bat. I use sounds to figure out where people are, and so, yes, I can look someone straight "in the eye".

"Are you..." She stuttered, her body growing hotter. I felt her looked behind her, and another girl whisper, "Go on!" She looked back at me, clearing her throat. "Are you blind?"

A smug smile spread across my face and I couldn't help but chuckle. "As much as the suns is hot."

She giggled.

My turn to blush. No has ever giggle at me.

"That's what I thought. May I sit?"

"Please." I gestured toward the chair across from me.

She sat, a small sigh of success escaping her mouth. "So, were you born blind?"

I shifted in my seat, flashes of bright lights, medical equipment, and whitecoats flashing in my mind. "No." I muttered back.

"Sorry, I didn't know it was a touchy subject for you." She shifted in her chair. I could tell she felt bad for bringing up the topic.

"No, no. It's okay. I think I was seven." I truly didn't know. I mean, we didn't celebrate birthday's at The School, but seven felt like the right age.

"Oh wow. That's... horrible. What happened?"

I thought about that. What did happen? I know it was a mistake, because I remember my surgeon was killed, but other then that... "I don't know... One day I woke up and..." That was close enough to the truth.


The waitress walked up, handing me a steaming cup o' joe. "Would you like anything honey?" She asked the girl across from me.

"Umm... Can I have a half-cafe iced coffee?"

"Sure, coming right up." And she was gone.

"Speaking of which, What's your name?" The girl asked me.

"Umm.. James. But everyone calls me Iggy." I felt almost proud, knowing my real name.

"Iggy... cool."

"What's yours?" I sipped my coffee.

"Elizabeth." She blushed.

Elizabeth. I loved that name. "Elizabeth..." I repeated. I loved the way it rolled off my tongue. "I love it."

She blushed.

"Please, tell me what you look like." I suddenly said. Then I wished I could suck the word right out of the air.

And she laughed. "Okay! Well, I'm really short. At least compared to you. You're probably a foot taller. But, I've got red hair that's.. I guess... wavy? I don't know how to describe it. But I'm pale. Really pale. Like, deathly pale."

I laughed. "Well, nice to know." A smile stayed on my face. "How old are you?"


That took me by surprise. "Oh, well then. I'm 18."

"You're 18?" Obviously I wasn't the most surprised one here. "Talk about not judging a book by it's cover."

We talked for another two hours. Laughing, telling stories. She told me of her childhood, and I told her of the flock. I never mentioned my wings, or anything else of that sort, but other then that, I told her everything. That I ran away (she was very surprised about that. Said I didn't seem like that kind of person. I told her that it was for the best and she asked no other questions) and that I've been living with friends for a while. I told her of me paring up with Max to make "Nick" jealous, and the position I was in now. She listened to every word, gasping at surprising news, and laughing at the funny stuff. She mad e me feel important, like someone out there needed me.

After what must have been some of the best hours of my life, she told me it was getting dark and that she needed to head home. She suggested driving me, but I told her that I knew the way, and that I'd be fine.

"You sure?" she stood up, grabbing her coat.

"Positive. Thanks for everything." I smiled standing up too.

"You're welcome." She came over and kissed my cheek. I blushed.

"Ha. Can I have your number?" She giggled.

Number... number? To what? Oh... cell phone. I... WAIT! Max just recently signed us all up for our own "in case of emergency"

"Sure!" I gave her my number, and hugged her.

My hand rested on her hair. And it was red. A deep, deep, red. And thick. And wavy. The perfect waves. And her perfume...

But I pulled away quickly, way too quickly then I wanted, and said good-bye another time, walking outside.

As she got in her car and pulled away, I stared in her direction for what must have been forever. Finally, headed home.

I took off, flying faster then every, and did a flip in the air.

Today had to be one of the best days of my life.

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