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4) I am trying to improve my writing skills, and grammar, and such.

A young blond around the age of five was running through the woods, searching, looking, and only one thing on his mind.

'I have to find her. I have to find her!' never had he felt so lost.

He was searching everywhere he could see, and that was difficult since it was night time, and his eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark yet.

He was still running when he ran into something, but as he was falling backward it had caught him.

He looked up, and terror filled his eyes. 'They found me.'


Sasori woke up to the sound of crying.

He then realized what it was, and where it was coming from. He opened his eyes, and saw a dark room. He sighed and got out of the warm comfy bed, without jolting his blond lover.

He walked over to the crib in the bedroom, to see a tiny redhead bawling her head off. How Deidara was still asleep, he didn't know.

He sighed, and picked the crying baby up. That's when he heard a whimper from the crib. He looked down to see his son starting to open his eyes. Signifying he was now awake. And soon began to cry.

He started to rock his daughter Hato, who soon calmed down.

Naoto, his blond son began to wail, so he put Hato back into the crib, before Naoto would freak out.

Once she was back in the crib, he had settled down, and stopped crying completley. He then snuggled closer to her.

The corner of Sasori's lip twitched up, in almost like a smile. But how could he smile, when he knew how much danger his whole family was in.

He quickly left the room, and headed downstairs. Heading straight for the kitchen. Once at his destination, he went to the fridge, and opened it, only to fine two bottles of blood, ready to be warmed. He grabbed them, and put the bottles in the microwave to nuke.

while waiting for the blood to warm, he took a blood bag from the freezer, and not even bothering to warm it up, he sunk his fangs into the plastic, and began to drink.

The blood had somewhat soothed the ache in his throat, but it still wasn't enough. He hadn't had fresh blood in almost a year.

And being around a human, let alone his lover, who smelled delicious, was very hard to cope with. He always had to have a mid-night snack.

The microwave dinged, which pulled him away from his thoughts.

He threw the now empty bag away, and opened the microwave door, to retrieve the bottles. He quickly put the head of the bottles on, and headed upstairs.

He entered the room to find Deidara awake, and rocking Naoto back to sleep.

Sasori walked up from behind him, and very carefully, kissed his neck, which made Deidara jump.

"Oh, un. You scared me." Sasori could tell, which made him want the blond's blood even more.

"Hmm." he handed Deidara a bottle, who took it gratefully. "Thanks, un." Sasori walked around Deidara, and to the crib. "No problem."

He picked up the still awake Hato, and gave her the bottle. About Five seconds later her eyes began to close.

Deidara stood by him smiling. Sasori spoke up. "You know being only a weak old, they sure do drink a lot of blood." Deidara's smile dropped.

"Well they're your kids. You can't blame them, un." Sasori smiled, and looked at the blond. "I never did." Deidara sighed.

"Yeah you're right, but they're growing, and we're not even sure if the can eat human food, un." Sasori nodded. "You're right, but only time will tell."

Once both half-lings were done with the bottles, and asleep, they were both set down to sleep in the crib.

Sasori held Deidara, as they watched them sleep.

Sasori started nipping at his uke's neck, making him moan, Deidara turned his head giving him better access.

Sasori was doing everything to his neck. Kissing, licking, sucking, but avoided one. Biting. Deidara turned around facing Sasori, so he had better access.

Deidara moaned more, his heart rate quickening. Sasori was now leaning over the blond. Oh how good he smelled.

He caught sight of his reflection, and froze. His fangs were extended all the way out, and were hovering centimeters over Deidara's neck. Dark circles were under his eyes, something that never happened.

He pulled away. "Danna, un?" Deidara looked at Sasori confused at why he looked like he'd seen a monster. He traced the dark rings under his eyes. Sasori pulled away from him completely.

"I-I be right back." he dashed out of the room, and headed for the kitchen the second time that went to the freezer, and quickly pulled out five bags of blood.

He bit into the first one, trying to drench his thirst, but failing. Once that bag was dry he went on to the others. All of them had been like the first.

The sixth back seemed to cool his throat a bit. He sighed, and looked at his reflection in the window above the sink. The dark circles got a little lighter, but barley.

He exited the kitchen, and went upstairs. He entered the bedroom, to see Deidara in the bed, on the brink of sleep. He climbed in, and held him close. Never had he ever wanted to hurt the blond, his love. But he almost did. He had to get his hunger under control.

"What was that about, un?" Deidara said sleepily. Sasori looked at him. He didn't want the blond to fear him.

"I was hungry." it wasn't a lie, so it should be okay, right? Deidara nodded, and snuggled closer.

"Okay, un." Deidara kissed his neck. "Just as long as your fine, un." Sasori smiled, and kissed the top of his head.

"I'm fine." Deidara sighed in content. "Oh and Happy Birthday." Deidara smiled.

"Thanks, un."

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