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-One month later-

"I still don't remember anything, un." Hato said into her arms, as she sat at the counter. Sasori sighed and rubbed her back. "I'm sure you will soon. You just have to wait." Hato didn't say anything. She already knew she wasn't going to remember anything. She had a family and she could always start new memories, but it wouldn't be the same.

"Onee-Chan!" Hato sighed and looked at her little sister, who was smiling up at her. "Do you want to go play outside with me?" she continued to look at the three year-old with bored eyes. A minute passed and Ayano was still smiling, "Fine, un," Hato jumped off her chair and stood in front of her sister. "What do you want to play, un?"

"I wanna play tag, then hide-and-go-seek then ring around the rosy-" Hato covered her mouth before she went on. "Choose one, un." she moved her hand, "B-b-but, you always let us play all of them! You liked them too!" Hato didn't say anything. It didn't matter to her. She was different now and she couldn't do anything about it.

"Ask Naoto, un." "Hato, I think it would be fair if you played with Ayano, since it's been a while." Sasori suggested, "Tch..." she looked away, angry. "Fine. Let's go, Ayano." they both left out the laundry room door and to the back yard. Sure the grass wasn't all that green, but there was enough space before it got to trees. "Let's play tag first!" Hato smirked and nodded.

"Tag, you're it, un!" Hato quickly dashed away her younger sister not being able to keep up. "H-hey, Onee-Chan! Wait up!" Hato laughed and continued to run, till Ayano stopped. She smirked in triumph and went back to her sister, who was out of breath. "Tag, you're it!" Ayano smiled when Hato fell for the trick. "Hey, un!" Hato on the other hand wasn't so happy.

"Get back here, un!" she ran to the three year-old, who was laughing. Ayano turned her head slightly to see Hato, but it was all different. The redhead was charging at her and she looked angrier then a bull. "Onee-" "Ha!" she was tackled to the ground and she cried out. "You're it, un!" "Ow..." Hato got up to see Ayano crying, holding her scraped elbow.

"That can't hurt, un." Ayano sniffled. This wasn't her sister. She knew something was up, but this just proved it. Her sister would never make the games painful, she would try to make it as fun as possible, but this was different. "O-onee-Chan?" Hato sighed, "I'm bored. I'm heading back inside. Come in if you want, un." Hato walked away, ignoring her crying sister.

"What were you doing outside, Hato, un?" the redhead shrugged, "I was playing tag with Ayano, un." was all she said before stepping inside. Deidara raised an eyebrow and walked into their backyard to see Ayano crying. "Ayano, un?" the three year-old looked up, sad. "Onee-Chan's different." Deidara noticed a scratch on his daughters elbow and he kneeled by her.

"How did you get this, un?" Ayano looked away, but began to talk. "I tricked Onee-Chan and she got tagged. She was really mad so she pushed me and said I was 'it'... Why is she different, Mama?" Deidara frowned. That didn't sound like her at all. "I'll go talk to her, but first, let's take care of your cut." she just nodded and Deidara helped her up.

Hato scoffed as she watched the whole scene. For some reason it made her sick. To see everyone so happy, or helping, or sad. "You shouldn't scowl like that, Hato." was all Sasori said before passing her. The redhead turned around and glared at her father. "Don't tell me what to do, un. I can do whatever I want." Sasori looked at the five year-old, unamused.

"Really?" she nodded and he smiled. "What would you like to do?" she scoffed, "For one, I don't want to be here anymore. All I ever see is my 'family', un. It bugs me to see you all so caring-" she groaned and clutched at her head, "I don't like it here and- Ah~" she fell onto her knees and Sasori held her up. "What's wrong, un?" Deidara asked, stepping into the kitchen.

Sasori shook his head, "I don't know-" "No, it's not true! I never meant it, un! Please don't be mad at me!" Hato looked up at her father, scared and tears streaming down her face. "Please, un..." Sasori was shocked that her whole personality changed. She was panting and her eyes closed. Soon she passed out. "Go get Kenmei." Deidara nodded and went to go get the said blond.

"What's going on?" Ayano asked, as Sasori picked up her sister. "Hato's sick." was all he said before he took her to her room.


Kenmei held her hand over Hato's forehead and she sweat-dropped. "Ah..." she looked at Sasori and Deidara who were behind her and she rubbed the back of her head. "Um... I guess you could blame a lot of this stuff on me?" "What, un?" Deidara asked, already getting angry. Kenmei moved her hand back to her side. "Well... When Hato was asleep that one time, I was helping her organizing her thoughts, like you let me do, and I did organize it, but,"

She bit her lip, "But..." Sasori continued, "When I was doing that something was let go... Congrats, your daughter had a split personality!" Sasori looked shocked, but Deidara just looked pissed. "And you didn't know about this before, un? Even when you were helping her?" Kenmei shrugged, "Some things slip by me. But that's the reason she doesn't remember anything. Her split personality was dormant for all her life and when it woke up, it had no idea what was going on. The regular Hato is still in there, and she is fighting. That's what the outburst was."

Deidara looked concerned, but still upset. Sasori held no emotion on his face whatsoever, which also confused Deidara. "So, what does this mean?" Sasori asked and Kenmei smiled, "It means that it's only a matter of time before her memories return to her, but... I'm not sure which side will take over. From what I saw, the first Hato was dominant, that's why she was her when she was born and the other... I don't know."

"So, what you're saying is-" "Yes, the sky is blue." "..." "Oh, that! Yes, either side could take over, but neither can really get rid of the other. It's like being stuck with a siamese twin, but it's all in your head." Deidara nodded. "I'm not sure what's going to happen, when both sides are awake, but it may not be pretty. Though it's a good thing I released her now then her getting out on her own."

"Why, un?" Kenmei's smile dropped, "One, it would have been extremely painful, it was better to have done it if she was asleep like she was. Two, both personalities would clash and it may actually kill her." Deidara's eyes widened and her looked at his daughter who was sleeping peacefully. It really couldn't be that bad in there.

-In Hato's mind- (It's dark)

"You're not supposed to be here, un!" Hato shouted, "You hurt Ayano and-" "I can do whatever I want, un! You're too soft!" the second Hato said. They both looked the same and all, except for their expressions. The first Hato had a concerned look on her face and she was almost scared; but her other side was smirking almost sadistic and she was confident that she would win.

"I can win." Hato said in triumph; "No, you can't, un." "Yes, I can and I have an idea... I don't like the name Hato, it's too... sissy, un." she smirked when she saw her other side's reaction. "I like Karasu, un. Do you like it?" Hato shook her head, "I don't like crows." this made Karasu laugh, "Why do you say that?" "They're scary looking and are mean."

Karasu looked hurt, but you could clearly see she was faking. "I'm not mean all the time, it's just when things get me angry or annoyed, un." "It doesn't matter. I don't like how you treat my family, un." "They're my family too, you know." Hato looked down, "We are the same person, we just act... different." Karasu said, frowning.

"I still don't like it, un." Hato said, almost glaring at Karasu, who just sighed, "You might as well give up, un. I will win." Hato shook her head again, "There's a reason I was here first. I was stronger-" "The key word being 'was'. Your whole life you became soft, that's why there are two of us, un. One of us is stronger and over the five years I was asleep, it didn't weaken me; it was like I took all of your strength."

"I didn't become soft, un!" "Yes, you did! When 'he' left your whole world fell apart, un!" Hato looked glared at the other redhead. "That doesn't matter, un. I will be the one to wake up!" "No, you're not! I'm gonna wake up and this time I'll remember everything, un!" Karasu said with a sadistic smirk. Hato's face softened and she had a small smile.

"I guess we'll have to see who's going to win, don't we, un?" Karasu's smirk widened and her eyes glinted with enjoyment. "I guess we will, un." they both charged at each other, their aura's around them flaring.


Deidara sighed, when he saw Hato flinch for the fifth time. "Do you know what's going on, un?" he asked Kenmei, who had her mouth set in a thin line. "Well, I can tell you that they're fighting each other and so far no one's winning... Oh, the the second Hato's name is Karasu." Sasori raised a red brow up. "What?" "That's what she calls herself. She doesn't like the name Hato. She said it was too sissy."

Sasori rolled his eyes, "I have a feeling you're making this stuff up." "It's true! I wouldn't lie about this... Well, I did when I said I had nothing to do with her losing her memories, but that was totally different!" Deidara groaned and glared at Kenmei. "Is she going to be okay, un?" Deidara asked; Kenmei shrugged her shoulders.

"Anything can happen, but when she does wake up all I can tell you is that she will have her memories, but she may different." Sasori nodded and Deidara sighed. "We should let her rest, un." was all Deidara said before leaving the room, Sasori following him. The younger blond looked at Hato as she winced again.

-Hato's mind-

Their auras engulfed them as they fought for dominance. "Let me go, un!" Hato yelled, kicking Karasu off of her. The other redhead growled and pounced on Hato again. "You have to fight better then that, un!" Hato winced when she fell backward, her head hitting the ground. "If I let you win, you'll hurt them, un!" Karasu sighed, but they continued to fight, "Hurt who, un?"

"My family, un." "'Our' family, un." Hato growled and shoved Karasu off of her. She thought for a minute. Karasu was way more determined then her, but she was around longer then her. Hato smirked and her aura began to form something. Karasu eyed the redhead as she began molding something in her hands. "What're you doing, un?" she asked and Hato smirked.

"What you refused to do, un." she threw a bird at the redhead's direction and it was sent soaring. Karasu's eyes widened and she jumped away from her spot, right before the bird exploded. "What was that, un!?" she asked, in anger and Hato held up her hand for her other side to see. "I call it art, but you called it disgusting. I thought that maybe you'd be like me and actually be grateful for what you have, un."

Karasu growled, "Well, since you gave me the idea, I'll use it, un." following Hato's example, she molded her aura and had the mouths chew it. The clay turned into a butterfly and it flew towards Hato, only to fall when it went five feet. "You have to practice and I've been practicing since I was two, un." "Hmm? Then, I guess I'll have to go through your thoughts now, don't I?"

Hato panicked and tried to close up her mind, but it was too late when Karasu pounced on her, making her fall down. The redhead smirked and put her hand over Hato's forehead, only to have it backfire and she was sent flying back. "Ow, my hand, un! What did you do!?" Karasu yelled, holding her injured hand to her chest.

"I didn't do anything, un." was all Hato said before getting up. "Well, I guess I'll have to fight you the old fashion way." Karasu said before throwing a punch at Hato.


Blue eyes opened to darkness. Slowly they blinked and adjusted to the dark. They sat up and smiled. "I won, un." Hato gave a small smile, but it was quickly taken from her when a rag covered her mouth and nose. She struggled and she couldn't help but to inhale the strange toxin. Slowly, her world began to spin and she fell back, a hand catching her.

She looked up at a black figure, her eyes slowly closing, till she passed out.

Deidara sat up when he heard something. He couldn't sleep at all, but Sasori had been sleeping for only two hours meaning he had an hour or two left. He got out of bed and opened his bedroom door to see Hato being carried out of her room. The intruder saw him and quickly threw a dart at the blond. Deidara tried to dodge it, but it still went to his neck.

He gasped and collapsed. He was on his side and he couldn't stop the tears, as he watched his oldest daughter being carried away. Sasori came out a few seconds later and Deidara wanted to tell him to go after Hato, but he couldn't even blink an eye. "Deidara?" he shook the blond, but he couldn't respond. Sasori couldn't feel a pulse or anything, that's when he noticed a dart in the blond's neck.

He quickly took it out and noticed there was poison. A single drop of blood dripped from the tiny hole and Sasori quickly picked him up. A few minutes later Sasori was able to get all of the poison out of the blond. Once that was done, Deidara began crying, and he clung to Sasori. "What's wrong?" Deidara just shook his head and he took a deep breath, "They took her, un..." Sasori's eyes widened and he went to Hato's bedroom to find the bed empty.

He ran outside and tried to find a scent, only to see they used vervain to mask their scent. He cursed silently and went back to Deidara, who now only had a few tears on his cheeks. "I can't find a scent." Deidara closed his eyes and let more tears fall. He felt himself be pulled into his lover's lap, the redhead holding him close.

"We'll get her back," he began rocking back and forth and Deidara continued to cry. "It's okay, it's okay." his cries got louder and it soon attracted their children and the lone vampire. "What happened?" Kenmei asked, stepping in front of Naoto and Ayano. "Someone stole Hato." Naoto's eyes went wide and he looked at his father, who was now only crying lightly.

"Shouldn't we go after her?" Kenmei asked, eager. Sasori shook his head, "They used vervain to mask their scent, which means they know what we are." the blond's eyes glinted with recognition. "Slayers." Sasori nodded, "Why would they take just her, un?" Deidara asked, looking at Sasori, who frowned. "She is the first born." Deidara understood and he also frowned.

Hato was the first born of the twins, which meant that she was of great evil. That's why they took her, to probably 'rid' the evil of the world, but the only way to really do that was to... kill... her. Deidara finally realized this and he felt himself begin to cry again. "Shouldn't we at least search for her?" Naoto asked, which didn't make much sense, since he had been to negligent of his sister for the past three months.

"It's too dangerous at the moment." Kenmei said thinking, about where they could have taken her. "Can't you find out where they are?" Sasori asked, putting Deidara onto the bed. "Yes, but that could take a few hours and I have a feeling they're using vervain, so it may be even harder." Sasori sighed and rubbed his lover's back, as he sniffled.

"Then you should at least try." Kenmei nodded, "I'll go set up the circle and put up some candles." Naoto looked around and noticed Ayano looked terrified. "Is there anything we can do?" Naoto asked and Sasori smiled, "You can wait." "Is there anything else?" he asked, getting antsy. "There isn't much you can do, Naoto." the blond frowned, "Okay."

"You should get to bed. Okay?" the blond nodded and took his little sister's hand, taking her to bed. Sasori looked at Deidara, who had a glassy look in his eyes. "We will get her back." he didn't say anything, it was almost like he couldn't. "You should also try to sleep." Deidara nodded, but knew he would never be able to get to sleep with what was going on.

A few hours later, Sasori fell asleep, but when he woke up something was different. He could here all the breathing in the house and there were only three of them going on. He cursed and jumped out of bed, getting a confused look form his lover. "Danna, un?" Deidara asked, following him. Sasori cursed when he only saw Ayano sleeping in bed.

"W-where's Naoto, un?" Deidara asked, already scared. "He left." Deidara looked up at the redhead, confused and tired. "How do you know, un?" "His scent is loud and clear and you could see how the blankets are folded and there was no sign of struggle on the carpet; and I'm pretty sure Ayano would have woken up if there was someone trying to take him away."

It was all a pretty good explanation, but Deidara still didn't know why his only son would just leave. "I'm going to go get him, before someone else get's him." Deidara frowned and held onto Sasori's arm. "Don't go... please, un." he had a tear sliding down his cheek and Sasori smiled, before giving him a soft kiss. "It'll be fine. I can hear him from here. He'a about two miles away."

Deidara looked down and nodded. "I'll be quick." he gave another kiss and when Deidara opened his eyes his lover wasn't even there.

Naoto ran through the woods panting, trying to get his eyes to adjust to the dark. (A/N: THE FIRST CHAPTER!) For some reason he felt so lost without her.'I have to find her... I have to find her!' he continued to run, surprised he wasn't tired from his last break. He ran into something and he fell backward, only to have the thing catch him. He looked up in fear, 'They found me.'

"Let me go, let me go!" he began struggling, causing the person above him to grunt. "Let go, or I'll bite you!" his fangs her extended and he bit into the person's hand. "Ow, God, Naoto. It's me." the blond stopped struggling and looked up at his father, who was frowning down at him. "Why are you out here?" he asked, letting him go.

The blond looked away, almost ashamed. "I was going to go get Hato." Sasori raised an eyebrow, "Do you know where she is?" the blond nodded, "I was about to go to sleep, but I saw something... Hato was tied up and people were carrying her to a building. It's by our old house." Sasori eyed his son, who was looking up at him, "Naoto, that's ten miles away." "Am I close?" he asked hopeful; Sasori sighed and shook his head, "No, you're only two miles away, but we have to go home."

"Now that you know where Hato is, are you going to go get her?" Sasori smiled, "Yes, I am, but we have to go home now." "... Fine." Sasori picked him up and slung him on his back, already running. In a minute they were home. They both entered the front door and Sasori nudged Naoto towards their hall. "Go to sleep, now." the blond nodded and went back to his room.

Sasori walked to his bedroom, expecting the blond to be there, but no one was present. He sighed and went to Naoto and Ayano's room, only to find the said children there. "Sasori," the redhead turned around and looked at a small blond. "I didn't mean to, I swear." he was so confused, "What didn't you mean to?" he asked, stepping towards Kenmei, who was frowning.

"He was listening in on me and I knew that... I was saying stuff and I said where Hato was... He left." Sasori blinked at the teen and let out a long sigh, "Make sure no one else goes. I'll try to be back as soon as possible." Kenmei nodded and Sasori left through the garage door, seeing the car was taken. He didn't plan on taking it anyway.

He wanted to yell at the blond for being so stupid and leaving while he was gone. He began running. He wasn't even planning on taking him or telling him where Hato was; he may have taken Kenmei with him, but that was only because she knew where Hato was and her seeing the future would help with what was going to happen next.

One minute. He just hoped that Deidara wouldn't be stupid and get himself hurt, but it was against slayers to hurt any human, but that didn't stop them from paralyzing the blond. He shook his head at the thought. He was pretty sure they didn't know he was a human, so maybe they could nego- No, slayers never negotiate when it comes to danger with vampires. Never.

Two minutes. He knew that they would try and kill Hato, but it wasn't that easy to kill a half-ling. It was twice as hard then killing a vampire, so there would be stalling. But if there were a lot of failed attempts then that meant pain. Pain. One thing that he didn't mind since he healed in five seconds, and he would go back to normal. Half-lings on the other hand heal faster then humans, but slower then vampires.

Three minutes. He didn't ask when Deidara had left, but he had a feeling it was right after he left. He may be able to catch up to the blond, but they may think that a vampire is coming and they will kill Deidara. Unfortunately, most slayers had a device to track down vampires and kill them. It wasn't that easy to kill a vampire. They had to have something very sharp to pierce their skin and they have to coat it in vervain, which is sometimes hard to find.

Four minutes. All they had to do was stake them in the heart and the vervain would go through their veins and kill them in three minutes max. Vervain had no effect on humans, but still getting staked in the heart will kill them. If vampires are staked without vervain, then it would be useless. Yes, it would hurt but they could just remove it and it would heal up. Vervain was always the trick. Holy water was just a joke; the same with garlic.

Five minutes. Sasori saw their car parked in front of the burned ruble, but no sign of the blond. A few hundred yards to the right there was a little ware house. You could easily tell that it was just made. There was one light in the big shack and Sasori could hear voices inside. "I just say we just take off her head. It'll be easier like that." the voice was strangely familiar to Sasori.

He listened some more. "No, it's trickier then that- Hey, she's waking up." he could here the second person walk over to the left side of the warehouse and sigh, "Wakey wakey." there was some mumbling and a chuckle. Sasori smelled the air and he could tell that there were three slayers all together. He could even hear Deidara's rapid heart beat, as he hid in the warehouse.

"W-who are you, un?" "We're the good guys, now cooperate and it'll all be over, okay?" this voice was the first voice and it became even more harsh. Most slayers were like that. They hated vampires with a passion. It usually had to do with them losing someone to a vampire. "I-I want to go home, un." there was a crack and a small cry.

"Seriously you don't have to slap her, Sakura." the name brought no memorization to Sasori, but he had a fairly good guess of who the slayer was. "Shut it, Shikamaru. This isn't just about getting rid of the leech. It's also revenge." Sasori inched towards the wear house, now peeking through the window in the door. "You have to get over that. You can get your revenge on other vampires."

The pinkette shook her head. "No, I want them to know how I felt when they took Naruto from me." she took out a metal stake form her pack and approached his daughter who was now crying, staring up at the woman. "Please, un..." "Sorry, kid." Sasori tried to stop her, but she was wearing vervain. "At least turn her around, so she doesn't have to see it. She's just a kid, you know."

Sakura scoffed at a blond with a hairstyle like Deidara's, but nodded. She turned Hato around, who was tied up, so she couldn't move or anything. "There, happy?" the blond frowned. "Good." Sasori was about to barge in and stop the stake, but he was too late. Once he got through the door he froze. Hato looked behind her expecting pain, but when she did a drop of blood fell on her cheek.

Deidara smiled as some blood dripped from his mouth. Hato's eyes wondered to his chest and she gasped as she saw the metal pike through his heart. "What the..." Sakura backed away, but smiled. "At least I got one of them, huh?" "You idiot! He's human!" Deidara's eyes filled with pain and he coughed up more blood, some of it landing on Hato's ropes.

The smell had no effect on her. It made her sick to her stomach. Sasori zoomed to Deidara and Hato and hid them in the warehouse. "Where did they go!?" the blond asked, looking around. "See, Sakura. That's an actual vampire." "Shut up and start looking around."

Deidara was panting and sweating as Sasori set him and Hato down. He quickly cut her ropes and she looked at Deidara petrified. Deidara winced when he shifted and the stake moved, causing him to cry out, but Sasori kept his lips closed. Now he was crying and he tried to take the stake out, only to have Sasori stop him. "No, that will cause more bleeding." he whimpered and Hato felt terrible.

It was her fault that he was in pain right now. She always caused her family pain. "We have to get out of here, but we have to find a way past them." Deidara didn't respond, he just clutched Sasori's hand, trying not to scream. "Mama, un?" he opened his eyes and smiled at his daughter, trying to reassure her. "Y-yes, Hato, un?" he asked, trying not to make too much sound.

"Why did you do that, un?" Deidara smiled, "Because I didn't want you to get hurt-" "But I always get you hurt, un. The car accident, when I accidentally played with art and you got burned, when I bit you when I was two," the list went on and Deidara was amazed, "You remember, un?" she nodded; Deidara's smile widened and his eyes closed, "That's good, un."

Sasori gently shook Deidara, causing his eyes to flutter open. Don't close your eyes," he nodded and Sasori picked him up, making him bite his lip in pain. "Come on, Hato." she nodded and he kneeled down, so she could climb on his back. They left without being spotted. Sasori tried to run as fast as he could, since he knew Deidara was dying by the second.

Once they reached home he had Hato open the door and he went straight to their bedroom. He placed his lover down, who gave a small cry. "Don't lie down yet." Deidara nodded and Sasori helped him sit up. "This is going to hurt, so bite," Sasori looked around and picked up a pen on the dresser, "This." Deidara nodded and bit into it.

Sasori was behind the blond and he placed a hand on his right shoulder, gripping it softly. Very carefully he grabbed the metal stake and Deidara gasped, biting down on the pen. Sasori took a deep breath and quickly pulled it out, getting a loud scream from the shorter male. Sasori knew he only had a few seconds before he could save the blond so he, quickly laid him down and bit into his neck.

Deidara was crying, but everything was soon turning numb. He could vaguely tell that Sasori was biting him, which confused him. Suddenly something went through his body and he convulsed. Sasori noted this and held him down so he could finish putting all the venom in the blond. Then the pain came and Deidara let go of the pen, to let out a loud scream. There was only one, since soon all the pain was gone.

Slowly his eyes closed and his breathing thickened.

'Everything's so warm... I wonder why that is... I wish they would turn down the TV, it's so loud!' Deidara opened his eyes, but quickly closed them, when light shone on them. He tried to get up, but his body still felt numb, like he couldn't control it. Shielding his eyes, he opened them again and looked around. Four pairs of eyes were watching him intentionally, but the fifth pair was looking at him with no concern, but almost joy?

He looked at their faces and his eyebrows furrowed. They all looked in so much detail, that it was scaring him. "You look scared, brat." Deidara's eyes widened. His voice was like silk, it was almost like he felt it. "I... I guess I am, un." even his voice sounded different. He felt something lick his forehead and he looked at the tongue coming from his hand.

It didn't shock him at all, he just wondered where it came from. He felt someone take his hand and he looked over at his oldest daughter. She compared the hands, smiling softly. "They're the same, un." Deidara smiled and nodded, "They are, un." Hato's smile widened and she held the hand. "Mama, you look different." Ayano said, zooming in on the blond's face.

Deidara chuckled, "I feel different, too, un." he looked at Sasori, who was smiling softly. "Okay," she backed away from him and smiled. Naoto was just looking at him, not saying anything. "Hm? You don't look that much different, you know." Kenmei said, sighing. "I thought you'd look more like a guy, but I think you look more like a girl now."

Deidara eyed the blond, "What do you mean 'now', un." Kenmei smirked and held up a mirror for the confused blond. Deidara was speechless. Somehow he got even paler and his eyes were an even brighter blue, that looked like they irises were actually moving. His hair was like golden strands and he could see every single strand.

His face was more sharper and like the blond said, almost more feminine. Kenmei put the mirror down and was smirking at the blond, but he didn't see. He was glaring at Sasori, who was smiling nervously. "I didn't want you to die and this was the only way for you to not die." his glare softened and he sighed, "I guess it's not that bad, un."

This made the redhead smile and he gave a small kiss on the new vampire's forehead. The touch felt warm and it sent waves of pleasure through him. "God, un~" Sasori smirked, "You'll get over that, but it'll still be strong. Now, you know how I feel." Deidara shuddered, "I guess I do." he looked at his children, who didn't understand what was going on.

He smiled and sighed. "So, I guess I'll be like this for a while, huh, un?" Sasori nodded and smiled, "Yes, and you'll be spending it with your family." this made Deidara smile, "That's good. As long as you're all here." all of it made him smile. It felt like his family was now full and complete. Family. Something he would always love.

The End... For now.