Okay, here's the info on this fanfiction. Unlike The Vampire Academy, this story is serious, so bear with me.

This page is mainly to show the basic relationship between the characters that will happen in this fic.

There is no slash.

The only OC's will be certain teachers and random classmates.

This will mainly have Vampire Mountain characters, but a few others will be included.

This is the list of characters, their ages and relationship with other people:

Darren Shan- sophomore-age 16- Larten's younger half-brother-Harkat's best friend

Harkat Smahlt- sophomore-age 16- Kurda's twin brother- Darren's best friend

Kurda Smahlt- sophomore- age 16- Harkat's twin brother

Debbie Hemlock- sophomore- age 16- New girl

Steve "Leopard"- sophomore- age 16- ?

Larten Crepsley- junior-age 17- Darren's older half-brother-dating Arra

Arra Sails- junior-age 17- Larten's girlfriend at the beginning

Gavner Purl- junior- age 17- Larten's best friend

Vancha Harst/March-junior- age 17- Gannen's brother

Gannen Harst/March-junior-age 17- Vancha's brother

Alice Burgess- junior- age 17- new girl

Seba Nile- senior- age 18- Paris's best friend and Arra's neighbor

Paris Skyle- senior- age 18- Seba's best friend

Arrow ?- senior- age 18- Mika's best friend and step-brother

Mika Ver Leth- senior- age 18- Arrow's best friend and step brother

Those are all of the students here's all the faculty and staff:

Desmond Tiny- principal

Hibernious Tall- Sophomore teacher

Evanna Tiny- Junior Teacher

Vanez Blane- Senior Teacher and Sports Coach

Murlough- Custodian

That's all the staff so here's the other people:

Angela Shan- Darren's and Larten's mom

Dermot Shan- Darren's dad; Larten's step-dad because only Angela knows his real dad

Jesse and Donna Hemlock- Debbie's parents

Mr. L.O.T. Shadows (Mr. Shadows)- Alice's step-dad

That's all of them, and it may seem complicated, but it won't be! It will all make sense once I start posting the story. Bear with me. I will continue this story based on positive feedback, so if everyone hates it, I'll stop posting, but if I get happy reviewers, I'll keep writing.

Let me know if you saw any problems with this, because it's all very important. I'll post Chapter one sometime tomorrow!


Don't own the series, just playing around, although I wouldn't say no to Larten. :)