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Chapter One: Eyes in the Sky

Note: I do not own Bioshock nor any related copyrights such as Rapture, ADAM, EVE, The Rapture Tribune, and other such related concepts and names.

9:48 PM September 12, 1958

Mercury Suites

The silence of the apartments was astounding. The lights had been dimmed to reflect night in the underwater city of Rapture. Many of the inhabitants of the utopia slept peacefully in their beds. Under the city, workers walked the night shift, making sure the city ran properly. A welder walked through a maintenance tunnel and felt s soft drop on his head. He stopped for a moment and plodded on. A Big Daddy and Little Sister walked the empty streets. Otherwise, the town was quiet.

An elevator started to descend, its soft hum breaking the quiet night. Eventually it reached the floor of the suites and the doors opened. A lone trenchcoat-wearing individual stepped out of the elevator.

The bald man silently scanned the area around him before sliding a key into a box next to his door. Opening the box, he began to mess with the tumblers until he felt satisfied that they were changed sufficiently. Not bothering to memorize the new layout, he closed the box and locked it. Then, turning around, he strolled out towards the bathysphere station.

"Well..well…" A quiet figure whispered to himself from the second floor.

The figure was a sly man, the kind of man that you wouldn't normally associate with. His balding hair and thick glasses gave people the impression that they were looking at a weasel. His face was unshaven, his suit was untidy, and his overall appearance was unsanitary, but he still held a spark of cunning intelligence behind his eyes. Thus was the nature of Billy Pierce, the star reporter of the Rapture Tribune.

Billy Pierce had the habit of being in places that other reporters would kill to be. He was snooping around the home of Andrew Ryan and discovered Rapture. He ran into Ryan after a trial he covered topside and asked to go the underwater utopia to which Ryan agreed. He was the first person to interview Ryan intimately, he was the first person to welcome Sophia Lamb to Rapture, and he was there when the first Big Daddy killed someone for getting too close to a Little Sister. He covered them all with acute detail slanted by his own unique writing style.

Billy Pierce leaned back from the camera held up on the tripod and snickered to himself. Pulling his recorder to him, he recorded:

"Looks like things have gone busto between Fontaine and his little German beanpole. Why a guy like Fontaine would waste his time with that spooky Kraut when he could be gettin' the gravy from any dish he chooses is beyond the understanding of this paparazzi. Even reset the door code to 5744, maybe to be double-sure that beanpole don't sprout up in his yard again..."

Chuckling, he placed the audio diary down on the crate next to him. Despite being called a paparazzi (at his insistence), he did not just take celebrity gossip and print it on the front page. He was the man that took pictures and wrote the captions that went with it. He was the man who made rumors, not print them. His journalistic gaze covered everything from the working class hardships to the glories of the rich and famous. He covered it all and fed it into the ears of Rapture.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, wondering how he was going to spin this story to his liking. It was only a momentary opening of his eyes that warned him of the pipe being brought down on his face.

Well shit he thought.

Author's Note: This is really an experiment in how I can flesh out the most insignificant characters and put them in a story. Still, I hope to take this far.