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Chapter Two: In Harm's Way

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Billy fell backwards, barely avoiding the lead pipe that was swung by the crazed splicer. He crashed to the floor and scrambled backwards as the splicer regained his composer. Just recently, people had started to find out the downside of ADAM splicing. Personally, Billy never dealt with splicing, preferring to advance himself the natural way. Still, with a crazed man hyped up on ADAM out to kill him, he started to wish he had some Sportsboost.

Billy stood and held out his hands, "Okay, listen: I've got no ADAM on me. I'm just a reporter and…SHIT!" Billy yelled, ducking under the pipe.

The splicer swung again, but this time was more fortunate in his endeavor. Billy fell backwards, clutching his arm. Is it broken? Just bruised? Dammit, can't die here… With a surge of strength, Billy leapt up yelling, his fist directed at the splicer's face…

…and soon found his arm twisted around his back as the pipe was brought up again. Billy's eyes darted around his setup on the railing, finally resting on an unopened thermos of coffee. Taking his free arm, he grabbed the thermos and swung it at the splicer. The splicer staggered backwards, releasing his hold on Billy's arm.

As Billy fell backwards again, he landed on his shoulder, sending white-hot pain shooting up his arm. He clenched his teeth and reached around for his Quickflash.

Besides being a reporter, Billy, like most other citizens of Rapture, dabbled with inventing. Using a U-Invent near his work and a workbench at his home, he managed to create what he called the Quickflash. It was a quarter the size of a conventional camera, fitting in the palm of his hand. The device held a lot less film, but it was a lot more convenient than the bulky cameras that other reporters used and still had the same picture quality. The only downside was that he hadn't perfected the flash mixture for the camera so that it temporarily blinded anyone whose picture was taken.

Good time for a field test Billy thought, holding the device to his eyes. "Hey buddy!" He called out in a singsong manner at the splicer who had raised his pipe yet again. "Smile!" He pressed the button and the splicer was blinded by the incredible flash of light. While he rubbed his eyes, Billy picked up the splicer's pipe and slammed it into its head. The next moment, the splicer was on the ground, the discarded thermos and chair lying next to him.

As the photograph fluttered out of the Quickflash, Billy caught it and looked at it. His assailant was immortalized in the sepia tones of the photograph. Can't have that Billy thought, tearing the photograph in half.

"Hey Joey, you here?" A voice rang out from around the corner. Billy looked up and saw the shadow of a housewife approaching from around the corner. Taking stock of his situation, incorporating the high likelihood of her being a splicer as well, Billy turned around and fled to the stairs, leaving his entire setup left behind.

The offices of the Rapture Tribune were based out of the basement of Athena's Glory, the home of the uppermost crust of Rapture, holding the dwellings of Gil Alexander, Sophia Lamb (before she was in prison), and the man himself, Andrew Ryan. Compared to the lavish decorations of the upper levels, the Tribune was a mess. Typewriters were on every paper-cluttered table, proofs of the Tribune were everywhere, even tacked up on the ceiling, and pep bar wrappers covered the floor. Despite the mess, only two people were in the offices this late.

A third, Billy Pierce, walked through the door, his arm in a bandaged wrapped by a healing station. He looked over at the nearest man, a bald, wrinkled, short man that gave one the feeling of looking at a toad. The man looked over at Billy as he walked in. "Billy!" He croaked, "You're getting in late."

"Well, ran into some splicer trouble down at Mercury Suites; this is the first time they've started attacking normal people rather than Sullivan's security force. After I publish my Fontaine story…"

"To hell with your Fontaine story, I need you down at Futuristics in the morning."

"Fonatine Futuristics? Look, I wasn't going to interview him until…"

The toadish man chuckled and said, "You seemed to have missed this story Billy." He held up a copy of the Standard which had just been delivered by an inside man not too long ago. Billy seized the article and looked at it. Second later, he dropped it to the ground.

Well shit he thought, looking at the headline.

"Ryan takes down smuggling operation ... Fontaine and thugs killed in fiery shootout!"

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