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1 The Mediphagic

by Madam Arianna

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~ Chapter 1 ~

The train ride to Hogsmeade was a relaxing one. With everything that had been happening for the last few weeks, this was a welcoming change of pace. There were few others on the train as there were still two weeks remaining before classes resumed at Hogwarts, and the two new professors were taking advantage of the only silence they had had in what seemed to be ages. The silence was broken by the food cart and a cheerful woman knocking at the door of the cabin. "Good afternoon! I've brought ye some lunch ter get ya off to a good start of term." The smiling woman took two trays from the cart and placed them in the cabin. A curt thank you was given from the gentleman who was wearing deep, emerald green robes. The hostess' smile faded quickly at the short reply.

The lady in the cabin gave her a warm smile and said, "Don't mind him. He's just a lil' cranky today." She winded at the man sitting across from her and was replied with a sneer and the usual rolling of the eyes. She chuckled and ignored his ill mood. The hostess left the two and headed back to her duties.

"Well, aren't you going to eat? You haven't touched your food in two days. You must be starving." She unfolded her napkin and laid it in her lap.

"I'm not hungry, and stop fussing over me." The man's dark eyes scowled at her from across the cabin. "You should be more careful, anyway. You don't know if that food is safe or not," he added the last part with a bit less sterness and a bit more concern.

"If you're not careful, you'll end up as paranoid as Mad Eye Moody used to be." The professor put a bite of food into her mouth and received a grumbling noise from her traveling companion. The remainder of the trip was spent in contemplative silence until the train pulled into the station at Hogsmeade.