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The sun was bright in the blue sky, almost blinding. Hot air filled me lungs as I rollerbladed down the street. I sped through my neighborhood cheerfully. The warm breeze hit my face.

"First day of summer!" I yelled out for the locals to hear. It was Wednesday, a day after the last day of school. I just finished my Junior year of high school. One more year and I'm free! Well, not really. I still have to go to collage. Oh well.

I slowed down to a stop and waited. Caitlin, my best friend, finally caught up to me. She's my age. We've known each other since middle school. Good times.

"Wow Clare. Some friend you are," Caitlin muttered hotly. "You can't even wait while I fix my hair?" I rolled my eyes.

"You take an hour to put your hair up in a pony tail," I retorted. We just came back from the local pool. Caitlin swam, I didn't. I hate swimming. I usually just laze around in shadowy area, avoiding getting a tan.

"True, but still!" Caitlin said as she skidded to a stop right next to me. She adjusted her halter top irritably. Her gray eyes glanced at me. "Why are you in such a hurry anyway?"

"Bumblebee called me," I said. "He said that he has good news." Bumblebee was my best robot-friend. He's such a kind hearted robot.

"What's the good news?" Caitlin asked. I shrugged. After a moment of just standing around, I quickly bladed away. "Hey! WAIT!" I heard Caitlin yell.

"Catch me if you can!" I yelled back. I was a pretty good rollerblader, Caitlin wasn't. She's more of a runner and she knew it.

I bladed quickly down the street, dodging people and parked cars. Going fast is always fun. Especially if you're in an Autobot speeding through traffic. I hummed leisurely to myself as I sped up to an intersection.

Suddenly, a yellow car drove out and turned towards me.

"Holy shit!" I yelled out and skidded to a stop. Sadly, I didn't stop in time. So I fell right into Bumblebee's hood.

"Clare? Are you ok?" I heard Bee ask; his tone was urgent. My groan was muffled by the metal. I slowly straightened myself up and gave the yellow Camero a little glare.

"Geez Bee. A little warning next time you decide to jump out in front of me," I muttered. The cute blonde hologram of Bee's stepped out. His usually cheerful face looked worried.

"I'm so sorry Clare. Please don't be mad," he said. I couldn't help but smile at his over reaction. I can never be mad at the gentle giant. He's such a sweet heart and I loved him as if he was me big brother. Bumblebee always did take being my guardian very seriously. So I couldn't blame him for that.

I gave the Camero a gentle pat on the hood. "It's all good," I said. "I'm fine, you're fine. Everything's fine." The hologram's expression brightened greatly.

"Clare, guess what?" Bee said quickly. He was obviously excited to tell me something.

"What?" I asked back dryly.

"Optimus and the others are coming home, today!" he said happily.

"Really?" I asked. "That soon?" Optimus and the other Autobots are part of a secret team called NEST. They go around the world and hunt down Decepticons. Because of this, I don't see them at all anymore which saddens me. The last time I saw them was last April, on my birthday. How's that for douchery. I missed all of my Autobot friends. I missed my Optimus Prime.

"Are all the Autobots coming?" I asked hastily. "Even the one's who just arrived?" Although I don't see him, Optimus still talks to me through my cell phone. A couple of months ago, Optimus told me that more Autobots came to Earth. He said that he wanted to introduce me to them. Apparently, he's told them everything about me. I hope he hasn't told them too much.

Bumblebee nodded yes to my question. "Prime said to meet them at the factory later today," he said.

"Awesome!" I squealed. I couldn't wait to see Optimus and the others. I wondered how cool the new Autobots would be. Probably as epic as the one's I know now.

"Look out!" I heard someone scream. I turned around to see Caitlin racing towards me. She was going way to fast to stop. Before I could do anything, Caitlin collided into me. Once again I fell into Bumblebee's Camero self. This time I hit my head on something hard and blacked out.

"He is coming," a deep voice said.

"You must keep it away from him or your world shall end," a second voice whispered.

"The Fallen will return!" a third roared.

I stood in a desert. The sun was slowly rising into the dark sky. Sand was blowing around in the wind. Six tall figures loomed over me. They were all robots and about Optimus' height. Except, they looked more ancient. Their head armor reminded me of an Egyptian pharaoh's headdress. Their bodies were thin and skeletal.

"Young female from another world, the Matrix calls to you," the forth said darkly.

"You must protect it from the Fallen," the fifth growled.

"Where can I find it?" I asked even though I had no idea what they were talking about.

"You already hold the knowledge from the All Spark. Use it," the sixth said.

I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw were symbols. I recognized them as Cybertronian, but their meaning was still cryptic to me. The symbols were everywhere it made my head hurt. I closed my eyes again and let out a groan.

"Clare?" I heard Bee's voice.

"Oh god, are you ok?" Caitlin's voice asked frantically.

'Let's try this again,' I thought to myself and opened my eyes. This time I saw Bee's robotic face. I was in my garage. Did they drag me all the way here?

"Just peachy," I grumbled.

"She lives!" Caitlin yelled out.

"Oh shut up," I growled. "Learn to stop next time." I slowly tried to sit up with Bee's help. "My head hurts," I muttered. I felt dazed and out of it. Opening my eyes was hard. Seeing light was painful so I closed my eyes once again.

"I am so sorry," Caitlin said slowly. I could tell that she was serious but that doesn't mean I can't be mad.

"Safe it," I said angrily. I tried to stand up but I did it too quickly, which made my head spin so I sat back down. "What the fuck did I hit my head on?"

"On my windshield" Bumblebee said quickly. I opened my eyes a third time. This time I could see. Thank god. No brightness, no dizziness, no.....symbols.

Caitlin and Bumblebee slowly lifted me up to my feet. My head didn't hurt anymore and I was able to stand without difficulty. My two friends realized this and slowly let go. Caitlin's phone suddenly rang. She took it out and looked at her message.

"Sorry guys. My mom wants me home now. I need to get ready for camp," she said remorsefully.

"Oh yeah, camp," I echoed the word. "We're still going together right?"

"Hell yeah!" Caitlin said excitedly. "Bumblebee too?"

Bumblebee started up his radio at full volume, "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!" He snapped his fingers to the beat happily.

"No, my mom says Bee can't go," I said sadly. The music stopped abruptly. Bee stared at me in disbelief. His whole body hunched down gloomily.

"You can't be serious," Caitlin breathed.

"Sadly, I am."

Bumblebee gave out a robotic wail. He sprayed windshield liquid onto his eyes which created the affect of him crying. Bee sobbed while Caitlin and I watched.

"Come on Bee. Don't cry," I pleaded. He continued to cry. "Bumblebee, I'm already sad about it. I don't need to feel guilty too." My guardian stopped crying and stared at me with his large sad eyes. "Bee, I'm not going to be gone for the whole summer. It's just for two weeks." I tried to reassure the Autobot.

"Yeah. After we come back, the three of us will hang out non-stop," Caitlin said.

"Alright," Bee said. He clearly was not convinced. Everyone went quiet. How awkward.

After a moment, Caitlin broke the silence."Well I gotta go. See ya," she said quietly and rollerbladed away.

"Bye!" I called out then turned back to my guardian. "I'm sorry Bumblebee but it won't be too bad. You can drive around explore all you want."

"It won't be the same without you," Bumblebee muttered.

"I know. But, you know how my mom is. She thinks I need to make more human friends," I said a little bitterly. "She still doesn't fully approve our friendship."

"Is that why you haven't told her about your relationship with Optimus?" Bee asked. I sighed and nodded. It's kinda embarrassing to tell a parent that you're in love with an alien robot.

"Anyway, you're legally my car now. My mom's cool enough to not sell you. She won't even drive you so don't worry," I said pressingly. The yellow Autobot leading his head against me.

"I'll miss you," he said quietly.

"I'm not leaving now!" I said incredulously. "I still have a couple of days."

"Oh yeah," Bee said thoughtfully. He suddenly cheered up and transformed into his vehicle mode. The driver side's door opened. "Let's go to the factory. The Autobots await!"

I smiled at his sudden change in attitude. Carefully, I climbed into the driver's seat. I quickly took my rollerblades off and put them on the passenger's seat.

I learned how to drive thanks to driver's ed and the Autobots. Now I have my license and I can drive to my heart's content. Bumblebee gives me full control every time I drive. He really has helped me with my driving. I will always be thankful for that and more.