Doctor Jack Hodgins sat in his mansion nursing a stiff drink today marked a year since the day that changed his life forever, it had been a year since he and Angela broke up. The whole year had been hard, he's dated some; Krystal in accounting finally got her Christmas wish. There was Hayley from Date or Hate that was interesting… he and Angela had had moments after Roxie, the scare with Wendell, Date or Hate (he so badly wanted to select 'date') and a thousand microseconds in between. Jack knew today would be hard, but nothing could have prepared him for how hard it was, every time he moved he saw Angela, he felt like someone was depriving him of oxygen every time he looked at her, he caught her looking at him a time or two.

There was only one thing to do now, tossing his half empty glass on the table Hodgins grabbed his keys and went out the door hoping it wasn't too late….

Hodgins drove to Angela's apartment, the one she had when they were together. He'd paid the rent on it even after she moved in with him in case she needed it. Pulling in to the sleepy complex Jack parked next to Angela's car and got out before he lost the little nerve he had left. The elevator ride and the walk down the hall took forever, it felt like Jack's legs were weighted down and he had to fight for every step. The door, 2C looked like all the others except it wasn't, the door belonged to the love of Jack Stanley Hodgins' life, the woman he'd do anything for. Taking a deep breath Hodgins knocked and after what seemed like an eternity the lock turned the door slowly opened and Angela appeared.

"Hodgins? Wh-what are you doing here?"

"I uh-" The logical, genius brain that Jack Hodgins had prided himself on for years had lost its ability to form words, let alone formulate a coherent sentence.

"Hodgie?" that simple little pet name brought Hodgins back, taking a breath he began again."Angela I need to talk to you, about us."

Angela nodded and stepped back, Allowing Hodgins to enter, it was then he realized Angela was holding a baby.

"You're babysitting?"

Angela looked at the dozing baby in her arms."Yeah, Booth wanted to take Bren out for diner before she comes back tomorrow. Michelle is sick so I get to spoil Abigail tonight. Give me a few minutes, she's almost asleep."

"Take your time Ange; you look good with a baby in your arms."

Angela just grinned, not trusting speech at the moment, and turned her back to put Abigail in her crib.

"I can't believe Dr. B stayed out of the lab for a whole three months. Especially after Booth and Cam had to hide her keys disable her card to the platform then Booth had to carry her out of her office to get her to take off the week before Abigail got here."

Angela turned back to Hodgins, grinning. "I know, Bren has really enjoyed her time off, plus it helps that Booth hasn't given her keys or card back yet."

Hodgins laughed and watched Angela walk towards him, taking a seat on the couch. "Have a seat Jack."

"I'd rather stand."

Angela nodded knowingly, when Hodgins had something to say he paced.

"Angela, this last year has been hard. I can't do much anymore without thinking about you, I go to sleep you're there I wake up you're the first thing I think about. Today was the worst day ever, I feel like someone is depriving me of oxygen every time I take a breath, my heart hurts so much I don't think it will ever stop. I wanted to stop you, but the truth is I was mad at you; you kissed Grayson, which hurt me but not as much as you not stopping me/ us from ending it. When I saw you with Roxie that confused the he'll out of me, but I accepted it because you've never been conventional Ange. "Hodgins stopped pacing and grinned a little, Angela couldn't help but return it.

"Then you moved on to Wendell, I got to tell ya Ange that all but killed me, I went to go see Sweets about it even! Then when you thought you were going to have Wendell's baby, I thought we might have a chance I wanted us to have one. After you broke up with him, I was happy, very happy but I couldn't do anything about it, I was still hurting and you were broken." Hodgins turned to continue pacing; Angela stood up, blocking the path and grabbed his wrists. "Jack stop, I have things to say too, but I can't do it if you pace, it makes nervous!"

Hodgins smiled and sat down, Angela paced.

"Jack, this last year has been hard. I can't do much anymore without thinking about you, I go to sleep you're there I wake up you're the first thing I think about. Today was the worst, when you weren't looking, I'd watch you it took all the self control I had not to throw myself at you every time I saw you today. I can't take a breath either, I haven't been able to for a year. I wanted to stop you/ us from breaking up, but I was mad at you for blowing my kissing Grayson in to something bigger than it was, it was like kissing my brother if you want o know the truth."

"You don't have a brother."

Angela laughed. "Hypothetical brother, smarty pants. Anyway you weren't the only one confused about Roxie, I thought I loved her, but as time when on I realized she was filling my need to have someone in my life. I'm sorry my being with Wendell hurt you that was never my intent. Wendell filled a void and satisfied an urge, yes, I did love him but not like I did/do you. I wanted us to have a chance after the baby scare, but I didn't know how to go about doing it."

"What are you saying, Ange?"

"I'm saying that I love you and I always will. I want to give us another chance that is if you want to."

"I want to, believe me, I want to."

"Good, can we go slowly this time? I want to really enjoy it."

"Yes, we can go as slow as you want."


Angela walked toward the couch and kissed Hodgins." Do you want to stay for dinner?"

"You haven't had dinner yet? It's almost 8."

"I didn't feel like dinner tonight."

"Neither did I. What do you want?"

"Does that Italian place still deliver for you?"

"Yes. Manicotti?"

"You know me too well."

Hodgins smiled and pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. "It will be here in 30-35 minutes."

"Thanks Hodgie."

"You're welcome."

The next thirty minutes passed in awkward silence and a little conversation. They ate and talked some, it kind of felt like old times. After dinner Angela checked on Abigail, she was sleeping soundly. Angela joined Hodgins on the couch where they talked about what they wanted this time.

At 11 Brennan knocked on the door, "Bones, relax Hodgins car is here, I think they're all okay." Booth fished Brennan's keys out of his pocket." Use your key." Brennan located the key to Angela's apartment, unlocking the door not sure what she'd find. What she found made her smile; Hodgins and Angela were snuggled on the couch, sound asleep. Holding a finger to her lips, Brennan moved to Abigail's crib and put her in her car seat; Booth folded up the crib and went to the SUV. Brennan wrote a note and put it by the lamp she turned off tossing a blanket over her two friends, picking up Abigail and locking the door behind her.