5 years later

Jack Hodgins was looking over the paperwork the courier had brought over that morning when he heard, "Daddy, can we go look for bugs now?"

Hodgins didn't look up from his papers." Five more minutes, buddy."

"That's what you said an hour ago."

Hodgins glanced at the clock 8:15, crap, all the cool bugs wouldn't be out at this time of night. Hodgins squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out the memory that wanted to come to the forefront in his memory bank, he was 5 years old standing in the same doorway trying to pry his Dad away from his paperwork to do something mundane like play catch. Hodgins looked up, the disappointment on his son's face made him feel like that bucket slime Brennan had waiting for him to analyze at the lab. Hodgins put down his pen stood and walked to Jack kneeling down."Jack, it's too late, all the cool bugs are asleep."

"But you said-"five year old Jack Hodgins was a master of the pout.

"I know I said we'd go tonight, but I got busy. We can look all day tomorrow; I'll even give Mommy my paperwork so I can't work on it, okay?"

"You promise?"

"I promise get your coat, we can look at the stars."


A few minutes later Jack ran back into Hodgins' office with his coat on inside out. Hodgins turned to fix it, but at the last second decided it didn't matter; they were only going to the backyard. Hodgins picked Jack up and headed for the door, telling Angela they'd be in the backyard.

Sometime later Angela came outside, "Hodgie, it's past somebody's bedtime."

Hodgins smiled in the dark, "I wouldn't worry too much Angie, Jack fell asleep ten minutes after we got out here."

"That was almost an hour ago! You've just been setting on the porch in the lounger that doesn't have a cushion holding Jack while he sleeps?"

"Yep, I miss him falling asleep on me."

Angela walked over and unwrapped herself from the blanket she had around her and placed it over Hodgins and Jack, kissing the top of their heads. "Stay as long as you want."

"Thanks Angie."

The next morning Jack bounded into his parents' bedroom and climbed between them just as the sun was rising."Can we go now, Daddy?"

Hodgins rolled over and willed himself not to grown; the lounger was not comfortable to sit in until well past midnight." In a bit Buddy, don't you want to eat breakfast and watch cartoons first? Besides we have to give Mommy my paperwork and she's not awake yet." Hodgins didn't understand how Angela could still be sleeping after Jack hit their bed at full speed.


"Go turn on the TV and I'll bring the fruity pebbles."

"K." Jack scampered off, Hodgins eased out of bed so he wouldn't wake Angela. After an hour and a half of cartoons, Hodgins went upstairs to wake Angela and explain what he needed her to do. Five minutes later Angela appeared and she and Hodgins made a big deal over handing over the paperwork. Hodgins and Jack spent the day outside, playing and finding all kinds of bugs.

The End!