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The train bounced along and I stumbled down the hall way leading past cars. The people in them whether my age of 11 or older they all stopped and stared; never made an empty seat of beckoned for me to join them, just stared.

I clumsily hurried past head bowed looking for an empty car but my hope was fading as I slowly made my way down to the last car. My skinny sleek black cat trotted along next to me, glancing up every now and then her piercing purple eyes searching mine.

I have had Kala for 3 years now ever since I found her alone around in the woods behind our house abandoned by her mom as a baby kind of how I felt. She was so unique and I loved her to death.

Today I was on my way to Hogwarts my first year I was so excited! I was a medium height girl with waist long sandy blond hair that fell in thick curls down my back. My face was oval with high check bones. I had thin pinkish lips and ghostly grey eyes. I got them from my father, Sirius Black.

Yes, Sirius Black, he was in Azkaban for killing a man but I didn't believe he did. He was innocent; I could feel it even though I had never met him. I lived with my gram Delma Ludella, my mother had died while giving birth and my father was on the run not long after that. When I was younger I would pester my gram to tell me about them and she would usually tell me of the day I was born. My mother so proudly held me as she slowly slipped away the tears shinning in her eyes.

"Oh and the way Sirius looked down at you" she would sigh leaving our small living room with her on the couch and me sitting attentively on the floor in front of her, "he loved you, so much." She would look down at me then and I would see her eyes misting over. "The day he left me with you, you would have thought he was ripping his own arm off. But enough dwelling in the past," She would chirp trying to change the subject.

I stopped asking her because I could tell as the years went by bringing up those memories became even more painful. But she did tell me one year that to keep me safe from you-know-who Sirius never told anyone about me, I was a best kept secret and it was going to stay that way. I never told anyone no matter how much I wanted to I kept my mouth closed even though I never had a friend to tell it to.

I was Tala Black just another Black not related at all to the crazy murderer Sirius Black. As much as it hurt I knew it would keep us safe as long as it stayed that way.

Gram and I lived on a lonely country road in the middle of know where with a cute little country house and small barn once used for cows. As skinny as I was it was deceiving, I was not as frail as I looked, many years of lugging heavy water buckets and feed bags for my grams horse.

Well she wasn't just a horse she was a unicorn, a real live unicorn! Her name was Arella and she was about as old as my gram being that they met many years ago when my gram was young.

They had many adventures together and were just as happy to age gracefully together. Gram had a picture hanging in the feed room of the small 4 stall barn of her and Arella.

Gram was tall and skinny much like me but strapping just the same. Her sandy blond hair much like mine was pin straight and hung down to her shoulders in a loose pony tail, her beautiful hazel eyes bright and mouth cracking one of her huge toothy smiles.

Arella was standing proudly next to gram her coat smooth and sleek, neck arched with her gleaming horn tipped down, her mane and tail a thick brilliant white and those deep black eyes sparkling, a hoof raised ready to go. Now Arella's coat was uneven but still silky from the hours of grooming I put in, her mane was grey and thin, almost scrawny, and her face long and thin, her legs tinged with arthritis but her horn was the same glowing gold with love and care. She was special to me and I loved her. She would often talk softly to me in my mind while I spent time with her.

She even helped me discover something very special about me. I was an Animagi, born with it; if that was even possible I didn't know nor care really.

She first helped me to discover how to turn into my animal form, a tall sleek panther with sharp purple eyes. Not only, after help from Arella, could I turn into the panther but any creature known to man. Although we could never figure out why, when I turned into the panther my eyes were purple but in any other animal form my eyes were my usually ghostly grey. Arella guessed it was because of my connection with Kala who was black with purple eyes or my mom who had purple eyes in her Animagi form and I agreed.

It was amazing and, after admitting to my gram, best kept secret. Everything seemed perfect and was getting better all the time.

The week after my 11th birthday it came, the letter accepting me into Hogwarts a school for witch craft and wizardry. Gram had told me all about the place and I could only dream to get the letter but there it was in my hands and I was excited beyond belief.

Gram even had me run up to the Weasleys our neighbors who were also a magic family. We visited them every once in a while. They were very nice a large family too all sharing the same flaming head of bright red hair. It was Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and their 6 sons Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and there 1 daughter and last child Ginny. We would go up for dinner or I would run up if we every needed anything.

Mrs. Weasley was a slightly plump but extremely kind woman who always gave me a big hug at the door and Mr. Weasley who was tall and skinny but equally as kind would give a big smile. Bill and Charlie were always off somewhere, home or not. Percy was usually helping his mum or up in his room. Fred and George I rarely saw, they were always off getting into trouble like making loud noises in their room. Ron would almost always be hiding up in his room so as not to get tackled with chores by his mum and Ginny would be down with Mrs. Weasley.

Gram and I would go up for dinner sometimes and they would all sit around the table, all the flaming heads, a sandy blond, and a grey. All eyes were usually on my gram who would entertain us all with amazing stories from when she and Arella where young.

I loved my gram with her tall skinny frame, her spectacles they magnified her blazing hazel eyes, and her sandy blond hair that was going grey. Well really she has silver grey hair that is highlighted by sandy blond. I had run up to give the good news and was happy when Mrs. Weasley offered to take me along with to Diagon ally with them to get the things that I would need.

It was all so perfect but then 2 weeks before I was going to leave for Hogwarts Arella collapsed. I called gram and we crouched next to her.

"It is my time" she spoke softly.

"Arella you can't!" I cried looking to gram but she simply smiled at Arella a knowing look in her eyes.

"Tala I will never leave you for good remember that! I am always with you no matter what. An hour after I have passed cut my tail and the grey shall melt away leaving it pure and white. Use it in sowing it shall protect and strengthen you. It will be unbreakable." She stopped and sighed deeply filling my nose with her sweet breath that smelled of hay and the apple I gave her earlier.

"Then take one strand of hair from my forelock, those are my gifts to you." Her eyes looked upon me lovingly.

Then she turned to Gram who was silent.

"After she has done those things take one strand of hair from my mane and hold it behind my horn and pull. The horn will be cut from my head. Then take that strand and dip it in my tear." She looked at us both and Gram hugged her tightly and then I hugged her.

We sat back and watched as she closed her eyes and one tear fell glinting in the setting suns light. I watched and was horror struck as her eyes didn't open back up and her horns glow dimmed until it went out looking dull.

We waited as the sun slowly set behind us. Tears poured down my cheeks and I looked to gram to see a single tear tracing down her face.

She hugged me and whispered in my ear.

"Do as she said it had been an hour love" I pulled my pocket knife from my pocket and moved to her tail. I took it in my hand admiring its silkiness from my hard work this morning. I cut it and watched with disbelief as the grey melted away revealing a white that shone brightly in my hand.

I moved back to her head and, as she said, gently tugged out one strand of her forelock. I held it in my palm and it slowly became a chain and a locket formed hanging from it. It was in the shape of a heart and I laid her tail on the ground and looked closer at the locket.

On its front was an engraving of a lone unicorn that resembled Arella. Inside on the right side were the words, Love makes us stronger. I closed it and held the little locket close to my heart, letting a tear slip down my face to hang from my chin.

I watched as gram took a strand from her mane and slowly cut the horn off catching it in her hand. It glowed once more in my grams hand and her fingers closed protectively over it the she dipped the strand in the tear that hadn't dried up and held it so the tear dangled from the string. I gasped as the strand also turned into a sliver chain and a pure clear crystal grew around the tear incasing it in the gem and saving it forever.

Gram immediately put the necklace around her neck then helped me with my own.

But that wasn't the end, when we were preparing to leave we saw movement from Arella's body I turned quickly to see that while we were not paying attention Arella's body turned into pure white butterflies. Grams arm wrapped around my shoulders and hugged me close as the butterflies took flight and flew into the sunset leaving me with my breath caught in my throat at their beauty.

I passed the second to last car and thought I was going to cry in frustration Kala rubbed up against my leg in an attempt to comfort me. I closed my eyes praying that it would be empty or full of people nice enough to offer me a seat. I looked in and saw two boys my age sitting across from me looking a bit awkward. I slid open the door gathering up all my wit and asked.

"Is it okay if I sit here? Every where else is full." They both looked up and I regretted talking.

"Oh um sure" The boy with long shaggy black hair and deep green eyes said looking to the other boy with fiery red hair and rich brown eyes.

"Yeah go for it" the boy with red hair said looking back at the other boy. Ron?! Duh he was coming to Hogwarts too. I stashed my luggage and then sat next to in the open seat next to Ron. Kala jumped up on my lap cuddling in my arms purring.

"Ron?" I asked him as he looked out the window. The boy with the green eyes watched.

"How do you know my name?" he asked spinning to face me.

"I live down the road from you remember. Tala, ring a bell?" he blushed deeply.

"Oh right sorry" he said not meeting my eyes.

"Its okay" I said cracking a smile. "Who is your friend?" I asked changing the subject to the green eyes boy sitting across from us.

"Oh this is Harry, Harry Potter!" said sounding happy to have something to brag about.

"Really, wicked" I said smiling huge at the boy, he blushed. "Hi Harry, I am Tala." I said offering my hand and he shook it. We talked for quite some time and I couldn't believe this was Harry Potter, the Harry Potter!

We were soon interrupted by a girl with wild bushy chestnut hair who came in looking for, a boy named Neville's, toad. Then she informed us we would be reaching Hogwarts in a bit and should get our robes on then she left. We slipped the robes on over our heads and sat and talked again. We were interrupted once again this time by two identical red heads, Fred and George.

"Hi Tala!" they both said at the same time, well at least they remembered me. "Hi ikile Ronnikens" they both laughed. "And hello Harry."

"Oh shut it!" Ron murmured looking embarrassed.

"Hi guys" I said smiling brightly remembering that Fred was the one on the left with the splash of light freckles under his chin so that meant that George was the one on the right with the mole on the right side of his neck if you were looking at him straight on.

"Hey" Harry said. They both squeezed in between Ron and I, George squished up next to me and Fred next to Ron. Ron's face grew a shade redder than it already was if that was possible.

"Enjoying the ride to Hogwarts?" George asked.

"Yeah" Harry said looking them over.

"I bet you will be sorted into Slytherin!" Fred teased Ron as he squished him up against the window.

"Fred shut it!" Ron protested. I laughed I knew I wasn't going to be sorted into Slytherin, there was no way.

"Which house do you guys want to be in?" George asked, his deep chestnut eyes looking me over.

"I wouldn't mind being in Ravenclaw, but being in Gryffindor would be awesome too!"

"I want to be in Gryffindor!" Harry said looking hopeful.

"And what about you ikile Ronnikens" George asked Ron who scowled deeply.

"I want to be in Gryffindor of course!" he shouted pushing at Fred who still had him pinned.

"I don't know where you are going to be put" Fred said looking at George with a fake pitting face.

"You aren't smart…" George said.

"You aren't kind…" Fred stated

"You most defiantly aren't brave…" George said looking at us with such a expression I couldn't help but smile and after glancing at Harry I saw he was too.

"Oi, looks like you have to be in Slytherin" Fred said patting Ron's shoulder.

"Oh go bother Percy!" Ron cried. Kala bumped my chin with her head laughing.

They are quiet funny! She purred. Oh did I mention that because I can turn into animals, I can also speak to them in my mind and understand what there animal noises mean.

Shh it's rude…. But you're right it is funny! We laughed together and Fred and George fled from there steaming brother.

"Bye Tala, bye Harry," They called out laughing as Ron face red chased them into the hall slamming the door behind them. Harry and I exchanged amused smiles but quickly wiped them off as Ron turned to face us.

We had one more interruption before arriving in Hogwarts. A tall skinny boy with white blond hair slicked back on his oval head that ended in a point just bellow a smirking mouth, walked in. He looked disgusted at the sight of Ron but hastily moved his cold grey eyes over to Harry. Stopping them on me as he looked to Harry his eyes traveled all over me and his smirk grew.

He had two thugs just behind him, they were short and beefy but not very smart looking. Lucius Malfoy, the name came to my mind in seconds. Most loathed him for his power to twist people into doing his will and his way of getting away with anything no matter how horrible. But more then anything people loathed him for his hatred toward anyone who wasn't pure blood like himself. This must be his son. I came back to reality when the Malfoy boy looked utterly shocked and stormed from the car.

I looked to Harry and Ron who wore victories smirks. Oh what did I miss?

We arrived at Hogwarts as night slowly began to fall and we eagerly jumped off ready to begin the school year here at Hogwarts!

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