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The Kidnapper's Girl


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So, without further or do, the beginning of our tale…

Summary: Amu was just beginning high school, probably the worst fear she had in mind; but everything changes when a bold faced Ikuto kidnaps the young freshman for an evil corporation's purposes. Scared and confused, Amu soon realizes there's only one person who can save her. Herself. But to do that, she'll have to accomplish the impossible. Amu Hinamori must make the well trained culprit, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, fall in love with her.

I've been lonely…

Chapter One:

Walking Home

"Be careful walking home, Amu." Mama said as she stirred the pot of soup. I sighed and slipped my right shoe into place.

"I know, I know. You tell me everyday."

She smiled and kissed my forehead. "That's because I love you."

"I can't believe we just finished our first day of high school."

I looked up from my pink and black bejeweled cell phone to see an amazed Yaya. After swiftly catching the expression on my friend's nearly stunned face, I placed the phone into the pocket of my black school blazer.

"That was only the first day, Yaya. Tomorrow's going to be hectic." I sighed, remembering how today's events were a mess in itself. Everyone had stared at me as if I were the new prom queen rather than some freshman classmate, but I suppose this bit of information shouldn't have surprised me. After all, I was the school's "cool and spicy" Amu Hinamori. What else could you expect from a town of snotty, rich kids?

Yaya giggled excitedly as she linked arms with me. She was shorter then me by a couple inches so I got a good view of her carrot orange hair. "And don't you forget! Today was just… blah! Tomorrow is the official first day to be pretty! We'll actually see all the older classmen! Sophomores and Juniors and seniors!" she squealed.

"Yaya, you shouldn't be so hung over the other classmen. They're just a bunch of jerks," I replied, too in character to notice I was being my usual stuck up self. I loathed the part of me that was like this. All it said was that I did in fact belong to a school of filthy rich kids. I was just as snooty.

But what I had just stated to Yaya was a lie in itself. I was actually anticipating the other kids that would be joining us at Seiyo High tomorrow morning. I was more than a litte curious to see what they would be like. Yes, I was being a hypocrite, but with good reason. It wasn't my fault this rich city had its effects on my personality, was it?

I peered back at Yaya, who merely skipped beside me in her own school uniform. The big orange bow she hadn't outgrown sat between a pair of small pigtails. She hadn't gotten out of her seven year old childish habit, that much was obvious, but that's exactly what I liked about her. Unlike the people in this town, she wasn't fake. She was true to her word and fun to be around. She wasn't hiding behind a false image of what everyone expected, unlike me.

It had always occurred to me that the fact that I didn't have many friends or, god forbid, a boyfriend, was thanks to my own personality; or rather, my outer character. I was always a shy and awkward child, probably ever since I first opened my mouth, but I'd somehow been covering it all up with the image of a cool chick.

How everyone believed such an incredible lie was beyond me. I was all talk and no walk, fooling myself at times when I was cowering behind closed doors. I didn't like having to keep up this self image, and I had absolutely no idea how to even get rid of it. Apparently, when you're marked off and labeled in a neighborhood where you've known these kids since kindergarten, it's hard to shake off former nicknames.

"Amu-chan. My mom's here. Do you want to go to Yaya's house?" Her offer was innocent enough, but I couldn't afford my mother scowling me again about unplanned outings. I'd had enough criticism from her already.

"It's alright. I'm actually looking forward to a walk. You know how wired up my parents are at three," I explained and she nodded understandably. She skipped toward me for a quick hug and a friendly wave.

"Okay! I'll see you tomorrow then, Amu-chan!" The red head hopped into the front seat of her family's black Mercedes and soon the vehicle disappeared passed the freshly made black road. I watched over the horizon of large buildings and corporations, just hanging off in the distance, before turning and walking down the path.

The sun beat down through the late afternoon like a heated oven. It wasn't the fact that the air lingered in a desperate attempt to suffocate myself, but soon sweat beads built up on my forehead. I stripped off the black blazer and tied it around my waist in an attempt to cool down my body. Half way toward my destination, I spotted a children's park, and power walked toward the fountain. I lowered my head and pushed the side lever to get a quick drink. Unfortunately, the water shot out at me and launched at my chest.

"Shit!" I called, wiping at the soaked spot. I glanced around for any sign that younger kids had heard my language, but was lucky that no one was in the specific area at the moment. I sighed, before peering down at my white button down shirt again.

Being the bright white it was, the water hadn't just seeped through the shirt, but also revealed the pink lace bra I wore underneath. I cursed again, debating if slipping my blazer back on was the best idea. The wet, cool sweat built up my back told me other wise as I set my bag down on the ground in hopes I'd packed another shirt to wear.

After coming up with nothing, I soon heard the light murmur of voices. My head instinctively shot up, skimming the playground before landing on two men in their older twenties. One was arguing on the phone about some job he had, while the younger, well built one glanced at me.

I shouldn't have been one to judge people at first sight, considering my own circumstance, but I couldn't stop the dread welling up in me. My muscles tightened and my eyes narrowed, before I quickly turned away. If they were planning on doing anything, it'd only be worse if I offered myself up by simply staring at them.

The man's phone call was cut short as I finished gathering my items and stood up. I clutched the bag to my chest, covering up my see through fabric, and proceeding down the route to my house. It was still a good two blocks away, and everyone was custom to driving around the main streets rather than the side streets. After hearing silence behind me, I took a hesitant glance back.

That was a huge mistake. As I did, the well built man met my gaze again and smiled this time. A pair or crooked teeth revealed in his tanned, golden colored skin and thick, black hair. The other guy didn't smile as such, but rather smirked as he eyed me. My eyes widened and my body locked in fear.

"Well, well. What's this we got here, Matty?" The 'friendly' man asked his partner as he hovered over me. I slouched down a little, keeping my gaze to the ground, and holding my bag tighter.

"Don't know, Doug. A High school girl from the looks of it. Remember when we went to that old school back there?" The smirking man ruffled my hair lightly as I flinched, swallowing hard and looking around. The sidewalk was deserted and no one appeared to be around.

"Yep. High school was a joy. Didn't stick to the books much, though." Doug, the well built guy, had a rough hand on my bag and pushed it down to the ground. I gasped, before covering my arms over my chest. It was too late for that though. They'd already seen.

"Well, someone sure is a wet girl. Why don't we settle things at my place?" Then I was grabbed by the legs and shoulders, before being lifted off the ground. I screamed, kicked, and struggled through their grasp.

"Let go, let go!" I yelled, protesting against the strong hold they held. I felt a hand dig into the blazer strapped around my waist, brushing against my hip bone, before holding up my cell phone.

"Well, looky here: a sidekick. This will get us some cash."

I continued screaming and kicking at the top of my lungs, the thought of being raped and kidnapped finally sinking in. I tried punching and hitting any spot that would free me, but all my limbs were locked in place. I continued on with my screams.

"She's a screamer! This'll be fun." Doug hollered out as they both laughed. I shut my eyes tight and prayed a miracle would happen.

"What's this?" Another male voice added into the conversation. Another culprit I supposed. The rocky motion immediately stopped and it was silent. I opened my eyes and craned my head to find whatever stopped them.

Standing two feet away from me was another guy, though much younger than the two holding me. His hair was a silky midnight blue that caught the shine through the sun's glare. His skin was peach, his refined chin shifted to the side in a curious gesture. His deep, blue eyes gazed into my own for a moment, before meeting the men's.

One guy released me and I was brought into the chest of the burly one. He pressed me tight as my back pressed into his front and a hand squeezed my left breast. I squirmed in his grip, thrashing and helplessly yelling out. He gripped both my arms again and crossing them over one another, placed them at the opposite side on my hips. He then nuzzled my neck.

"We're just having fun, man. Why don't you get back to your money making business and settle your own matters?" He suggested and the younger guy smiled as if he'd just cracked a joke. The man took a step closer to the boy, probably for better measure that he truly wasn't messing around, but the guy didn't even flinch.

"You make it unfair. Don't you think the girl gets some say in this little game you're playing?" The boy asked in a low voice.

The man didn't seem humored and barked out, "Leave now, kid. We don't give people second chances." The snarl came out and I shut my eyes again. I didn't want this boy to be beat up because of me, but I didn't want to be the victim either. The decision wasn't hard to make. It was obvious this boy valued his life more than a strangers. Everyone in town was self centered like that. It would probably be a mistake to help me out.

I took my doom with a fear like no other and glanced back at the scene, anticipating his move. The guy just continued to smile easily though.

"Sorry, but I think its time I got involved," he replied as my eyes narrowed, before widening. He'll be killed!

"Suit yourself." The man stated before launching himself at the boy. I shut my eyes, ready for the blow, to hear grunts and thuds to the cement. A few cracks broke out and a deafening scream poured into my ears. My spine tingled as I shook uncontrollably and hot tears rolled down my cheeks. The man holding me swore and then carried me off, running.

It was my fault now for that young man's death. The boy would be dead and buried off before my own doom. Guilt held thick in my veins as I defenselessly let him drag me away. I deserved this treatment for the guy's downfall. Only now I felt envy for the young man; to be killed so mercilessly and have no strings attached to his end.

The man holding me yelled out in agony and released his grip. I fell forward, catching myself with my hands and ripping the skin at my palms. I winced at the stinging pain and turned to see whatever freed me.

The figure in all black, the young guy, was towered over the built man's body. He had a sort of excitement lit on his eyes as his mouth curved into a fierce smile, and his hands reached for the man. The man threw his leg out, trying to trip the boy over, but the blue haired guy threw down something sharp and the man screamed again. The boy crouched down now, holding the sharp item, and pushing back the man's leg until it bent the wrong way.

I tried to desperately look away at the terrifying view, convincing myself this really wasn't happening; that his bones were fine and NOT bent into the wrong position, but the more I stared, the more real it felt, and the more I wanted to cry mercy for such a pain.

"LET GO! SHIT! FUCK! I GIVE!" The man rambled on in pleads as he begged for forgiveness. The boy didn't stop and I soon couldn't bare the scene unrolling before my eyes.

"L-Let go of him!" I yelled as loud as my voice allowed, and the boy peered back at me. He stared at me with wondering eyes, before simply dropping the man's leg. The man hollered out in even more pain at the contact with the ground before trying to crawl backwards, away from the guy.

I stared at him, horrified as my limbs shook violently, and squeezed my fists. It dug deeper into my wounds as I winced. The blue haired boy stalked toward me.

"N-No! Please, don't!" I yelled, holding my hands up to shield him away. I didn't want to be hurt like the men were with the boy's incredible skill. The adrenaline pulsed harder in my chest, so fast and furious I may have began to hyperventilate.

The boy crouched before me just like the other man and I heard rustling again.

Fabric pressed to my palms as I let out a squeak and looked back at the boy. He wrapped my injuries with bandages, lightly grasping my hand and rolling it around the wounds. He did the same with my other and then carefully released my hands. The burning marks still stung as I stared down at them intently, moving it this way and that as if he'd somehow infected me with a disease rather than help me out. At last, I peered back at the boy.

"You…saved me?" I asked bewildered. I had expected him either to flee or kill me. I flushed now, thinking how I even considered such an idea for the very guy who literally saved my life. The boy stood as I followed his gesture, before answering.

"Men like him just aggravate me," he replied, sighing as I got a good look at his profile. He was nicely built, but not bulky. His features were all refined, sharp, yet his eyes had a soft part in them. It was his dark blue eyes then that captured my attention for the longest time before he dropped his gaze and I looked away, flushing. I shouldn't have been so moved by a stranger, yet here I was; completely mystified. He slowly began to walk away.

"T-Thank you," I called, though I was just as unsure about that. He was a great guy, to save me, but what he did looked awfully…painful.

"I don't need your thanks," he replied as I followed after, not quite finished. I wasn't sure what, but I was automatically drawn to the boy.

"Well, I want to tell you thanks. And if there's anything you need…"

The boy turned, so fast it was all I could do before practically brushing him. He stared down at my eyes with a clear motive; so long my cheeks began to burn. He smirked, just as an idea popped into his head.

"Yes, there is something you can do," he stated, taking a step so I pressed against him. I took one backward in response.

"W-Well, by anything, I didn't-"

"Do you know why men like them aggravate him?" the boy questioned, completely ignoring my comment. What had triggered his sudden mood swing? He continued coming closer.

"N-No," I answered honestly, and I felt a similar fear to the one before. This one didn't burn as hot though, and I was light headed rather than scared shitless.

"Why men like that make me mad." His voice all, but purred in my ear as I began to stumble and slip over a bump in the ground. He grabbed my lower back before I could fall over and then pulled me so our pelvises aligned. Then he lowered his head, now whispering into my ear and making my body shake uncontrollably. I anticipated an answer now, curious with my own desire as if this was exactly the answer I had been looking for all my life.

"Men like him aggravate me because they never get the job done right." He said in a husky voice. I could hear a low chuckle blow in my eardrums. I blinked, replaying the words in my head, before staring back at him.


"By the way…nice shirt." He commented and I was distracted completely by his statement. I instinctively looked down at my chest before flushing and covering up my exposed area yet again.

"P-Pervert!" I screeched, feeling violated and ashamed all at once. One thing was for sure. My savior and potential hero figure was one of the bad guys.


"Damn it, Ikuto. Stop messing around!" A wrinkled faced forty year old man spat. The tan slick suit he wore only added to his authority, though it was a wonder anyone took him seriously with such a grouchy personality. He scratched the bald spot on his head, surrounded by brown thinning hair, and sighed. "This is hardly the time for seducing a young lady," the man stated as a deep frown covered his mangled face.

"Whatever. What do you want, anyway?" Ikuto asked as he grabbed his violin case. He quickly overlooked the instrument inside, watching it in such a way, before closing the case and locking the strap over his right shoulder. When Ikuto seemed focused - as focused as he'd ever be - the man started again.

"The Boss has a mission for you," he replied professionally, as if that made a difference. Ikuto sighed, already knowing the outcome of his future events at hand.

"Really, when will that man stop pestering me?" Ikuto murmured, rolling his eyes and walking passed the old oak tree toward Rosemont road. The man glared, but silently followed the adolescent.

"Now, Ikuto, don't screw this up. The boss has very high expectations for you. Why, if it were up to me, I'd have you suffering for your life's worth, but that's beside the point." He worked out the mobile in his pocket to check over former plans. "You may even like this particular assignment, considering the circumstance of a young girl."

The male figure finally grabbed the older teen's attention, just when Ikuto raised an eyebrow to the man's proposition. It hadn't seemed as if anything could break the guy's rebellious streak, but there was no doubt that adding a damsel in distress to any situation would surely turn the tables. The older man smiled at his accomplishment of attracting the boy's interest and took pride in whatever invisible prize he'd been awarded. No sooner was Ikuto captivated by the words, that it was too late for anything else to cure his present interest.

"What's the mission?" Ikuto spoke with the roughness any lad looking for immediate answers might have. The man smirked and pulled out a manila folder from the brief case grasped in his beefy hand. He shuffled through the papers before handing the contract to Ikuto.

"Here, boss wants you to kidnap a girl. The address and age is all stated in the folder." Ikuto skimmed through the papers, flipping each one over, and the man shook his head at the boy's persistence of how quickly his teenage hormones had overshadowed the case. "There's no picture for you to ogle at, boy! Stop searching for one and pay attention!" He barked as Ikuto ceased to even hear the old man's gesture. He closed the file and stared back at his manager.

"And who exactly am I kidnapping?" Ikuto asked harshly, already impatient by the useless attempt they gathered of a self image of the young girl. If anything was true, the boy hated such surprises.

The man's eyes slowly narrowed.

"Amu Hinamori."

Shelly: I tried to keep chapter one as close to the original THE KIDNAPPER as I could. The next chapters will be a little different, but this is mainly so you don't get bored reading the same things over and over again.

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