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The Kidnapper's Girl

New Creation of the original, The Kidnapper

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Summary: Amu was just beginning high school, probably the worst fear she had in mind; but everything changes when a bold faced Ikuto kidnaps the young freshman for an evil corporation's purposes. Scared and confused, Amu soon realizes there's only one person who can save her. Herself. But to do that, she'll have to accomplish the impossible. Amu Hinamori must make the well trained culprit, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, fall in love with her.

Always trying

Chapter Eight:

The Hidden

But I knew the way to freedom.

If I wanted to gain control of this little game Tsukiyomi was playing, I'd have to try much harder than I was doing. I would have to go deep down inside myself and bring myself out so…

I could make Tsukiyomi fall in love with me.

It took hours before I was even able to drift into unconsciousness, but even then I would restlessly wake up to the sound of branches hitting the window or strange, unfamiliar gurgles coming from the air vent. I didn't like it here, and not just in this weird, old house, but here knowing what happened to me, wondering what was to come, and exactly I was attempting to do.

Each new thought kept my mind whirling at the never ending scenarios playing out in my mind. All ended in some sort of unexplained chaos, being killed or raped at the most frequent visions I got.

At one point, way passed midnight, the door opened to my bedroom. My eyes widened, heart thumping at the anticipation that Kukai was here to help me escape, or the fear that Tsukiyomi had come to beat me. I wasn't sure if checking was the right solution, and instead shut my eyes and focused on my breathing. It was hard to control how fast my breaths came, but I eventually got it to seem relaxed.

The foot steps were very light, almost to the point that I wasn't sure if I had imagined such a thing. There was a sudden shadow though, covering over the moon's glare which moments before had been directed on my closed eye lids, and I knew the figure was just before me, watching my less than tense form.

I was certain this was Tsukiyomi now. Kukai would have at least replied by now, shook me up and told me everything was fine; but no gesture was made by this person, and every second drew closer to the idea of my kidnapper gazing down at me.

I wanted to scream, and run, and cry my eyes out. I wanted to lash out and stop my teeth from grinding into each other that they hurt passed the point of agony, but I stayed put, holding my composer together and desperately hoping nothing would happen…

So why was he still there?

There was that feeling, of some presence held over you, before the back of his hand stroked my cheek. I felt my muscles tighten, my breathing hitch and my stomach pull together in uncomfortable twists and knots. I was blowing my cover, I knew that, but I couldn't stop the sudden emotions crossing over me at once. Anger, sorrow, fear, pain. They all boiled under my skin.

His hand lifted, and there was a swift movement of fabric. Something was tossed over me, yet I refused to unbundle myself from the position I laid in.

"Get up." His voice instructed, just as cold and menacing as ever. I shut my eyes even tighter, before slowly opening them. Tsukiyomi was by the window, where he gazed out into the full moon and waited for me to comply. I gathered myself, staring down at whatever he had given me. A change of clothes.

"What are we-?" I asked, watching as he sighed and shook his head in irritation. He glared at me, not at all enjoying any sort of explanation.

"Just get changed." He ordered again, sure enough letting out a frustration that tensed my muscles all over again. I looked down at the outfit; a pair of faded jeans and red tank, before eying him again. I debated if waiting for an answer where the right decision to make at the moment.

Several minutes later only brought more annoyance to Tsukiyomi's face, which I couldn't say I didn't enjoy. He was as miserable as I was to be dealing with me, which was good; but it also sparked the question…what did he want with me?

He was as stubborn as me, I'll give him that, but his patience was much thinner. He groaned, before walking up to me and lifting a hand, smacked the clothes right out of my own grasp. My head turned to the side my instinct, thinking I was going to be slapped, but surprised by the feeling of emptiness instead fill my hands.

I met his eyes again, glaring straight at me; a hand still outstretched when it had tore the clothes right from my hold. His glare hardened.

I watched him, not sure what to do, before Tsukiyomi stormed off and slammed the door shut behind him. I winced at the loud bang, not used to such strength in my own home, and stared down at the sheets under me.

What was going to happen? Was he going to take me out somewhere? The clothes had now been scattered over the wood flooring, and I still sat as motionless and stunned as before. What was he planning to do? What did Tsukiyomi want with me?!

Nothing made sense. All these crazy destinations and pit stops didn't add up. If Tsukiyomi wanted me, why was he taking me to places at a time? And why was he treating me as if he didn't want anything to do with me?

The door slammed open, and before I could even consider Tsukiyomi pelting in here with a gun, Kukai's concerned face flooded my vision. I relaxed, even if I knew that trusting Kukai was just as bad as letting Tsukiyomi have his way.

"Amu!" Kukai stated breathless, walking over to me and examining my face. He let out a sigh of relief before chuckling lightly. "Thank god." He stated, holding his head down and letting his hands fall on the mattress.

"Kukai?" I questioned, somewhat surprised. I wasn't expecting such a response from him. This made me curious. "What…What do you mean?" I asked, referring to his reaction. I saw him bite his lip, before looking away.

"Nothing…It's just, you know how Ikuto gets. Can never be too careful." He laughed nervously.

"Ikuto?" I replied simply, already guessing that was Tsukiyomi's first name. How strange to hear him address him by first name, rather than last. Kukai nodded.

"Yeah…he's acting different now." Kukai mused.

"And you really think I can make him fall for me?" I raised an eyebrow, again questioning such a tactic. Who in their right mind makes a kidnapper fall in love with you in order to escape?!

Kukai eyes soften as he seemed to understand where this was coming from. He took a seat next to me and patted the spot next to him. I came closer, if only to hear what he had to say, but soon enough I was wrapped in Kukai's arms.

"I know it's scary, isn't it?" He asked, lightly stroking my hair. It was the first time in days, maybe even since I was small, that I had been treated with such compassion and tenderness. I drew my face into his chest, his chin resting on top of my head. "You don't understand what's going on or how to look about something. Everything isn't making any sense, is it? Especially the feeling of being alone. That hurts the most."

I took a second to rethink this, before lifting my head up to meet Kukai's face. He smiled at me gently, though a sort of sadness welled up in him. I blinked.

"K-Kukai? Were you ever-?" There was the sound of a creak and we both turned to the door, its frame swinging unnaturally in its place. We stared at it for a while, before Kukai got up.

"It'll be fine, Amu." He stated, patting my head. I blushed slightly.

Amu now…

The cabinets and drawers were all being rattled and checked over, before Kukai reached the ticked Ikuto. Ikuto was obviously looking for something, whether or not he really wanted it, and didn't seem too happy at the sight of his partner.

"Hey, Tsukiyomi…" Kukai began, watching as the boy continued his search. "You shouldn't be so hard on the girl. We could always-."

"Always what, Kukai?" Ikuto threatened back, sending shivers to Kukai. Ikuto approached him in fury, holding enraged fists from hitting his partner in crime. "You want to switch jobs, right? You want to take that little bitch, don't you? I've known you for a while, Kukai. I'm not stupid." Ikuto spat, picking up the bottle of alcohol he'd mysteriously gotten and chugging some straight down.

"Hey, Tsukiyomi! Watch it with the…" Ikuto placed the bottle down on the table, holding onto it still and gasping for breath. He met Kukai's gaze again, outraged.

"Watch what? You think you're so much better than me?" He straightened up slightly, just over two inches taller than his partner. "Your only reason to get close to that girl is so you can take her to Easter yourself!" Ikuto shouted, taking longer breaths. Through the alcohol and high adrenaline racing through him, his body turned hot with anger.

"That's just-."

"You're only getting close to her so you can gain her trust, right? That way you'll be able to keep her here and trade her to the boss yourself. You know the only thing that would make him change his mind would be his precious gift. That's all you want her for, lowlife."

"Shut up, Tsukiyomi." Kukai warned. Ikuto lifted the bottle, smirking as he took another gulp full and panting all over again. Everything in his head began to pound and blood was running through his veins. How powerful he felt at the moment…

"Aye, Kukai. You're not as good as a guy as you make yourself out to be. You only want her to trade her for Utau, neh?"

"Shut the fuck up!!" Kukai shouted now, well over his limit. His face burned red, body shaking, and Ikuto silenced only with the interest of hearing out his buddy. "You never gave a crap about your victims, why now?! What difference does it make if I take this one! You were trying to protect her, weren't you?! You were going to take her away tonight so I couldn't get her…" He added darkly, not at all joining in Ikuto's odd sense of humor.

Ikuto had another sip, though this one was very light. He stared back at Kukai, challenging him. "Protecting? I'm merely giving what I have to earn for my own freedom. What with you in the way, it's not so comforting." He let out a sigh, watching Kukai through blood shot eyes. Kukai's teeth clenched.

"We could get her out…" He whispered, before raising his voice. "We could get her out if you'd only give her to me! We could save Utau, your sister, from Easter with this girl, yet you won't! Do you not care?! About your family at all, Tskuiyomi?!" Kukai yelled until his throat burned with screams. Ikuto was unaffected by the words, staring blankly at him.

"Would you want to save your sister…if she was the one who sold you out to Easter?" Kukai's eyes widened at the words, and Ikuto just about had enough. He dumped the now empty bottle out.

"Blood relations are troublesome." Ikuto finished, leaving Kukai to stand in question.

I woke up to the early morning. It was very light out, the sky descending out the lightest gray from the unscreened window. I sat up, knowing sleep was no longer an option. My eyes stung with the feeling of heaviness, yet this didn't allow me the comfort of falling back asleep. It told me I was tired, but there was most likely nothing I could do to earn back my energy.

When I stood, my stomach ached with the need of food. I felt slightly off balance and dizzy, a sensation that struck me as horrible. I knew that when people felt like this, it was most likely due to the withdrawal of food and proteins. I needed to eat something if I was going to make it through the day without passing out.

I walked up to the door, before stopping. I was still wearing this stupid nightgown, and dreaded the thought of being caught in it. What if Tsukiyomi…did something to me? It probably wasn't likely, but I still looked for the outfit prepared from yesterday.

I found it sprawled on the ground, wrinkled and tousled over the smooth wood. Memories of Tsukiyomi last night appeared and I felt just as angry at him as ever. Putting the clothes he had prepared for me felt like a surrender, and I was NOT going to do that. I kicked the fabric lightly, before going over to the drawer and pulling out some leggings and a long t-shirt.

I caught myself in the mirror, almost turning pale at my reflection. What was I doing?! I shouldn't be concerned on trivial matters such as clothing or appearance. I should be aiding my escape, getting my strategies together. Running from him.

I sighed, shaking my head. That path was already cleared though, wasn't it? Kukai wanted me to…make him fall for me. Which I was sure was an impossible missions. How many culprits do you hear that fall for their victims? Well, in real life, I mean.

I tried to visualize myself, seducing Tsukiyomi in any way I could. It seemed like a stretch. Why would he go for me? I was fourteen, soon to be fifteen, year old girl that he's dragging who knows where, most likely against his own will. But I was sure, if something wasn't done, I'd surely end up paying the price.

I checked over the door, before walking over and quickly surveying the area. No one stood down the hall, the mahogany staircase clear of any other presence. I took a small step out and looked again, before climbing down the staircase.

I had gotten down to the entrance, where the old fashioned door stood. It was tempting to open it up and bolt, but judging from the number of locks jammed over the opening, I guessed it would be a much noisier job than anticipated.

Instead I passed the staircase and went back into the dining room, where that one phone sat freed and in sight. More adrenaline pumped through me, pounding in my ears as I stared at it. I shook the thought out quick though, knowing my own escape would come with more work than this.

Sighing, I turned and bumped into a soft, solid object. I stumbled back slightly, looking up to find Tsukiyomi raising an eyebrow at me. I flushed, though having no reason to, and backed away from the guy. He went to the phone, where he slightly pushed it away from me.

"So…" He began, avoiding my eyes, and unwillingly forcing himself on me with small talk. He didn't look pleased to be speaking to me, but then again, I wasn't very pleased with having to listen to him.

"So?" I challenged, daring him to continue on. I was still furious at him, for reasons known not even to me, and he gave a quick smirk to me in response. It quickly faded away though, and he was suddenly ticked again.

"Last night hadn't gone as planned-."

"Last night was going well until you showed up." I interrupted, only to earn myself a sharp glare. I made myself shut up, knowing my cool and spicy character would only get me in more trouble than I already was.

"I saw you with Kukai." He finished as my eyebrows raised, surprised. I hadn't even realized he'd been watching that carefully. Maybe I should be more aware next time.

"What of it?" I demanded, once my shock wore off. Tsukiyomi sighed, straightening himself out and leaning back against the wooden drawer.

"You're not going to want to hear this, and I doubt I can make you believe anything I say, so I'm just going to come out and say it." My eyes narrowed, confused. I had absolutely no idea what he was droning on about. If anything, this conversation could have revolved around kittens for all I knew.

"Say what?" I questioned, not sure if curiosity or fear was ruling over me. He sighed.

"I want you to stop involving yourself with Kukai." He admitted plainly and I gasped at the statement. Not…seeing…Kukai?

"A-And why should I listen to you?!" I blurted, regaining my former anger. This guy really couldn't be trusted. All he wanted was for me to be miserable. I wasn't even allowed one friend of support during my time of need?

"In case you've forgotten." He lowered his head, staring straight at me under long eye lashes. I swallowed. "I happen to be the kidnapper here, not you, which means you are to listen to me…unless you'd like another lesson."

Multiple memories of being pulled and locked up invaded my mind. Tears threatened to brim over, but I quickly blinked them away. It wasn't fair. Why did it have to be me?!

He re-fixed himself, walking over and passed me from where I stood. He stopped himself a few paces passed. "By the way, we're leaving again tonight." He added before completely exiting the room. I lowered myself down, gripping the white carpeted flooring through my fingers and clenching my jaw.

That's what he thinks. If he believes this is over, he's wrong. I'll show him.

I looked up, sniffling, and glaring ahead.

I'll definitely show him what it means to be in love.

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