Character Summary:

Name: Alice "Binx" Dawson

Got her nickname from the movie Hocus Pocus because it is her favorite character and because she acts like a cat.

Age: 20

Looks: Five foot seven, blondish hair with streaks of random colors, blue eyes and an atheletic build due to countless hours of Ballet and other dance and sports.

This story is based off of Tim Burton's version of Alice with our Beloved Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Chapter One:



Binx followed the sound of laughter and cheering. She soon came upon a tea party with three pesons seated at a long table. Tea pots and broken cups and saucers lay scattered about this table. The table cloths were horribly stained and no longer held their original colors. "ALICE!" The three cheered and shouted, "Are you speaking to me sir's?"

One with a colorful face and bright red hair toped with a hat came walking over the table, stepping on some of the saucers and cups. He came down and stood in front of her, towering over her. "You are terribly late you know. And goodness Alice have you been getting at the "Drink Me" bottle again? You are but the size of a mouse."

"Hey I heard that!"

Shouted a white door mouse wearing a tunic. The man in the hat laughed and picked Binx up.

(A/N: when I say Binx I mean Alice. She prefers to go by Binx because Alice is to traditional of a name.)

"You are late for Tea again Alice!"

Shouted the a senial looking rabbit as he threw a cup at the Hatter who ducked. "Come Alice it's tea time." He sat her down beside him and pourd her some tea, "Are we celebrating something?"

"Oh yes Alice, we are celebrating our Unbirthday's."


"She's forgotten!"

Binx looked around at the Hare, the Hatter and the Mouse, "What?"

The hare pulled on his ears "SHE'S FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!"

"No, she is Alice, but not our Alice."

The Hatter's expression saddened,



"ALICE DAWSON GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Binx groaned and covered her face with a pillow "Why?" she said not expecting an answer "Alice we have David's birthday."

"Whoopde fucking doo."

Binx threw off the pillow allowing it to hit the wall, then got up and walked over to her vanity. She staired into the mirror and saw the girl that was staring back at her. A pale skined girl with black hair to her waist with randomly placed highlights of blue, green, red, purple and other various colors. Her blue eyes were blank, she did not want to go to this stupid birthday party of this boy her mother was trying to set her up with. A boy who was almost twice her age.

David was 35, and Binx was only 20. But David was wealthy, and handsome, according to her mother. In Binx's opinion, he was an ugly Arsehole. So she was going to do the most rebeliouse thing possible. She picked up a pair of scissors and began chopping her long hair off. It was only hair, and it would grow back.

Looking at the clock she realized she had exactly three hours to make herself "not" presentable for David's birthday. She died portions of her hair bloody red, the tips and the whole of the underside of her hair.

Once she had finished her hair had gone from her waist to her shoulders, and it was no longer straight. But choppy and wavy, she liked it. Binx had always been the unique on in the family. More so than her great great grandmother Alice Kingsly.

Then Binx picked up a drawing she had made, it was a drawing of The Mad Hatter. A character from her great gams stories, stories her grandmother had told her. Hatter was always her favorite, "Wish me luck Hatter." She said placing a kiss on the drawings cheeks before running to her closet.

She pulled out a kilt like skirt but gothic-ish and of course black. (A/N: Link to see the outfit will be posted on my profile.) Combat like boots, one of her favorite BLACK shirts, wrist cuffs and other wonderful acssesories.

Once she came down, her mother had an absolute conipshion. Binx smiled as she pulled on a coat and walked out to her mother's car and blasted Arch Enemy from her head phones to drown out her mother's cattish like complaining.

Once at the party many stared at Binx's apperance, while other seemed to sighlently cheer her on. For many new that David was indeed a down right prick. David's own sister secretly high-fived her behind her mother's back. "Love the hair," she said.

"David," her mother said in an overly happy voice. "Hello Mrs. Dawson, A….Alice?"

She smiled and bowed "Yes sir." Binx swore she saw David's eye twitch, whether in furry or just simple WTF mode she didn't know. But she was happy either way.