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For all my beloved readers here is chapter five:

Chapter Five:

Binx woke up feeling safe and warm, her dreams had been free of nightmares the rest of that night. All thanks to Tarrant, he had kept her safe.

She looked up slightly and saw him there sleeping peacefully, and gentle look upon his face. She couldn't help but smile and leaned in placing a gentle kiss upon his lips. This caused him to stir slightly, but once he opened his eyes, he smiled.

"Binxy," he said happily as he claimed her lips with his. She moaned as he kissed her, a sound Tarrant was going to enjoy more and more sooner or later.

"OW" she cried out and held her neck as the bite mark began to feel white hot. Tarrant moved her hand away only to find that the bite mark was now bleeding. Soon blood was pouring out of the open wound.

"Come with me Binx," he took her hand and the two of them ran out of her room "OUT OF MY WAY!" Tarrant yelled at the members of the court as he desperately tried to find the white queen. Which he soon did, she had been in the kitchen with Thackeray.

"Your majesty!"

She gasped at the sight before her, Binx now covered in blood and a rather distraught Tarrant. "Sit her down let me see." Binx cried out in pain as they moved her neck. "The bleeding has stopped and the wound seems to have cauterized its self."

Tarrant knelt next to his love and held her hand tightly as the ladyship helped clean the blood off of Binx; who was still in an immense amount of pain. "Drink this," Mirana said as she handed a glass vile to Binx helping her drink the vile tasting liquid. Binx coughed as the liquid traveled down her throat leaving a slight burning feeling behind.

Binx was escorted back to her room; and after she was changed into fresh cloths she had been given a sleeping drought and helped into bed.

"What is happening to her?" Mally asked her voice filled with concern voice as she looked upon her dear friend who was now in a deep sleep.

"I do not know. But for now she must sleep."

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