The orange light flicked across the walls of the caves. Luminance and peaceful, the fire breathed life and hope. The soft sound of water drummed beautifully. At the maw of the cave stood three men and one woman. The morning light broke through the tussles of vines that covered the mouth of the cave and kissed the four beings. They were worn-out; tired and hungry. Their eyes dull, their faces dirty and their clothes torn.

One of the men, short and very old, stepped forward out of the cave and looked upon the golden land set before him. In the background, stood the tallest mountains he's ever seen. To his left, a waterfall so beautiful it brought tears to his eyes and to his right, a lively forest. He held his hand up and a spiral of orange and pink energy swirled around the three.

The other man gazed back over his shoulders and saw the remaining members of his race. Over three hundred of them waited silently behind the top three, waiting and worrying. Their hope had been filled about the new lands that was promised to them after the War. Their hearts ached, hoping that maybe this was the end to their problems. The group all had different looks some with fur, some with scales and others with horns. But the eldest that sat in the front, was pale with light blue eyes. His hand clutched tightly around the shaft of his walking cane.

The eldest dropped his other hand to his side and whispered, his eyes beaming with pride and hope. "This," he waved to the land before them. "is our home." the crowd behind him cheered, the children laughed and hurried in front, running through the forests' thickets. The sun, so golden, breathed life down on their new land. The crowds moved out slowly and searched their new home.

As the years went by, the small settlement grew into a large population. They built their homes in the walls of the mountains, underground, out of mud and wood and even in the skies. They grew to be a peaceful and powerful world. They solved their problems by getting together and discussing it. They enjoyed brawling for sport and fun, but never raised a hand to hurt others. They were in the days of greatness until.....