Alice regarded the Hatter with a speculative look. Stay? Stay here in Underland, forever? She'd never have to face Hamish again and that was always a plus. Besides, Underland was so…wonderful. Honestly, what harm was there in staying? A bit longer at least.

She clicked the vial of Jabberwocky blood closed and slipped it beneath her armor and into her pocket. The Mad Hatter's eyes lit up and he did a quick Fudderwupp dance, grabbing Alice's hands and dragging her along to it. Alice laughed gleefully, throwing her head back and shaking with pure, unadulterated joy. Of course she would stay.

There was a feast that evening, a vegetarian feast - mind you, at the White Castle in celebration of the Red Queen's defeat. Alice was, of course, the guest of honor, sitting at the head of the long table with the Queen at her right and the Hatter at her left.

"What in the bloody," the Hatter mumbled, poking a pile of green glop around his plate. Alice giggled and shushed him.

"I declare, My Queen, some bacon would do you good!" he cried, unheeding of Alice's warning.

The Queen waved her arm dismissively. "It is against my oath," she murmured demurely.

The Hatter snorted, earning a sharp jab from Alice, and resulting in a stream of expletives to burst from his lips. He clapped his hand over his mouth and giggled deliriously. Alice sighed, loudly.

"Will you behave yourself?" she whispered sharply.

"I can't! I simply cannot! I'm ever so pleased! The big headed Queen is gone, and my friend is staying - I simply cannot control myself, and do not ask me to do so!" he fired off happily.

When the dinner had ended, they were all shown to their rooms - there were more than enough to go around in the castle - and Alice found herself placed across the hall from the Hatter.

"My friend," she said, leaning against her door. "What is your name? I can't go around calling you Hatter forever!"

The Mad Hatter paused and tilted his head to the side, thinking. "My most treasured friend," he said finally. "It has been so long that I have been called Mad Hatter, that I have forgotten my given name…how peculiar. I suppose then, you may call me whatever you wish." He concluded with a deep bow.

Alice laughed and shook her head, pushing off her door and walking toward him. She placed her hand gently against his cheek and sighed. "My dear, sweet, silly, mad friend, whatever will I do with you? Think on it for awhile, and when you've come to some sort of conclusion - do tell me. Until then, I shall refer you to as my friend."

With that Alice leaned forward and pressed her lips gently to his cheek, caressed his face with her fingertips, turned, and entered her rooms.

She left the dazed Hatter in the hall, his fingers pressed against the flesh of his cheek she'd kissed, and a speculative look on his usually mad face.