Rock in the Classroom

Set back when Graces school was still up and running.

Grace Augustine was just going through another exciting day of teaching the Na'vi Children as well as the teenagers about Earth and the language and other things that had to do with her. But the delivery boy for supplies was running in late, what do you expect from a new kid, especially a eighteen year old, who the only reason that he was here was to entertain the soldiers with his music, but also at the same time helping the avatar program.

She just watched as most of the Na'vi children just stood there and talked to each other in English, obviously they were trying to learn as much as they could about this new language and the new culture. "Where the hell are those supplies?" Grace whispered to herself, as if to defy her the delivery boy burst in with all of the supplies she needed, he had a Gibson Les Paul Strapped to his back for no apparent reason, oh wait she remembered he was a musician. She also noticed that he was wearing a T shirt that had a prism reflecting light into a rainbow color with the words "Dark Side of the moon" written under it, and above all he was still in his human body.

"Sorry Miss, I got so caught up with what I was doing I forgot to bring these supplies to you." "Its Okay James, running an hour behind schedule isn't a problem anyway." She snatched the supplies out of his hand, after bending down, since she was in her Avatar form, but then she noticed that he wasn't going anywhere. "Why are you still here? Don't you have to go somewhere else?" "Well-Actually they told me to stay here, to keep an eye on things plus this is a punishment for turning the Samson's choppers parts into amplifiers."

Grace smirked, she hated how they were equipped with weapons all the time, and this kid had disabled one just so he could build something else out of it. "Yeah That Trudy Chacon was pissed off." Oh shit, Grace thought to herself, she knew Trudy she had a fiery temper whenever someone messed with her baby, she better not find him again until she cools down. "All right James, just don't disturb the class, and please don't play that thing during class." She pointed to his guitar, and he just held it tightly in his hands, "Okay, but if Trudy shows up, tell her I'm not here, or just hide my guitar this thing is my baby."

The Na'vi were keeping an eye on James as he took a seat in the back and put his feet on a nearby table, luckily unoccupied by any Na'vi and too small for them. They all seemed to be fascinated by the strange thing that he carried in his hands, they thought it looked like the instruments they had back at home tree but much smaller, and more strange. But Grace saw this and instantly brought their attention back to her and the Algebra they were working on, James was actually pretty quiet the whole time, except for humming some song to himself the whole time she was teaching, but even though most of the Na'vi payed attention to her, some couldn't help but look back and wonder what he was humming about.

Grace was actually kind of enjoying it too, she know she had heard that tune played somewhere but she couldn't figure out where, pretty soon she got too distracted and one of the students had to remind her about the lesson. "uh- Grace?" "huh What, oh sorry Neytiri, what is it?" "You seemed distracted, I needed to bring you back here." Grace couldn't believe she had got distracted by James humming a old song that old time, but she really liked it for some reason she did not know.

Finally one of the female students got up and walked over to where James was now laying down with his eyes closed, obviously a little tired of humming songs to himself. Grace was curious about this as well as that one student was curious about what James was doing, but still she wondered if she was just going over there to draw on his face while he was asleep. But she didn't she just shook him a bit, "Hey, Wake Up." James awoke with a start blabbering out, " Your just another brick in the wall!, Wait where am I." Grace rolled her eyes and started to walk towards them, " Isis, don't just shake him like that, he is much more fragile then you." James shot back, "Not exactly I one time survived a Thanator attack, and I didn't break a single bone." Isis just looked back at him, "What is your name?" "Oh me? My name is James." "James?" "Yeah thats Right."

"If I may ask what are you doing?" "Oh this, well I was trying to sleep." "No before that." Isis interrupted him, "Oh that? That was nothing just an old song I had stuck in my head." Again Grace interrupted and asked him what song it was, "Here just play this on that Laser Reader over there." He handed her an old CD, labeled Pink Floyd, The Wall, so she set it on the Laser/Holo reader, ever since these came out any type of recording disc could be played on it no matter what age it was from. So she put it on and instantly she heard a guitar riff playing softly in the background, "We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom, teachers leave them kids alone." The Na'vi Children were actually getting into it a little bit, James just smiled as he bobbed his head up and down to the song. "HEY! Teachers leave them Kids alone, all in all your just another brick in the wall." Unfortunately that was the only song Grace allowed that CD to Play, because she realized it was an anti school song. But she was secretly enjoying it, but before she could start teaching again, she heard another song going on, it was a little different from the last one.

"Well I'm a voodoo child, Lord knows I'm a voodoo child." She saw that James had put another Cd on the reader but this time it was labeled Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child. And sure enough the Na'vi Children were getting into the music again, especially Isis who was actually trying to sing without knowing the lyrics. James then turned on his Pocket Amplifier and started to play along with it, his fingers moved faster than a dire horses legs, the children were amazed how fast he could play his strange instrument, they still did not know what it was, the song ended and James was sweating like hell, after all he did an Angus Young Impersonation running up and down the classroom, which if you think it through is like running a marathon.

"What is That thing you are playing?" One of the young males asked him while touching it wondering what it was, " Oh this thing, this is a Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar, its very similar to the instruments you have at your homes, but it makes much more noise as well as other things." "What are you, a Pamtseom?" (Pamtseo means music in Na'vi so I just altered it so it was musician, ill see if it works.) "A what?" Obviously James did not know the Na'vi Language as well as Grace and the Avatar team knew it, "James you Skxawng, it means Musician." "Oh well in that case what the hell does Skxawng mean, and yes I am a musician." Suddenly all the children gathered around him except for Neytiri and a couple of other students.

They all wanted to ask him if he could play some of the Na'vi songs, which he could not, "Woah, easy kids I can't play any of your songs, I play rock songs." The children all had confused looks on their faces, "What is Rock?" A young male asked, "Rock is one of the many different types of music on Earth, as well as one of the most bad ass." They did not understand his human Slang, but usually Na'vi only had one type of music and they were traditional songs like the hunters song.

"Here I'll give you an example." He walked up to one of the T.V. Monitors on the wall, who knows why they had them their, "Now you should know, people form Bands to write Music and perform in front of other people back on earth." He popped a Small Disc into the monitor and a music video showed up on the screen, "This is Rock Music" " Dirty Deeds, DONE DIRT CHEAP!, Dirty deeds and there done dirt cheap." The Children just payed attention to him as he kept playing different bands, one was something called, The Who, AC/DC, KISS, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

He kept going on and on until their Time ended and the children started to leave for their homes, Grace walked over to James, " You know its strange, I didn't think you would be good with kids, I didn't know you could actually play guitar." "Well thats probably cause you don't know me that well, besides I saw you head banging in the back while the Na'vi were looking at the monitor." "Shut up, who knows maybe those students will actually be excited to come here again tomorrow." "And what makes you think I'll Be here?" "Because if you don't I'll hand over your guitar to Trudy for her Revenge."