Start of Something New

Mike was walking into school with Matt and Puck on Thursday, and they stopped and stood and talked around Mike's locker for a while being bored as usual and they always did that, walk, talk and go to class.. They needed a new time-table. Anyway Puck and Matt walked away to their lockers to get their books and whatever ready, when Mike saw it. The same thing Mike saw every day at school; Sam a hockey player with a slushy in his hand heading to one of the gleeks. Did he seriously think it was that funny? But today it was different because he was heading towards Rachel Berry, sure she's annoying but she's actually finally wearing normal clothes today, jeans and a tank top with a stripped jacket over the top, I mean all she ever did was be good at something. So Mike watched as Sam got closer and closer and finally Mike bolted across the room grabbing Rachel's arm before she even knew what was going on and pulled her out of the way of the purple and green ice cold substance now hitting her locker instead of her.

"What the..?" Was all Sam could think of saying before staring at Mike with anger in his eyes, Mike just stared back just as angry before Sam took a few steps backwards then turned around and started walking away.

"Hello Mike, that was very kind of you." Mikes head snapped as he remembered he was still holding Rachel, he let go and realized something.

She was actually sort of beautiful. He had never noticed before, probably because she was never really this close to him before. Mike never really spent that much time with her. Then she started starring at him... he was wondering why.... 'Oh god she was talking to me and I totally blanked... uhh what did she say?? Uhh oh god...' he thought.

"Yeah uhh no worries..?" Mike said arching his back hoping she said something like, 'thank you Mike' she's looking at him weird again...

"Well, I need to get to class now, see you later?" she said locking her locker before looking at him again.

'Defiantly had to work on listening and not looking...' Mike thought to himself.

"Yeah defiantly." Mike said answering his own question in his head before realizing he said it out loud. 'Oh god... What's wrong with me?' he thought again.

"Great, bye." She said all Mike could think was 'HUH? What did I just agree too? No no no...It better not be anything to do with a musical!'

Mike watched Rachel walk away before realizing the bell had gone, and he still didn't have any books, but he couldn't help but think 'what did I just agree too?'

Mike headed to his locker and grabbed his books then headed off to his homeroom which he thought was actually the same as Rachel's. He sat down in his seat next to Puck towards the back of the room and starred at Rachel, wondering why Quinn, Brittany and Santana always called her Ru-Paul and Man-Hands? 'Her hands were probably smaller then Quinn's... and I don't even know what Ru-Paul is...but I don't think she's one of them either.... Mike thought. He got distracted from his one-on-one starring competition with himself... starring at Rachel. When Puck who was sitting next to Mike nudged him.

"Who is it this time?" Puck said looking at Mike with a crooked smile.
"What do you mean?" Mike said, but he kind of knew what he was talking about anyway but didn't think it was the obvious since it only started about 10 minutes ago!.

"Who is it that's got you totally love-struck, whipped, the one that's got you feeling really mush...." Puck was saying when Mike cut him off... "Dude really? Every time I do something weird you think I'm in-love." Mike said making sure to sound totally offended... 'Even though I think...I THINK he was right' Mike thought to himself. Trying not to focus on Rachel for the rest of the class because Puck was on his trail. It was harder then he thought.

The bell went and homeroom ended as everyone exited, I waited at the classroom door, making sure Puck had walked around the corner before checking to see if Rachel was gone yet, but she was the last one to leave like Mike expected. Rachel walked out of the classroom and was greeted by Mike.

"Twice In one day? Is something wrong?" Rachel said stopping and staring at Mike.
"No nothing is wrong, I was just wondering... Uhh if I could walk you to.... Class!" Mike said as he looked at his feet, then back up to Rachel who was smiling at him, with an 'award-winning smile.'
"That would be great Mike, just let me grab my books?" Rachel said taking a step towards her locker, Mike nodded and followed.

Rachel was smiling, wondering why Mike was with her... Walking with her, helping her dodge slushies. She thought it might have been a sick jock joke, but then she remembered Mike has never been a part of one of the 'pranks', nailing chairs to roof's, throwing slushies, paintball attacks, pea balloons really gross and the jocks humour is terrible Rachel thought. Rachel walked up to her locker and opened it, keeping one eye on Mike and the other on her getting her stuff out of her locker. She couldn't help but notice Mike was staring at her, she felt special, like how she felt when she talked to Finn or was dating Puck, she decided then and there she actually liked Mike, and it may be possible that he liked her too.

"Ready to go?" Mike said, after Rachel got her books out of her locker and shut her locker door.
"If you are, where are your books?" Rachel said staring at his hands where his books should be.
"I have math, I don't really think I can go, I haven't finished the homework" Mike said explaining to Rachel he didn't like chemistry either.
"I think you re in my maths class, no wonder you never go the teacher gives out more homework than any other teacher I know." Rachel said smiling and laughing, Mike joined her laughing along.
"Maybe I'll consider going sometime then, so I could see you." Mike said waiting for her to say some really big words.
"You, uhh... Thanks bye." Rachel said blushing and turning around walking into the classroom, Mike felt proud of himself.
"See-ya." Mike said turning around to head outside, so he didn't get caught skipping class.

Mike felt proud of himself, he saved a girl, dodged a LOVE conversation with Puckerman and made a girl blush all in between 8:45am to 9:25am, this might be easier then he thought.

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