"Good night Mike" Rachel said sweetly "See you at school tomorrow?"

"Definitely" Mike said, thinking to himself how lucky he was to be going to the same school as Rachel Berry.

Rachel got into her car and Mike stood close by waving and just as she shut her door Mike smirked and said "Sweet dreams" with a cute wink. Rachel blushed a dark red while starting her car.

Mike wandered towards his chuckling to himself, what a night he thought.


Puck caught Mike at his locker the next day at school, he tapped the locked next to Mike's hard enough to make a clunk noise that made Mike jump.

"So, I believe thanks are in order? I noticed you guys didn't leave Breadsticks basically all night" Puck said proudly smirking.

"You were watching us?" Mike said slumping down, rolling his eyes at Puck.

"I'm always at Breadsticks, don't change the subject Chang!" Puck said leaning in to listen to what he was hoping was juicy gossip, but not too much Rachel was his friend now and he kinda didn't want to hear ALL the details. It would be like Mike dating his sister…

"There's not a lot to tell man, Sorry to burst your bubble" Mike explained, grabbing his required books.

"So, not going to see each other again? Hope it doesn't make glee awkward man…" Puck said nervously, breathing a small sigh of relief.

"I didn't say that, I'm actually going to ask her to come with us all to the movies on Saturday" Mike said smiling

"What? Rachel come to the movies with everyone?" Puck laughed sarcastically, "You know I've been trying to get her out and mingling with everyone for months right?"

Mike nodded "Yeah, but she likes me more and will probably go if I suggest it" He laughed.

"Oh real funny smart guy, good luck to ya" Puck said with a salute and wandered off down the hall to his home room.

Mike noticed Rachel walking towards her room and was just about to go up to her when his phone buzzed. He glanced down at it and read the message.

Dance class has been changed to 3:30, can you make it after school?

It was a text from his best friend from dance classes, he had glee at 3:30 after school on Wednesday's but he can probably talk to Mr Schue about it. He wandered down to Mr Schue's office to try and catch him before the day properly started, he was never too bothered about missing home room.

Rachel was sitting in home room talking to Kurt and Mercedes, nobody else seemed to know about her date and dream thankfully, just Puck. They were pretty good friends now so she hoped he can keep it between themselves for even just a bit longer to avoid total embarrassment.

"I can't believe they cancelled glee club on wednesdays because Sue needs to practice the cheerio's singing in the choir room" Kurt complained "They don't even sing!"

"Quin, Santana and Brit sing?" Mercedes added, only half paying attention as she scribbled in her school notebook.

"Either way, I'm not impressed!" Kurt huffed in his chair "we're gonna have to work extra hard on Friday's now!"

Rachel smiled at their banter, she enjoyed having friends. Her dream made her seem like such a loner, she was mostly, but she wasn't that bad.. Was she?

Homeroom ended just as fast as it began and Rachel walked to her next class, bumping into Mike along the way as she daydreamed. His and her books scattered around the small area they both occupied. Mike laughed.

"You know, there are better ways to say hey to someone" He said smiling and bending down to pick up most of the books.

"I am so sorry" Rachel said apologetically, picking up what she could and separating her books from the messy pile she'd acquired.

"It's okay, I was actually trying to catch you anyway" Mike said separating his books aswell and handing over Rachel's "Are you free Saturday?" He asked feeling confident but also a little nervous.

"Saturday? Umm.." Rachel took her books and handed his to him, feeling surprised "I think I'm free"

"Would you like to come to the movies with everyone?" Mike smiled, eagerly waiting for her responce.

"Oh.." she said sounding a little disappointed, she'd hoped he was asking her on another date but he just wanted to hang out with everyone and wondered if she'd wanna join. "I'll have to check and make sure" she finally answered.

"You sounded more excited before?" Mike said stepping closer "Are you okay?"

Rachel's breath caught in her throat for a second, he was getting closer. She nodded then removed herself from the situation before her mind took her back to the dream, she headed towards her class. Mike stood confused and shrugged before heading towards his.

The rest of the day went smoothly, Mike tried to catch Rachel a couple more times in her usual places but she was obviously avoiding him. He wondered what he had done wrong. He went to the only person he could go to for advice.

"So you said something stupid and came crawling to me eh?" Puck smirked

"I didn't do anything, I asked her about saturday and haven't seen her since" Mike explained, then over explained by saying exactly everything he had said and how he had said it.

"You idiot…" Puck said touching his forehead with his hand gently. Mike just looked confused. "She thought you were asking her on a date then invited her to a group outing" he explained, almost ready to smack Mike in the back of the head.

"I was asking her on a date though…" Mike said confused

"With everyone" Puck said gesturing to the big glee group all sitting and laughing with each other at the lockers nearby.

"Ugh.. I see what you mean" Mike basically banged his head on the locker near Puck's "What should I do? She's avoiding me now" Mike pleaded.

"Find her, ask her on a real date and don't come whining to me for stupid advice, I only wanna help with the juicy stuff… like what you should do in the bed…." Puck continued before Mike shushed him, he was not interested in Puck's advice, he hadn't needed that advice before and he certainly doesn't need it now.

Mike wandered the school then the car park for a short amount of time, as much as he wanted to waste time looking for Rachel he'd promised his friend johno that he would be at dance practice today after school since glee was cancelled. He got into his car and drove straight there, the teacher wasn't there but all the group was, they all chatted and joked, did some stretches and practised some moves. Mike and Johno just talked the whole time. Before too long a tall skinny teacher walked in at about 4pm.

"I'm sorry I'm late everyone, I had to organise my own class" The mystery woman explained "you're teacher Mr Bourke had a terrible accident while on holidays last week and has since been unable to teach for the remainder of this year. Due to this accident the two highest level classes, yours and mine have had to merge for lessons" she continued to explain "My name is Mrs Fowler and this is my expert level class" she finally finished.

Mike noticed Rachel walk in, she didn't notice him yet, he was struck by confusion and tapped Johno on the forearm.

"Dude, Rachels in that class" Mike whispered

"Holy crap really? I finally get to meet her? Is she the blonde" Johno said looking around quickly at the entire new class that was walking in.

Mike scowled at the blonde comment, Johno knew Rachel was a brunette he constantly made fun of Mike for mentioning how pretty her brown hair was multiple times. Suddenly Rachel made eye contact with him, he smiled nervously touching the back of his head, Rachel's eyes widened and walked over to him.

"Is this some kind of joke?" she whispered, while the teacher was instructing everyone to find a partner from the opposite class to get to know.

"I'm as shocked as you are.." Mike whispered back "I'm not complaining though, you look pretty great in those dance clothes" he smirked.

"I'm not joking here Mike, I told you all about my dream and now our classes have merged, what the hell is going on!" Rachel said, her voice just above a whisper now, she sounded kinda mad.

"Ahh yes, Rachel and Mike, you two would make the perfect partners, you're both very similar skill levels and would make for quite a show at the championships at the end of this year!" Mrs Fowler said happily, clapping her hands together before going around to the rest of the class to find partners for everyone else.

"How long before Jacob puts a camera in your room? Because I'm gonna need the URL for that web page pronto" Mike said laughing to himself.

"This isn't funny" Rachel said looking like she was about ready to stomp her foot.

Mike smiled at her and grabbed her hand pulling her closer, "If we're gonna dance together you're gonna have to stop avoiding me you know" he said as they both got into a dancing position, him holding her hand and waist. She really liked it.

"I'm not ignoring you" Rachel said awkwardly, she so was.

"I just don't know how we're supposed to have our second date if you're not going to talk to me all night" Mike explained "Wanna do a warm up?" he said motioning to their bodies touching.

"You must think you're so charming" Rachel said with a forgiving giggle on her lips.

They continued to joke and dance all class, when it was over Mike and Rachel walked to their cars which were parked close by in the parking lot.

"Hey Rach, can I ask you something?" Mike said leaning on his car as she walked to her drivers side door.

"I guess?" She said, smiling at him and waiting. What could he possibly ask me? She wondered.

"Do you think I'll ever be as good as the Mike you imagined in your dream?" He said nervously.

Rachel smiled and walked around her car over to him, "Mike, you're great. In my dream you were a little too protective, you got into way too many fights over me!" she continued, laughing softly.

Mike smiled and chuckled, "I'll remember that". Mike lowered his hand to grab hers, "Do you think we could hang out tomorrow?" he asked.

"At school?" Rachel asked wide-eyed.

"Yeah and after, I just want to spend time with you" Mike looked hopeful again, looking her her beautiful eyes "You're absolutely beautiful you know" he continued.

Crap. I can't believe I said that out loud he thought mentally face-palming himself.

Rachel blushed in her whole face and smiled, "Well you did buy me dinner first" she laughed before returning back to reality and dropping his hand. She did go on her tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek first though.

This time Mike was the one who blushed but only lightly, he had the biggest brightest smile staring at her getting into her car and driving off. He got into his and rang Matt to spill what had been happening the last few days and about their amazing date and dance class. He talked to Matt for ages before realising he should really drive home now. Thank god he didn't have a curfew like in Rachel's dream!