Finally after a week of restless sleep and barely eating it was time for the trial. Everyone met at the court house. Gabriella was shaking so bad no one could calm her down. She sat down a chair not speaking to anyone. Everyone had tried comforting her but she ignored them. Troy went over and sat next to her. He took her hand in his. She laid her head on his chest again. He just rubbed her back not saying anything. Nothing he could say would help.

"I want them here Troy" she said suddenly.

"What" he asked?

"I want my mom and dad here" she cried.

"I know baby are they are here. They are right here" Troy said putting his hand on her heart.

She nodded she climbed onto his lap and laid her head on his shoulder . He held her nice and tight as the court started and as other went to testify. Her eyes watered as she heard the others talk about what Mike had done to them. She kept her face buried most of the time scared of facing Mike. Troy just held her soothing her.

"I would like to call Gabriella Montez to the stand" one of the lawyer said.

She whimpered and clung to Troy. "I can't do it Troy. Not with all these people staring at me" she cried.

"Don't look at them. Look at me, right at me. Like the first time we sang together remember" he asked?

She nodded and got up and went to the stand.

"Now Miss Montez you were adopted is that correct" the lawyer asked?

"Yes" she answered.

"By whom"?

"Her name is Maria Montez" Gabriella asked?

"What happen to your birth parents"?

"They were murdered" Gabriella answered.

So far so good. Gabriella thought. She her eyes were fixed up Troy not once taking her eyes off him. That is until she heard 'his' voice.

"They deserved it" Mike yelled.

Gabriella looked at Mike and then she noticed everyone else staring at her. Waiting to see what Mike did to her. She looked back at Troy panicked in her eyes.

"Just relax and keep your eyes on me" he mouth.

She nodded shaking in her seat.

"Who murdered them" the layer asked?

Gabriella looked at the floor. She couldn't do this.

"Miss Montez I understand this is hard for you. I will re phase my question. The man who murdered your parents is he in this room"?

"Yes" Gabriella answered looking back up at Troy.

He winked at her making her smile.

"Can you please point to him"?

Gabriella pointed to Mike.

"No further questions".

Then 'his' lawyer got up. She gulped. This was going to bad she just knew it.

"Miss Montez can you please tell the court what happen in your home one year ago today" Mike's lawyer asked?

"Mi-Mike ca-came and killed my mom and dad" Gabriella stuttered looking at Troy.

"Miss Montez please looking at me".

She whimpered and looked at the lawyer.

"The full story please" .

"It was early Friday morning and I went into the kitchen to get breakfast. Music was playing and my dad was doing a silly dace making my mom laughed. When I asked what was going my mom told me she was…she preg-pregnant. I was so happy I started to do a silly dance with my dad. W-we heard a bang at the door and then it was burst down and Mike stood there holding a gun. He pointed it at me and said don't move so I didn't and he started toward me. My father jumped in front of my to protect me but Mike…he..he sh-sh-shot my dad…in the chest. He died instantly. My mom screamed and ran to his side. Mike kept trying to get close to me but my mom stood in front of me. Mike decided instead of just killing her he would torture her. So he held the gun to her head and kissed her telling her to go along with it while he raped her. Then she sh-sh-shot her too" Gabriella finished.

"Did you have any idea this was going to happen"?

"No how could I"?

"Did your father get threat notes telling him he would pay"?

"Well yes but…."?

"Did he go to the police with this information"?

"No but…"

"So he could have stopped this whole thing by going to the police but he didn't so maybe he wanted it to happen".

"No he didn't want it to happen. He didn't want to start anything. He knew going to the police would start something and he didn't want that so he didn't say anything. He thought they would stop" Gabriella cried.

"What were you doing while all this was happening"?

"Well I was in shock. I couldn't move" Gabriella said.

"He better not be going where I think he is going" Troy said.

"He is. It is his job. Don't loose your cool. Gabriella needs you" Jack said.

"So you stood there watching as your father was shot and your mother was raped. Instead of calling the cops trying to maybe save your mother and father" Mike's lawyer asked?

"I was in shock. I didn't know what to do" Gabriella whimpered.

She looked at Troy needing him. He shook his head.

"It's not your fault" he mouth again.

"Miss Montez look at me please" the lawyer said.

Looking back Gabriella whimpered.

"Did your father ever talk about maybe hating his life or wanting it to end. Maybe his life was too hard and he couldn't handle it"?

"No never. My father loved his life".

"No further questions"

"You may step down" the judge said.

Gabriella got up and went right to Troy. He pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"Let's get out of here" he said.

"No I want to hear the rest" she said.

Mike went up to the stand next.

"Same question" his lawyer asked?

"Only once. It was before he fired me. We were having lunch and he seemed stressed so I asked him what was wrong. He told me life was crazy at the moment and he just couldn't handle it" Mike said.

"Do you have proof"?


Mike pulled a recorder out and hit play.

Mike/Gabi's dad

You ok? You seem really distant.

Yeah I'm really stressed. It's a lot of work running a company all by yourself.

Can I be of any help?

Yes…kill me?


Kill me free me from this craziness.

"NO! IT WAS FIXED! IT WAS FIXED MY DAD NEVER SAID THAT! IT'S A LIE!" Gabriella yelled standing up.

The tape kept going.

But what about your family?

Make it look like a murder. Send me death threats and stuff like that. That way they don't think I wanted it.


"Miss Montez another outburst and you will be removed from the court room" the judge said.

"Your mom was so much fun that night Gabi" Mike smirked.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Gabriella screamed covering her ears.


"THEN MAKE HIM STOP TELLING LIES! MY DAD NEVER SAID THAT! HE NEVER SAID THAT" Gabriella screamed in tears. She turned and buried her face in Troy's chest. He had stood to try and calm him down.

"He never said that Troy. He didn't want to die" she cried.

"I know baby girl I know shhhhh" Troy said rubbing her back.

"I have heard enough if there are no more witness and no more questions I would like to move on" the judge said.

"The jury has heard everything. I have no further questions" Mike's lawyer said.

Mike and his lawyer sat back down.

"Ten minute break while the jury makes up their mind" the judge said.

Gabriella didn't move from her spot in Troy's arms. She kept her head buried in his chest clinging to him like her life depended on it.

"It's over Gabi. Shhhhh it's over now" Troy said rubbing her back.

"My dad never said that. He never said that Troy. He never said that. He didn't I promise" she cried into his chest.

Troy wanted to kill Mike. He had put her through enough. Now make to her think her father wanted to die was just plan evil. Troy kissed her head and knew there was only one way to calm her down. He started to softly sing to her. She instantly started to calm down when she heard his soothing singing voice. When he finished she sniffed into his chest and looked up.

"Do you believe me" she asked?

"I will always believe you" he said.

"About my dad" she asked again?

"Yes of course I believe you. Mike is a jerk. Don't let him get you down ok" he asked?

She nodded. She stayed with him until the jury came back

"Mike Johnson has been found guilty and is to spend a lifetime in prison" the judge said.

"Finally" Gabriella sighed to herself.

Troy and Gabriella hugged.

"Your parents would be so proud of you" he whispered in her ear.

"I know I did this for them. I had to make Mike pay for hurting them" she said.

He smiled as they all went out to eat and be happy. Nothing could ruin their lives now because they helped each other heal.

A/N this is the end. Look out for my next story "Help Her Heal" Gabriella was abused since birth. She goes to see Lucille Bolton and she takes Gabriella in with the help of her son Troy Bolton will Gabriella be able to heal from the past?