45 Things A Girl Wants

Description: IHug her, Hold her, Laugh with her, Kiss her slowly are a few of the 45 things Inuyasha has to do to Kagome to win a bet for 150$ with his friends. He has most of the list done, but then she reads one of his texts and finds out the truth.

Rated: T

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"Hey uh, Kagome?" Inuyasha approached a mousy girl who was quietly chatting with her only friend. Kagome jumped at the voice of the most popular boy in school and she turned around when she realised he was talking to her.

"Uh, yeah?" Kagome said, her voice nearly in a whisper.

"I, uh, was wondering..." Inuyasha started as he scratched the back of his head. "I was wonder if you wanted to go out on a date tonight?"

At his words, Kagome's mouth dropped and she turned to Sango for advice, who was equally as shocked.

"What?! How did this conversation suddenly turn to this?!" Inuyasha yelled at his friends.

"Excuse me?" Kagome asked, she wasn't sure if she had heard him right. She must have mistaken what he said. Why was the most popular boy in school asking the most unpopular girl at school out? It made no sense. Popular kids stuck with popular kids.

"I'll give you 25 bucks if you do it!" Miroku chided.

"It's not worth it. Hell no, I aint asking that loser out."

"I'll add another 25, I so want to see this!" Kouga pulled some money out from his pocket.

"That's 50 bucks.." Inuyasha mumbled.

"I'm pretty sure you heard me right." Inuyasha looked at her with eyes of steel. "I'll pick you up for a movie or something tonight. You live at the Higurashi shrine, right?"

"Uh... Yeah, I do.." Kagome said, her voice getting quieter with every word she spoke.

"Alright, I'll see at seven thirty."

"Okay.." she was barely audible. Once Inuyasha left, she turned to Sango with wide eyes. Sango's mouth had dropped wide open. She couldn't believe Inuyasha Takahashi, hottest and most popular guy at school, just asked her friend, Kagome Higurashi, out to a movie! Kagome was speechless.


"You have like nothing in here to wear!" Sango exclaimed as she rummaged through Kagome's closet.

"I'm not going Sango. I would call him to let him know that, but I don't know his phone number." she said as she played with her thumbs. "I don't want to go on a date with him. Why does he want to take me, of all people? Why doesn't he just ask Kikyo out again. I'm sure they're not mad about it anymore. It's been almost a year, they used to be happy together. Do you think he's using me to make her jealous or something?"

Sango paused for a second and though about what Kagome had just said, then turned around to face her. "I know lots of popular kids are mean jerks who don't care about anyone but themselves, but everyone knows Inuyasha is a lot different. He's never betrayed anyone nor I think he would senselessly use a girl. Besides, if he wanted to get her back by making her jealous, don't you think he would go out with someone just as popular?"

"Yeah, I guess your right, but I hate wearing this glop you put on my face!"

"It's not glop, it's makeup. Even though you don't need it, every girl should wear some on a date." Sango put her hands on her hips and examined Kagome. She was wearing a long sleeved sweater that was green. Her jeans were slightly baggy for her and she was wearing sneakers. Kagome's hair layed against her back in natural waves and her braces were blue.

Sango sighed and went back to Kagome's closet. She kept going through all her clothes, but most of her things were all a couple years old. Kagome wasn't one for shopping and if it fit, Kagome would wear it. A lot of it was Sango's old things too. Then Sango came across something that was in the back of her closet which she had never seen before. Sango quickly pulled it out and showed it to Kagome.

"I didn't know you owned this! It's so pretty!" she gasped and Kagome rolled her eyes. It was a yellow sleeveless sundress. It had a white belt just below the chest and the bottom was lined in white. It was would reach just above her knees and it would barely reveal her cleavage.

"I hate that dress." Kagome said dryly.

"No way, it's so cute!" Sango squealed. "And I have the perfect accessories for it too! I'll be back in half an hour, okay!" Sango said and ran out of the room before Kagome could say anything. She sighed and looked out the window. It was still sunny out in late may. There was only a month left of school and Kagome could not wait. She looked at the clock seeing she had two hours before Inuyasha would arrive at her house. She wondered what form of transportation the rick boy would have. A limo? His own car? Walking maybe? She wasn't sure but she sure as hell could wait. Kagome wanted to say no so badly, but her shy little self was too afraid of him.

In a very quick half hour, Sango had come back from her house, which happened to be down the street, with the proper accessories. White flip flops and a white bag. White beaded necklace and two white hoop bracelets.

"Put it on, I want to see how it looks!" Sango pushed Kagome in the washroom with all the stuff. Then she shut the door and made sure Kagome didn't some out until she had the dress on. After ten minutes, Kagome finally emerged from the washroom. The dress hugged her curves perfectly and Sango swore she had never seen Kagome look so pretty. Not that Kagome wasn't pretty, it's just the Kagome never tried to keep her looks up. But now she was dazzling. The ensemble suited her perfectly.

"I hate this." Kagome pouted with her arms crossed, the purse hanging from her left arm.

"You look amazing!" Sango disagreed with Kagome. "Just give her hair a quick brush and add a little bit of lip gloss and your set!"

"Why all this fuss so long before though? I have another hour and a half."

"Better early then late."

"I thought it was better late then never."

"That too..."

The last hour and a half had gone by painfully slow. Kagome just wanted to get this date over and done with. Her grampa was wondering why she had prettied herself up so much but her mother knew exactly what was going on, though said nothing. When the doorbell rang, Kagome's mother jumped up and ran to the door, eager to see who was taking her little girl out for the night.

"I'm going to kill you Sango..." Kagome turned to her best friend.

"Why me?! I'm not the one who asked you out!"

"But your pushing me to go." Kagome seethed. Then she heard Inuyasha asking for her and she instantly froze up. Then her mother called her name and used the dreaded a cute boy is here for you line.

Kagome took a deep breath. "Might as well get this over with."

Kagome slowly walked to the door and saw Inuyasha waiting with his hands in his pockets. He was wearing a blue striped polo and shorts with flip flops on his feet.

"Let's go." Inuyasha smiled and held his arm out. Kagome swallowed and nodded. She lost completely control over her voice. She nervously linked her arm with his and he led her down the stairs and to the movie theater. Looks like he decided to walk.


Two hours later, they were on their way home. They hadn't talked much while they walked since Kagome was so shy. Inuyasha would ask a question once in a while and she usually nodded or shook her head, unless she couldn't answer with simply yes or no.

"You win the bet if you last a whole month with her!" Kouga spit out, and Miroku agreed with him. Inuyasha groaned but it was an easy 50$ so he agreed to it.

'This was such a waste of my time. How am I going to last a whole month?' Inuyasha thought to himself as they walked down the street back home. He was thinking about going for a walk after the movie so he could get to know her a little better, seeing as though he would be stuck with her for a month, but it seemed liked that wasn't going to happen.

"You have fun?" Inuyasha asked.

''Yeah..." Kagome said quietly as she slightly nodded her head. Truth was it was torture. She knew she didn't make a great impression and she probably ruined her chance to make new friends, but she really didn't care. All Kagome wanted to do was get home and take a bath.

"Doesn't sound like it." Inuyasha replied, sensing how uncomfortable Kagome was. The whole time he could tell she was tense about the whole 'date' which made him uncomfortable. Kagome sensed that he was tense also, which made her even more uncomfortable and it continued in a vicious circle.

"I guess movies aren't my thing." she said, her voice barely audible. That was something that really bugged Inuyasha. Why couldn't she just talk louder? Even with his dog ears he had to strain just to hear her.

"Well maybe we should do something you like. Let's go on another date right after school tomorrow and we'll do something you like." Inuyasha replied just as they reached the shrine.

"Um, alright, I'll think about it..." Kagome said and looked down at her feet. She was in complete shock that he wanted to go out with her again. She thought he had a lousy time, she knew she sure did.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Inuyasha called and left home. He couldn't wait for the next month to be over. He couldn't afford to lose 50$ to his two friends and he loved winning challenges. Inuyasha was going to make that girl more comfortable with him, whether she liked it or not.

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