45 Things A Girl Wants

Description: Hug her, Hold her, Laugh with her, Kiss her slowly are a few of the 45 things Inuyasha has to do to Kagome to win a bet for 150$ with his friends. He has most of the list done, but then she reads one of his texts and finds out the truth.

Rated: T

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"Bye Inuyasha." Kagome smiled and waved as her boyfriend left the house. With a sigh, Kagome got up to turn the DVD player off, and that's when she noticed Inuyasha's phone on the floor. Kagome rolled her eyes, thinking it fell out of his pocket and she picked it up to put on the side table so no one would step on it. Just as she put it down, the phone vibrated with Miroku's name on the screen.

"Might aswell let him know Inuyasha doesn't have it." Kagome shrugged as she opened the message, expecting something like 'hey' or 'what's up!'. Though, it said something completely different.

How's the bet with Kagome going? You haven't let me know how far you're down the list.

"Bet, with me?" Kagome looked at the phone in confusion. She knew it was probably wrong to look through his phone, but... well this was an exception, right? Kagome took a deep breath and opened his inbox.

So what are you going to do with the 150$, seeing as though your winning :\ from Kouga

How far along are you in the bed? from Miroku

I have to admit, I didn't think you were going to even last a week in the bet with Kagome. from Miroku

"Kagome, I think my phone fell out of my-" she looked up at Inuyasha, who stopped in mid sentence when he saw his phone in her hands and the tears rolling down her eyes.

"You asked me out, because of a bet?" Kagome said, her voice candy coated with anger.

"Why are you looking through my phone?" Inuyasha answered, not sounding as angry, though still frustrated she did.

"Don't try making me look like the bad guy here," Kagome said. Inuyasha began to feel her aura change drastically. "Miroku sent you a text, so I opened it to tell him you didn't have your phone, and his text said 'How's the bet with Kagome going? You haven't let me know how far your down the list.' You asked me out, on a bet?"

"It's, not like that Kagome!" Inuyasha growled and grabbed her shoulders. Though, her angry aura rejected him and gave him a shock, so he backed off.

"Then how is it?"

"Okay, fine, I did ask you out because of a bet," he said and suddenly her hair starter to fly around and he backed up a bit. Now he knows why she's locked her priestess powers up - she had told him about that a month ago, but never gave the reason. "But, at some point, I really ended up liking you. I didn't have the money to pay Kouga and Miroku for losing the bet so I kept it going. I wanted it to stop, but I couldn't!"

"Leave. My. House. Now!" Kagome growled, her eyes nearly glowing with anger.

Inuyasha decided that it was best to leave instead of arguing any further. He figured that she could calm down and he could fix things tomorrow, or in a few days. Maybe a week... Yeah, a week should be long enough.

Once Inuyasha left, Kagome's powers calmed down and she fell on the couch, still holding Inuyasha's phone. She wanted to throw it across the room so badly, but her guilty conscience wouldn't allow her to do that. But her phone, well she didn't really care. She was thinking about drowning it later, that might make her feel better.

"Kagome," her mom came in the house, all dressed up from her date with Daisuke. "What are you still doing up?"

Kagome sat there, and only looked up at her mom. "Kagome, what happened?" Sakura said in shock when she saw the tears rolling down Kagome's cheeks. Kagome chose not to answer but ran and hugged her mother for comfort. Sakura only hugged her back as Kagome's cries became more pain by the minute.


Miroku was not a happy camper. He was walking to Inuyasha's house, his hands in fists so tight, his knuckles turned white. Earlier that morning, Sango had called his house and she was freaking out at him, and she dumped him. Sango had said something about the bet, so he was wondering what Inuyasha had done for Kagome to find out.

"Mr. Houshi, it's a surprise to see you here so early." one of the house keepers said when they answered the door.

"I've got some business I have to talk to Inuyasha with." Miroku answered, his anger growing. The house keeper gave him an odd look, but brought him upstairs without argument.

When at his room, Miroku thanked the maid and banged on Inuyasha's door. After a few seconds of pounding, an awful looking Inuyasha opened the door. His eyes were blood shot with huge bags under them from lack of sleep, and his hair was incredibly messy. He was still wearing his jeans with no shirt. Sure Inuyasha looked like shit when he woke up, but never this bad.

"What do you want?" Inuyasha asked with an angry groan.

"How did Kagome find out?" Miroku seethed.

"She read your text you sent last night." Inuyasha answered. "Don't freak out at me please, I've been up all night with a massive headache. I'm going to fix everything in a week once she cools down. Why do you care anyways?"

"Sango is pissed off and she dumped me." Miroku said.

"HIDE ME!" they suddenly both heard Kouga yell as he came running up the stairs.

"What's going on?" Miroku asked, his anger starting to subside.

"Ayame is going to bloody murder me! She said Kagome called saying something about Inuyasha asking Kagome out because of a bet. How did she find out?"

"Read Miroku's text." Inuyasha answered. Great, they had three pissed off girls they wold have to take care of. Hopefully they would be up to clearing things up in a week, hopefully.

-One Week Later-

Inuyasha took a deep breath. He had finally gotten his phone back, along with a garbage bag full of the clothes and gifts he had bought Kagome. His dad had asked why Kagome's phone was canceled, but Inuyasha answered with an 'I don't know'. So now he was going to call Kagome's house. Hopefully Kagome was going to answer. He was too ashamed to talk to the rest of her family at the moment.

"Hello?" Kagome answered the phone. Inuyasha felt just a bit relieved it was her who picked up, though his heart was still pounding from nervousness.

"Hi Kagome." Inuyasha said, then he was answered by beep, beep, beep. Looks like that plan didn't work... Maybe if he goes over to her house, she'll be forced to talk to him? Meh, it was worth the try.

Inuyasha got off his bed and left the house. When he arrived at the house, he took a deet breath, once again, and knocked on the door. In a few minutes the door swung open to reveal Kagome with a pink apron on, he assumed she was baking. Though, he didn't have time to say anything cause she slammed the door closed the second she saw him.

"Come on Kagome, can you please let me talk to you?" Inuyasha asked and knocked on the door again, assuming no one else was home. Oh man, how wrong was he. Kagome's grampa opened the door next and went running after him with a broom.

"If you ever show up at the shrine again, I'll have your head!" he yelled as Inuyasha booked it down the street. Okay, bad plan. But what was he supposed to do now? It's only been one week into the summer, so he didn't want to wait until school started again, but at the same time, he was afraid of her and her family. Maybe if he went to see Sango...

Well, that didn't work either. He got the same thing from her, and then Kohaku came running out at him ready to kick his ass. He wanted to go see Ayame next, hoping he could get her to forgive him, but he knew all too well that she has the full capability to kill him, and probably would attempt too. It's a good thing she didn't dump Kouga though. They've been together far too long just to throw it away, though she vowed not to talk to any of them for a VERY long time.

Hopefully he would be able to talk to her soon.


So it has officially been a month since Kagome found out, and the three guys were the most hated people in town at the moment. Looks like Kagome made sure of that. She was so angry, even after a month. Though Inuyasha didn't blame her. He just wished she would give him the chance to make it up to her.

Seriously, it was horrible! They would walk down the street and people would shake their heads at them, or roll their eyes. They would get the occasional name calling or nasty comment.

His brother and Rin were extremely angry with him, they wouldn't even give him any pitty. And his parents both said they have never been so disapointed in their lives. That was something that really stuck in his conscience.

They all kept getting hate mail, people would threaten him or tell him off. None of them were accepted or allowed to any parties. The only people who stuck by their sides were each other, and kind of Ayame. She was still cooling down from the whole thing.

Oh, and guess what. Inuyasha has seen Kagome, Sango, Ayame, and KIKYO hanging out, SEVERAL times! Seriously, if there was any possible way for his life to get any worse at the moment, he would probably go crawl in a corner and rot to death. He felt so bad about it, and so did Miroku and Kouga, but no one would see that or give them the chance to apologize or make up for the bet. They had completely forgotten about the money too, so that must count?

He did hear one good piece of news about Kagome. Her, her mom Sakura, Souta, and her grandfather had moved in with Sango's house, since it was larger. now they were renting the shrine to another family who would take care of it. They weren't exactly ready to sell it yet.


Well, it's the first day of school. Everyone still hated the three of them, and worst of all, the girls still were mad. Even Ayame barely talked to them. Kouga was getting close to freaken marking her as his mate so she would be forced to talk to him, though they were just a tad young to make that decision.

He was really hoping to have a class with Kagome. He hadn't really seen her all summer, just that rare time on the street. It was probably the longest day of his life too. First of all, Hojo had the biggest smirk on his face in the freaken universe. He had no idea why, but Inuyasha had the feeling it had to do with Kagome. Another downhill side was that he didn't have any classes with either Kouga or Miroku for the first semester. And to top it off, every student in the school looked at him with the worst looks he had ever seen in his life.

Well, it was the end of the day and he hadn't seen Kagome, not once. It was odd because she was never at her locker -all the students had gotten to keep their lockers from last year-, he never saw her in the hall way, in the lunch room, or at her favourite tree, and he didn't have any classes with her. He hadn't even seen Sango yet either. This really worried him.

On his way home though, he saw Kikyo walking down the street. He took a deep breath, knowing Kikyo was probably really angry with him, but he went to catch up to her. Since she had been hangingout out with Kagome during the summer, she might have the idea of what was going on.

"Kikyo, wait up!" Inuyasha called as he ran to catch up to her. "I want to ask you something!"

"What is it?" Kikyo turned around, and Inuyasha literally stopped dead in his tracks. Wow, the look on her face was really scary.

"Uhm, where was Kagome today? I didn't see her at all." he mustered up the courage to ask.

"Why do you care? She hates you now."

"I know!" Inuyasha groaned. "But I've been tryng to make it up to her all summer but she just wouldn't let me talk to her. I was hoping I would see her today, but she wasn't even at her favourite tree during lunch. So I'm kind of worried."

"You didn't hear?" Kikyo decided that she might aswell help him.

"H-hear what?"

"Her family moved in with Sango's,"

"Yeah I know that, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"You didn't let me finish. Her family moved in with Sango's, and they moved away just a week ago a few towns away. Inuyasha, you probably won't ever see her again."

"What?" Inuyasha said, his world crumbling down before his very eyes.


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