A.N. Hi everyone. I doubt anybody will read this, but I just didn't feel right leaving this story unfinished. I think I just lost interest in the pairing, which made this kind of hard to write. It was seriously painful reading all the chapters in this because I feel like I understand grammar and writing a lot better now (smh at obvious typos). One day I probably maybe wont might edit it. Enjoy guys, I hope this was worth waiting a year for.

Alice swallowed hard as she walked down the festively decorated corridor. The burning from her stomach had not yet let up, and with every step she took another painful memory sprang up in her mind. Soon, the physical pain radiating from her stomach was being overshadowed by her fears.

Tarrant. Alice thought sadly, I could have run away with him if only I wasn't so stupid! Tears began to well up in her eyes, but she blinked them back.

That man… That man.. Jonas, she thought, scowling. I… I remember…

With a painful throb in her stomach, she doubled over, dropping to her knees. She remembered being in that room with that man. All her memories were rushing back to her, her head felt like it was going to explode. She was laying in that bed, and that man, he, he came inside the room.

"Hello, my dear Ivory," King Jonas said. He was a faceless figure standing in the doorway, bright white light rushing in from the hall. She squinted, trying to make out more than his figure and dust particles floating through the air.

"Wha-," Alice began, her head pounding. She was so groggy, she just wanted to sleep. The man shut the door, and suddenly Alice was blinded by the darkness of this room. There was a light tapping sound as he walked over to her bed. She vaguely noticed him sitting on the edge of it.

"How are you feeling, dear?" He asked, his voice pure silk. Alice looked up at this handsome man, he was a King, wasn't he? Alice tried to speak, but no words came from her mouth. She tried to sit up, but her muscles ached and throbbed like she had just run a marathon. The man put his hand on her shoulder, and she realized how cold she was.

She shivered at his touch, the heat seemingly radiating from his hand, warming her shoulder. The touch was nice, it made her smile. His hands reminded her of Tarrant's. She smiled, still in her daze as his hand started rubbing small circles on her shoulder, warming her up. She looked to the ceiling, thinking about her very mad lover.

"Tarrant," she mumbled, as his hand went a little lower, feeling her breasts. A flush crossed her face, her mind hazy. Immediately, his hand stopped rubbing and her face stung. The man had striked her across the face in a fluid motion.

"You will not speak his name," the man said in a low, threatening voice. Alice shivered in fear, looking up at the man. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back at an awkward angle.

"Agh," Alice mumbled, tears in her eyes. The man put a knee between her legs, moving his body over hers. He put his face down to her neck, and bit the flesh there. She could feel his erection digging into her stomach, and it filled her heart with fear.

"Although I know you're enjoying our time here, I can assure you I won't take your virtue. I won't take it until you beg me to," his hot breath on her neck made her cringe, his lips moving against the flesh there. He rolled his hips, grinding his erection against her. She whimpered, not sure whether she was frozen with fear or it was the strange fog that was trapping her muscles earlier, refusing to let her move.

"N-No," Alice choked out, her skin burning with rage.

"Very well," the King said, and he let himself off the bed. "I will see you in the morning." Alice laid there, frozen in fear, as she heard the light tapping of his shoes as he left the room. The strange paralysis was still over her body, and her skin burned everywhere that horrible man had touched her. A painful throb in her stomach and she was back in the corridor of the castle, kneeling in pain.

She sucked in a quick breath and stood, looking around to make sure nobody had spotted her. She rushed down the hall, but her physical pain was slowly ebbing away, replaced with a white hot layer of shame.

She heard a tapping down the corridor, presumably somebody coming to find her. She gasped, and looked around, opening the first door she could find and jumping in, shutting it as quietly as she could behind her.

She didn't even bother to look around the room as she listened with her ear to the door, as the footsteps passed. She thought she could hear some mumbling, but the harder she listened the less she could hear as they walked away. She sighed in relief, but before she could open the door to step back into the hall an icy cold hand grabbed her arm. She turned around quickly in shock, ready to fight, but instead immediately froze upon what she saw.

Dark, gaping eyes, sunken in from lack of sleep; pale, waxy skin; frayed hair; she looked almost wild in appearance. Her clothes were ripped and filthy. Alice quickly looked away, her heart shriveling with fear. She looked at the hand grabbing her arm.

Long, cracked fingernails caked with dirt spouted from bony hands crisscrossed with protruding veins and tendons. Her wrists looked paper thin and were covered with some discolored scarring. Alice swallowed hard, her back hitting the door. The thing about Mirana, the White Queen's new appearance that caught her eye more than anything else, however, was the beautiful, diamond-studded wedding ring on her ring finger, so oversized it looked as though it was ready to fall off, but there nonetheless.

"What do you have for me, Mally?" Tarrant asked as she crawled under the castle's large outer barrier, covered in dirt.

"It looks like they're preparing for a wedding," Mallymkun responded, patting the dirt off of her front. She eyed the scowling Tarrant hungrily.

"I can't believe he would do all this so soon," Tarrant said, worry etching its way into his voice. "I guess there's only one thing we can do."

"You mean try to sneak in?" One of Bayard's no-longer-pup's asked. "You know that's a long shot, even for us." Tarrant shook his head, his fingernails showing his conflicting emotions as they rapidly changed color.

"We can always storm the castle," the Bandersnatch said, his voice like a low growl. Tarrant shook his head.

"I will not endanger Alice's life like that, I would never forgive myself if that madman hurt her," he said, his voice dangerously low.

"Well," Mally squeaked, a small smile on her face. "I did notice something else I think might interest you all. Everyone immediately looked to her, interested in what she had to say.

Alice looked at what remained of the White Queen, sorrow deep in her eyes.

"I-I can't believe this has happened to you," Alice said, her voice wavering slightly. The White Queen smiled, her lips still full and red despite it all. The smile looked foreign on her face.

"Don't feel sorry for me," she said, her cold hand still on Alice's shoulder. "I wanted this all along, didn't I?"

"What?" Alice asked, bewildered. "No, you can escape with me, he, he wants to marry me, I think he drugged me, Tarrant will save us." The White Queen raised an eyebrow, the hint of a smile on her worn face.

"Did he finally confess his feelings to you then? I should have known," she said, her voice rough. She shook her head a little bit, her neck audibly creaking. Alice shuddered at the sound.

"I-yes. W-We had been staying together," Alice said slowly, blushing furiously.

"This King is not from our land, he's from a rivaling country. They're not like us there, Alice. They feed off of the positive emotions of others. I made the mistake for falling for him during a conference. I should have known, in fact, I did know. Don't worry about him marrying you Alice, it will never happen."

"You don't understand," Alice whined, swallowing hard. "Do you not know? The ceremony is in an hour," she let her voice trail off. Instead of saying anything, the White Queen held up her left hand from Alice's arm, displaying the beautiful ring on her finger. "Oh," Alice said, examining the bright ring closer.

"He can't marry you, Alice. He's already married me." Alice's eyes grew wide with shock. "A marriage is the ultimate feast to his kind, the high emotions all around. But it's okay. Go ahead with your marriage, I know how to defeat his kind."

Alice wanted to ask her more, but before she knew it the White Queen had pushed her out of the room and slammed the door shut behind her.

Tarrant adjusted his top hat nervously, Mally whispering words of encouragement as he waited for an opening to scurry from his bush to the next in the line. He hated going for this with nobody but Mally, but if she was right, it would all play out nicely. He swallowed, mad thoughts racing throughout his head.

What if she never drank the liquid? Tarrant thought nervously. Maybe she likes it there, a particularly snide voice in his head commented. He shook his head, making that voice silence. You saw him, the voice piped up again as he ran to the next bush and hiding behind it. Everyone was so busy getting food the caterers put out or finding the best seat he probably could have just walked out there and sat down, but it would be too risky.

Tarrant smacked himself on the side of the head, in an effort to silence the voice once and for all.

"What are you doing?!" Mally whispered furiously, her brains scrambled. "Remember who the enemy is!"

"Sorry, dear," Tarrant mumbled, settling on the perfect hiding bush. At least if it came to it, he could jump out and defend Alice, but Mally seemed pretty confident he would get an opening to grab Alice and run.

Tarrant's line of thought abruptly stopped as the man he hated most in the world walked out of the castle. Everyone immediately ran to their seats and stood and he slowly walked down the aisle, a charming smile on his face. If Tarrant didn't know any better, he would have thought it was sincere.

Alice gulped, swallowing what felt like a dry lump. A sheen of sweat was over her body as she stepped out onto the aisle. Nobody seemed to notice as everyone was gazing at the King, dreamy looks in their eyes. Alice recognized none of them as residents… They must have all came from the same place he did. They all resembled him in some way, their beautiful faces and extremely overdressed clothes might have been it. One of the hideous creatures that led her to the palace was seated at a piano, and started playing some notes when he saw her.

Alice let out a whimper that would have been audible if not for the music and the crowd's little Oooohs and Aaaahs. One foot in front of the other, she stepped her way down the aisle, until she was standing next to him. The look on his face, that some might mistake for love, looked like hunger to her. She shuddered, remembering their time in the bedroom nights ago.

Alice looked deeper into his eyes and realized that something was wrong. His smile turned into a frown as he gazed upon her.

"What's wrong, Darling?" He asked, his face was twisted, looking anything but beautiful at the moment. The sight scared Alice.

"N-Nothing," Alice began, her eyes darting around, trying to find an escape. What was wrong? She was acting as natural as she could. She could see the rage blooming behind his eyes, and she felt scared.

"You don't love me anymore," he stated coldly, glaring at her. Her eyes widened, and she took a step back. There was a loud gasp the audience collectively shared.

"W-What, yes," Alice began, but he cut her off.

"Don't lie, I can smell it on you," he said, his voice barely a whisper. Alice had never seen anyone look more furious than he did right now. She looked around at the crowd, and noticed all the beautiful attendants were looking positively ravenous.

"You promised us a feast!" A woman screamed, her voice hitting a bloodcurdling note. The King looked scared now, looking at all of his people and their faces.

"We travelled for this! We trusted you!" A man yelled, and others screamed in agreement.

"You all seem very upset," an icy voice said, somehow prominent amongst all the yelling. Everyone stopped and looked behind them, at the source of the noise.

The White Queen stood there, and yet despite her weak and frail appearance, she never beamed as much confidence. Her dress was now nothing but dirty rags, but Alice could tell how it used to look just like hers.

"Did your beloved King not tell you this wedding was a sham?" Mirana said casually, her hand wiping a speck of dust off of an ornate flower arrangement.

"What is this," a woman sneered from the crowd, her voice bloodthirsty. Although Mirana should have been fearing for her life at the idea of being ripped limb from limb by this angry mob, she just smiled.

"Your selfish, selfish King decided to take me as his wife, and feed off of my emotions, solely. I can't imagine why he didn't invite any of you. My, my, you all look so," she paused for a moment and pursed her lips, as if searching for the right word. "Ravenous," she finally decided on with a smile.

"It's not true!" The King stated, his voice, although loud, was laced with fear. Mirana smiled and did the only thing that needed to be done to persuade the crowd to rip the King to shreds. She held up her left hand, her beautiful ring shimmering in the sunlight.

Alice gasped as a warm hand grabbed her arm, pulling her into safety. Her heart lit on fire when she saw Tarrant's face, his eyes warm with emotion for her. Her eyes welled up with tears as they ran away together, hand-in-hand. They ran until the evil King's screams of pain and terror were but a memory.

They ran out of the courtyard, and Alice noted how it seemed oddly empty. Every other time she had seen it, it was bustling with life. She silently hoped to see it that way again. While they ran, they said nothing. There was no time to rejoice at the feeling of being reunited. They just had to get out of there.

As they exited the outer wall of the castle, Alice's heart warmed as she saw her old friends. There was no time at the moment for chit chat, however. Tarrant quickly informed Bayard and his children of the situation, and they sprang into action, storming the castle with the Bandersnatch. Tarrant took off his top hat, letting Mally out.

"You go get her to safety," Mally squeaked, eyeing Alice distastefully. "We'll run those bastards out."

"Thank you," Tarrant said, his voice warm. Alice noticed how Mally stood up a little taller before running to catch up with the rest of them, waving her sword around ferociously.

Alice took her last glance at the castle as Tarrant led her away, his arm over her shoulder. She had never felt safer than now, being led away from that hell. She swallowed, willing the tears to not come as he leaned in and kissed her cheek. Everything was going to be okay now, everything will be all right, she repeated in her head, her personal mantra.

Alice could not keep the tears from falling as they approached Tarrant's quirky home. Her body was a vessel being filled with all these memories she did not want to give light to. Tarrant looked at her with concern as the tears started falling, soaking her cheeks in their warm, salty wake.

"Alice, my dear Alice," Tarrant mumbled into her hair, embracing her. He lightly pet the back of her head as he let her cry it out. Eventually, it felt like her tears would not stop.

You have to tell him, a bold voice said in her mind, making her shiver and cry harder. She felt Tarrant put an arm around her shoulders and another underneath her knees as he picked her up, bridal style. She wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders, shaking with sobs.

Tarrant carried her ever-so-carefully up the stairs and laid her down on their bed. She whimpered as he laid her down, not letting go of her hold on him. He laid down next to her, wishing he could take the pain away. He wished he could have saved her from having to go through that. He wanted to wash away the pain she felt. The look of her thin wrists sickened him.

"I'm sorry," Tarrant began, giving her frail wrist a quick kiss. "I'm so sorry," he continued, kissing down her forearm.

"T-Tarrant," Alice began, shuddering. He had to know. He wouldn't love her anymore but he had to know. "I am sorry," she stated, and her heart stopped beating as his lips froze on her arm. He gave her one last kiss before looking up, into her eyes.

"You, my dear," he said, kissing her warm cheek. "Have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I failed you." He stated, feeling the cold coils of shame wrap around his body. He was surprised when Alice started shaking her head.

"No, I-I," she began, her face reddening. "I can't tell you." Tarrant felt a shiver go down his spine.

"What do you mean? Did something happen to you?" He began, his warm hands feeling all over her slender frame, as if checking for breaks. She started shaking her head, but her sobs gave her away.

"You won't want me if I told you," Alice finally choked out, her face buried in his chest. Finally, realization dawned on him, and it was as if his bones were made of ice. He shivered, looking down at Alice, wanting to look into her eyes.

"D-did that man," Tarrant began, unsure of how to ask this. "Did he touch you, Alice?" Tarrant asked, fear alive in his eyes. She wailed loudly at the sound of his voice, which confirmed his thoughts. Tarrant held her closely to his body for what felt like an eternity. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to do. He just wanted to be there for his Alice. Finally, she spoke.

"I feel so ugly," Alice said, summing up all the pain she felt in four little words. Her words stabbed Tarrant in the heart.

"Alice," Tarrant said, sitting up. Alice said flat on her back, looking up at him, her lip quivering. Tarrant had never before seen anyone look so frail. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. You are so strong." Alice closed her eyes, as if trying to be anywhere but there. Tarrant leaned in, kissing her neck. "You are so beautiful," he began, his warm kissing dancing on her skin.

Alice shifted under him, audibly letting out a little moan. He rubbed her arms with his hands as he straddled her hips, gazing down lovingly at her. "So beautiful," he mumbled, leaning down, painting her body with his kisses. Everywhere his mouth touched felt alive to Alice. It was the first real sensation she had since downing that liquid.

He nibbled and sucked on her collar bone, enjoying the noises she was making. Boldly he let his hands travel to her breasts, rubbing them over the fabric of her beautiful dress. Alice blushed furiously, her legs twitching at the pleasurable sensations. He squeezed them gently, and Alice did not think she had ever felt anything more pleasurable than his rough hands toughing her.

Alice sat up to let him unzip the back of her dress, and he got off of her only long enough to remove the fabric of it. Tarrant dully made note of the fact that she had absolutely nothing on underneath it. The King obviously had some plans for her on their wedding night, he thought with a shudder.

Tarrant looked down on her naked form, his eyes hungry. The flush on her face was travelling down her chest, her perfect pink nipples were pert from her excitement. He smiled as his eyes travelled lower, down her navel, to her little mound covered in a dusting of blonde hairs.

Alice could feel Tarrant hardening against her leg, which sent a spark of pleasure between her legs. Tarrant did not take his eyes off of her as he stood again to undress himself. Alice blushed, enjoying the attention he was giving her. Even though she had seen him naked before, she couldn't stare as openly as he had.

Her breathing picked up as he placed one knee and then another between her legs. His fully erect cock was reddening at the tip, showing her how aroused just looking at her body was making him. She spread her legs, allowing him access. Instead of plunging right in, like she thought he was supposed to do, instead he let his fingers travel down to her mound. He played with the hair there for a second as he leaned forward, resting his weight on his free elbow and giving Alice a warm kiss to her mouth.

"Let me know if I'm hurting you," he said, his voice taking on a certain husky tone to it that made her shiver.

She twitched a little from the feeling as he experimentally rubbed her clit, the feeling shooting like lightening from the contact to the pleasure center in her brain. Tarrant was shocked, and so unbelievably hard at the warm wetness that was Alice's clit. He rubbed the warm flesh there, his fingers already slick with her excitement. He smiled at how her blush deepened. She spread her legs even farther, letting him know it was all his.

He trailed his finger down in a line further, until he reached her entrance. He slowly worked in his finger, loving how it made Alice squirm with anticipation. She was so unbelievably tight and warm, he shuddered and he slowly fingered her, getting her used to the feeling. Using every ounce of patience he possessed he waited until she begged for more, when he slipped in another finger.

She was so slick and so hot and when she started moaning underneath him and bucking her hips he knew he couldn't wait any longer. He pulled out his fingers, loving the little sigh that fell from her lips. He rubbed the excess wetness from his fingers on his length and hissed at the contact. He was so hard it was almost starting to hurt, he heard his pulse in his ears and knew he needed to get his release soon.

His lips lightly bit and suckled at her neck, and the fingers that had invaded her were now playing with her breast, gently squeezing and playing with the nipple. He hoped this would be enough to distract her from the pain.

They shared a shudder as his cock hit against her entrance, and he might have bit her neck a bit harder than was called for the way she gasped. He licked the area apologetically as he let the head of his cock slide into her. He inhaled deeply to calm himself. It felt like every nerve was on fire. It took everything he had to not force his way in and use her body to pleasure himself.

He rested his forehead in the junction where her neck met her shoulder and slowly pushed more of himself inside, his mouth watering at the feeling.

Alice shuddered at the feeling as he slowly filled her up. Finally, he had his cock fully sheathed inside of her, and he pulled out. She moaned loudly at the rubbing sensation, and he rolled his hips towards hers again, and she savored the feeling of him inside the deepest part of her.

Tarrant was in heaven, there was no other way to describe the feeling. Alice was so impossibly tight against his cock, he knew he wouldn't be able to last long. He swallowed, letting the speed of his thrusts pick up. He kissed her mouth, licking her lips, begging for entrance. She opened her mouth, and their tongues slid sensually together as he thrust into her, claiming her for his own.

Alice wrapped her legs around his hips, her mind in pure ecstasy. She moaned loudly as he hit all the pleasurable spots inside her with his cock, each one sending a jolt of pleasure up her spine. She started to roll her hips with him, meeting each thrust, letting his cock get just that much deeper inside of her.

She started to sweat as she felt the sensation build, starting in her stomach and spreading. She dug her nails into Tarrant's back, moaning loudly. He picked up the speed, his hips snapping in and out of her of their own accord, completely lost in his pleasure. Every bump and ridge inside her got him that much closer to losing control.

Alice let out a loud moan, feeling her walls clench down on him in her orgasm. She held onto him tight, digging her nails into his back harder as her walls started pulsating around him, each pulse giving her a shot a pleasure.

When Tarrant felt her walls clamp down on him it was all over. He held onto her and thrust inside her one, two, three times more and he was spilling his seed inside her. She flushed, shuddering at the warm sensation of being filled up with his cum.

They laid there panting in each other's arms, not wanting to let each other go ever again. Alice smiled, giving Tarrant a final kiss on the lips. He smiled, wincing slightly at the feeling of his sensitized cock sliding out of her. Alice sat up, watching him as he cleaned himself off.

"Do you see something you fancy?" Tarrant asked with a smile, making Alice laugh.

"Oh yes," Alice said with a smile, throwing a pillow depicting an ornate hat at him. "Just the man I am absolutely in love with." Tarrant stopped for a moment and looked at her with a huge, gap-toothed grin.

"I love you too, Alice dear," he said as he went to rejoin her on the bed.

Well, there you have it, guys. Thanks for believing in my ability to put together a semi halfway decent story.