Contest: "The Question" Challenge - My Lady Jes

Rules: Use the pairing given (Seamus Finnigan/Ginny Weasley), and the setting (Seamus is going to Ginny's house to ask her parents for permission to marry her.)

So, I wrote this one during my HSPA testing, too. It's weird how fast I've been getting these things out. Usually I get a chapter out every three or more weeks, but I've written a new oneshot almost everyday this week. Well, read, review, and enjoy!

Seamus took a nervous step towards the door to the Burrow. He'd been there countless times since Ginny and him had started dating at the end of the war, but today it was different. He'd finally coerced Hermione into bringing the red-haired woman out to a muggle shopping center.

He raised his hand to the door and rapped quickly. The door opened almost immediately. Arthur Weasley stood there for a few moments, looking surprised before leading Seamus into the kitchen. "Are you busy, Mr. Weasley?" He asked. "I can come back later if you are."

"Don't be silly, boy," Mr. Weasley said, guiding the sandy-haired man into the bustling kitchen. "What did you want, then?" He asked once they were sat around the table.

"Well," He started, clearing his throat selfconsciously. "Ginny and I've been together for almost three years now," He pulled at his collar. "And I think that it's about time for me to - "

He was cut off by a plump woman coming through the pantry door, and engulfing him in a tight hug. "Oh, of course you have our permission!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed. "To be honest, we were beginning to think you'd never pop the question."

Seamus smiled. "So it's okay, then?" He looked over to Mr. Weasley. "I can ask Gin to marry me?"

Arthur stood up, and the kitchen silenced for a few moments. "Never," he said, coming towards Seamus. "In all my years, have I ever," He took a breath and exhaled, breaking into a smile. "Been happier to receive a son-in-law." He grabbed Seamus and pulled him into a quick embrace.

Seamus smiled wildly. "Thank you, sir!" He said, shaking the older man's hand firmly.

"Yes, yes, you're quite welcome," Molly said. "Now go ask her, dear!"

"Of course."

Blarghh. This is crap. Utter, total, complete crap. Whatever. Review, and such. Love, Asia.