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It wasn't supposed to end like that.

His plan had been perfect, flawless. There was no way he could have failed. Everything had gone the way he had wanted, the way it was supposed to. Yet somehow, he had failed. He'd let everyone down, including himself. He'd betrayed them all.

He watched the world crumble around him, taking the last of everything he knew with it.

In the distance, he watched his rival cry out to his friends and they cried back to him. They reached each other and grouped together, holding on in the midst of destruction. With sadness in his heart, he watched them, his eyes filling with unshed tears and shifting between lavender and chocolate brown. He was alone and he knew it. His host, his reincarnation, and the only one who had ever truly seen his true self had left him for ruin because of the betrayal they'd been shone—while they'd been together, he had only abused the privilege of having them both there. That decision haunted him in the world's final moments.

He hadn't meant to betray them to his master, especially not his host and her. He had never wanted her hurt—she was the only thing he had wanted safe, though he didn't look kindly on his master hurting his host. The younger boy had always been good to him even though he was possessed.

He wrapped both arms around himself, feeling very cold as the heavy wind whipped through his stark-white hair. It glanced off his tanned skin and sent goose-bumps up and down his arms and legs, even brushing his bare chest. A single tear escaped his eyes as a familiar woman with golden blonde hair the color of Ra stared up at him. He knew she was fighting back the tears that streamed from her vibrant violet eyes, but even so, it pained him to see them.

He wanted to run down from his position on the collapsing cliff and wrap his arms around her, but his betrayal had been too much. She could never accept him now for what he had done. He had condemned her friends and family to ultimate death and destruction and that was an unforgivable sin.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to the wind even though he knew none of them could hear him. "I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I'm sorry."

Despite his words, the world's destruction continued on and the shadows began to curl around him. His master towered over them just behind him but he didn't dare look—his master wouldn't be pleased to see his tears. The Master of the Shadow Realm let out a blood-curdling laugh filled with hatred, evil, and triumph; rather than reassure him, it shook him to the bone and only brought more sorrow and misery to him.

"I'm sorry," he whispered again. "I'm so very sorry."

Clenching a fist, the thief king closed his eyes and prayed to the gods for death to come upon him. Anything would be better than his fate with his master in charge. He didn't want to live without her, he didn't deserve to live without her, nor, he realized, with her. His betrayal had lost himself all trust from anyone ever again. The thought wrenched his heart into two pieces and he fell to his knees, silently begging for the forgiveness and redemption he would never get.

It wasn't supposed to end like that.