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London and Kendrick's Suicide Table

dedicated to NeroAnne, Terrahfry, Redsandman99 and Seraphalexiel

by Green Phantom Queen

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Chapter 7-Heart to Heart and Mind

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My name was Ashley Helmsley. I am now Ashley Massaro.

I was set to meet up with Heart Break Kid after running away from home. I needed answers; this man would know what happened to my brothers. I knew what was going on in their minds. They were sending me a message that only I could understand...if only I did so when I was younger.

My brothers were adopted, so we weren't blood related. We had a good bond, but it broke once we were in High School. What happened to the days where I practiced backyard wrestling with them? They taught me to be acrobatic—something that no one in my school knew about. They taught me to laugh when I was too sullen. Now, I was going to teach them all that I knew...I was going to bring them home.

I saw a van waiting for me at the terminal. Someone came out, dressed like an undertaker. This was my escort to meet up with Heart Break Kid. Dressed in my mini skirt, my black top, my baseball cap, my streaked hair and my piercings, I entered. I sat myself in the back, feeling the warm sun making me so sleepy. I didn't know how long it was until I fell asleep.

That would be the last thing that I would ever do by my own...

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When I woke up, it was dark. I tried to sit up, but I was cuffed to a chair. It cuffed my wrists and ankles and I couldn't move. Where was I?

"Stand and rise before me."

The ankle and wrist cuffs automatically unlocked as I sighed. Then, I felt myself standing up. My body wasn't moving with my brain! I was panicking; something was wrong!

"Walk toward the light."

My body was moving; I was a puppet with strings. I tried to speak, but my mouth was glued shut. What was going on?

I was bathed in light and was standing before Heart Break Kid. He was...gorgeous...his long brown hair in a ponytail, his muscled physique and his beautiful eyes. I was staring at them with wonder...

Heart Break Kid smiled and pulled out a choker. It was silver with a heart on it. He placed it around my neck.

"There," He said. "Now you're not completely naked."

Naked? My eyes looked down...my clothes were gone! What was happening? I was so scared...

"Don't worry," said Heart Break Kid. "All beginners are stripped down like Adam and Eve did. "I'm naked too."

He was...it felt like I was Eve and he was Adam...it was so freaky...

"Will you come into my Garden of Eden?" Heart Break Kid asked me. My body took his hand. He smiled.

"Let us go then."

The two of us walked for some time. My head was allowed to move so I began sweeping the area. It was a hall that would lead to a sea of doors...each door was holding a secret...each secret was something that I needed to know.

"You're here because you're looking for something." said Heart Break Kid. "I know what you're looking for. It's over here."

He opened the door and I stepped inside. I looked in surprise...they were my brothers.

Paul and Brian were just staring into space. They were staring at the wall, seeing a massive spiral drowning their vision. They paid no attention to me...but neither did I. I was gazing into the spiral.

No...I couldn't; I had to break free. I wanted to stare at the spiral...it was lovely. I had to stare...I needed to stare.

I don't know what I was doing...everything went black.

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Ashley stared into space, her eyes were blank as she focused on the spiral Her body was stiff and even then she was still in a trance. Shawn stared and held a victorious grin; Ashley was now his to control.

He went behind her, tweaking her nipples. They were a size B for someone her age. He didn't have to worry; he'll make everything better.

"Look deep into the spiral." Shawn whispered. "Sink deeper and deeper into the abyss...looking into the spiral makes you feel happy."

"Feel...happy..." Ashley repeated. Her mind was blanketed by a fog and it was getting harder to think.

"You have no need to think." Shawn continued. "All you have to do is look into the spiral. The spiral will give you your commands. I am the spiral; I am your master. You shall obey my commands."


"Your mind is open, you are eager for commands."


"Stand in front of the spiral screen, you are to gaze at it."

Ashley's arms lifted into the air as she walked toward the spirals. She did not see her brothers, both who were strapped in chairs, as she stood in front of their gaze. Her blank eyes stared off into the distance, gazing into the spiral. Paul and Brian were doing the same, their eyes taken over by the spirals.

"Ashley," said Shawn. "You are now a doll. As a doll, you have no will. You have no thoughts. You only have your body."

"No will...no thoughts...body..." Ashley had a smile on her face now.

"Yes, and as a doll, you are all about being controlled. You like being controlled...it makes you happy...seeing the spiral helps you be controlled and happy."


"Just put the memories of your life in a separate file for future use. We're going to create a new personality, a new you...you're here because you had no desire in living with your old life. You want to be Ashley Massaro, not Ashley Helmsley, correct?"


"Describe Ashley Massaro for me..."

"She's rebellious, a rocker, athletic tomboy..." Ashley murmured, letting herself freely talk to her master. "She gets tattoos and piercings, she's sexy and beautiful."

"You are Ashley Massaro." Shawn whispered in her ear, fondling a breast and stroking Ashley's hair. "Repeat that over and over. The more you repeat the phrase, the more you become Ashley Massaro. Keep repeating that phrase until you hear the words, 'You are now one of us'. As you say the phrase, you are oblivious to anything else because it does not matter."

"I am Ashley Massaro..." Ashley droned. "I am Ashley Massaro..."

Ashley stood naked in front of the spiral, oblivious to her surroundings. All she needed to do was keep repeating that phrase over and over. Shawn turned and went to Paul and Brian. The two boys were completely silent, watching the spiral take over their minds. With a snap of his fingers, Shawn smiled.

"London, Kendrick." said Heart Break Kid. "Take the young girl to the Garden. We are going to modify her."

Paul and Brian nodded their heads and stood up. Standing naked just like their sister, they lifted her off into the Garden.

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That girl thought she could fool me...no one fools a heart breaker.

London and Kendrick were the quickest to submit to my will. Apparently, I was more 'free-spirited' than their father. It was easy when you told them that they were very smart and could memorize anything they read, then spend the rest of their time doing what they needed to do.

It was my basic program, "Brains and Brawn". Most of the brawn off the boys wasn't needed, so I made some changes to them to fit their desires. The brains part was a challenge...each of them had a specific desire and knowledge point...but they were all very bright boys. The eight became enrolled in a local High School—with their tuition paid by me—and excelled at the top of the class. Of course, they all had different alias whenever they went out.

I followed London and Kendrick into the Garden. It wasn't that Garden of Eden nature wise, instead it was a technological field of my subjects in chairs and fed programming. Breaking them down like the Nazis did was too slow; people wanted results instantly. Since these were all teenagers, they were easily corruptible and easy to manipulate.

Galaxion and Surge were smiling, and hugging each other. Both of them were frozen in time, draped in dresses and make-up that made them look so feminine. It was a secret fetish that they craved, but didn't want anyone to know. I was programming them to accept their cross-dressing ways. Surge's dress was dark black with green lace, and his hair had green ribbons. His brother's dress was something you can find in Mardi Gras, splashed with purple, gold and green. Covering their ears were earbuds that fed them my commands. Their eyes rolled to the back of their heads as they waited for their next command.

Capt. Charisma and Stryker were dressed vampire-like attire. I gave them a bit of a 'blood bath' that made them squirm in pleasure every time they heard that phrase. They became more like vampires; they slept in the morning, and did all of their work at night. They were staring at the hypnotic lights of their crosses, sighing in pleasure as the lights made them forget their 'human' selves.

Last was the group of Prototype and Viper. They basically stayed the same, except for one thing. Their affinity for sweets soon turned sexual. The scent of chocolate made them horny, and I used a special brand of chocolate—Mind Melters—to get them to obey my every commands. The chocolates melted into their mouths and override their systems. They connected that sweets equaled pleasure equals obedience, etc. Chocolate was a turn-on, and it would turn them off if they didn't obey. They were feeding each other chocolates, feeling the lush feel melt in their mouth, their bodies naked in the warm sun.

London and Kendrick laid their 'sister' down onto the grass. With her hands in the air, she was still repeating that phrase over and over and over again...what an idiot. However, she was able to figure out so much about the Kliq in so little time—since I raided her personal belongings—I had to keep that brain on her. I had too many bimbos as it was.

London and Kendrick sat her down and waited for my next instruction. I looked around, seeing the other inmates of the garden. They were all happy; they were in their paradise. No one could take that away—no parents, no friends, no society figures...they were in their happy world.

"London, Kendrick," said Shawn. "I haven't asked you this, but what is your favorite fantasy?"

I hid this question from them for a while, ready to use it when the time was right. Now that I had all three of his children with me, it seemed appropriate.

"We want to be obedient." said London. "We don't want a care in the world...it's so easy just to let someone think for us."

"We want to be under control..." Brian mewled. "Someone handsome, strong and caring...like you."

This was new; no one had ever been given that command. I never gave it before; I only told them to say that I was nice and that I protected them...perhaps they loved me more as a father because I let them be themselves. This could work to my advantage...

"Explain the details in further detail." Shawn commanded. "Get on your knees and stroke yourselves. Be honest about what you are saying."

The two boys ignored their mindless sister and got on their knees, hands on their erections. They shivered in delight as they began speaking.

"You love us, you care for us, you make sure we're safe." said London. "We never had anyone do that."

"You keep us warm and you hug us and you make us happy." Kendrick added. "We are powerless before you. Be our master."

Yes, I can take this to work to my advantage...if these two were so loyal to me, then they will literally be at my thrall. Combined with their desires to be left in a hypnotized state, I could only imagine the wicked thoughts inside.

London and Kendrick didn't notice the smug look on their father's face. Shawn was smiling, his features darkened by the evil thoughts in his mind.

"There are cock rings that are prohibiting you from cumming." Shawn announced. "You cannot cum until the rings are removed."

At that moment, the brothers moaned in ecstasy, feeling their erections swell and become rock hard. Their eyes were lowered and they had no resistance. They were succumbing to their fate. Shawn pulled out a pendant and gently swung it back and forth. The pendant was a cross, embedded with rubies, that was silver.

"Look up and stare at my lovely cross." Shawn whispered. "You want to stare at the cross..."

London and Kendrick looked up seeing the cross sway back and forth. They just stared at it, becoming deepened into a trance that had shattered their minds.

"From now on, you are completely under my control." said Shawn. "You are powerless to resist, and every time you obey, you feel better. By feeling better, you obey easily. You have no need for memories of your past before coming to hara-kiri. They are to be stored away for later."

Drool fell down London and Kendrick's lips. They stared at the cross with wonder and forgot everything.

"Those memories of your past life will be stored under the names of Paul Michael Helmsley and Brian David Helmsley. They are names you take on when they are needed. You know about them because you pretend to be them. You sometimes pretend that you are the sons of famous wrestler Hunter Hurst Helmsley. Of course, you know this is not true.

"You must stare into the shiny metal of the cross, let the light sparkle on the rubies and draw you deeper and deeper. As you keep staring at the rubies, your eyes feel heavy, but they're not so heavy that you can close them. The cross has not released you...keep staring at it."

Hypnotism works well if you can get into their heads; of course, those diaries did help. I probed their diaries while they were in trances, I had subliminal audio placed in the walls and the radio, and a little more was added. I had to keep these boys in permanent control. They would carry out my vengeance.

"You find being hypnotized and obedience is arousing...Let it drive your arousal higher, let it absorb into your subconscious and make it be true. Your eyes cannot look away from the pendant, but your mind hears a new voice...it is the voice of your savior, and your father, and your lover...it is I. My voice brings you deeper into hypnosis. You cannot help but be hypnotized.

"When I say the words 'Golden Slumbers', you shall sleep. You will remain in this deep obedient trance and take deep breaths. When you reach 1000, you will wake up from the trance with your new commands in store. By then, I want you to take the body of Ashley Massaro and take her to the Light Show. After that, you will come to me, naked, with those cock rings on you, and you will fuck me with all your might. Once I have released, you shall also release and praise my name."

"Now rest upon Golden Slumbers."

London and Kendrick fell asleep, their stomachs rising as they took in their deep controlled breaths. Ashley was still unresponsive, still muttering that sentence over and over again. The brothers and sisters were in their own worlds, unaware of who they were, or where they were at.

Shawn twirled the cross around his finger and went to Matt and Jeff. He was going to see them fuck in dresses and pantyhose.

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That was amazing; in all my time with the Kliq, I never saw how submissive these eight recruits were. They obeyed their programming so well, as if they were trained to be programmed.

Galaxion and Surge were happy to be in their dresses and danced the night away. Stryker and Capt. Charisma acted just like vampires, but were hypnotized to believe that crosses made them happy, obedient and strong. They also believed to be blood suckers, and started making out with both dress wearing brothers. Of course, the four will have lots of time with each other; Galaxion and Surge were programed to be aroused by blood and having blood sucked out of them.

Viper and Prototype were in love with the chocolates; chocolate was an aphrodisiac so it only brought them closer together. I love my job.

As for Massaro, she was still in her trance. I was going to change it so that she would never remember that she had brothers. I'll make her forget that she had a family; the only thing she needed to know was that she was a smart girl who loved being hypnotized deeply due to sexual fantasies. She would also help out Lillian in the White Palette, entrancing more people with her lovely figure.

Then, I had dinner with family. Rebecca's pot roast was dry, but she gave her heart into it. Cameron and Cheyenne were still their adorable selves.

I told Rebecca I was off to my garden and she was happy. I went to the Garden and checked on everyone. Stryker and Capt. Charisma were awake and were getting ready for their mission—they were to search out a client who wanted to see their sons again. Galaxion and Surge were off to the White Palette as waiters, stripping for clientele and making themselves worthwhile; then they had to leave since an old man wanted to see his daughters again. Viper and Prototype were dressed and happy, sleeping in the Incense room full of chocolate aromas. They would not be needed for a while.

Undertaker and Kane were asleep, but I knew what they were doing...being some of my older disciples, they needed hypnosis every few months. But when they did, they were like corpses. I just double checked to make sure the equipment and commands were fine. Other than that, they were asleep.

"Father...we've come..."

Shawn turned and saw Paul and Brian crawling toward the older man, their eyes vacant and glassy. Their erections were stiff, and their bodies were full of sweat.

"We love you Father." London moaned, his black eyes completely blank. "We love you."

"Command us and we shall obey." Kendrick added.

Shawn smiled; tonight was going to be fun.