I slithered up and down the corridors of the large school, I was nothing more than a snake after all, well actually I'm Nagini the snake, the Dark Lord's snake. The Dark Lord was always talking about how much he loved this place and I could see why, already I had caught a huge mouse in the lower dungeons and I must admit it was delicious. I was turning the corner when I spotted my target, tall man with black greasy hair and a large hooked nose, Severus Snape. I Slithered up to him and used my strength to jump onto his shoulder, he stopped and froze for a few seconds before realising who I was, "Hello Nagini what are you doing here" Severus asked scratching the space between my eyes, I hissed in delight that felt really good, Severus continued to scratch with one hand as he took the piece of parchment wrapped in my tail in the other. Severus stopped scratching to unroll the letter and read it out loud as he walked on.


I'm sending Nagini to you while I go away on that trip we discussed last weekend, please take care of her and if I find that when I come back she is unhappy you will be under a Cruciatus Curse for a month strait and Bellatrix will be the one to administer it. Do I make myself clear? Good. Reply to tell me that she has reached you safely and burn this letter after you finish reading it.

"Well I get you for the next, I don't know how long" Severus said before sighing and walking past an odd moving statue into a large office. "Severus who is this" said a picture of a man, it was a huge picture right behind a desk much more cluttered than the Dark Lord's. "Her name is Nagini, she is the Dark Lord's snake" Severus said, as he set me down on the floor and wrote his response to the Dark Lord, he read it out loud to himself.

My Liege,

I am happy to report that I have in fact received Nagini who is here with me now and am honoured to have been given such a privilege to look after her. The school is currently running smoothly but I most humbly request that you send a letter to the Carrow siblings reminding them of the importance of blood purity because they are spilling quite a bit of Pure Blood lately, literally. I await your next letter and will take care of Nagini like the queen of snakes that she truly is.

Your servant,

Severus Snape

I hissed my approval as Severus walked out of the room, and looked back at the picture, "Are you Dumbledork" I hissed looking at the picture, "Actually its Dumbledore" the long bearded man said, "But does Tom really call me Dumbledork" Dumbledore asked a twinkle in his painted eyes, "Yes, he also said that you are an annoying nit who everyone should hate but they don't because they are stupid but personally I just think you look odd in that over skin" I said looking at his clothing, a long flowing metallic blue robe with large five pointed yellow stars and a matching hat with a white feather trim bottom. "Why thank you Nagini" Dumbledore said, "How can you understand me anyway" I hissed as I hissed as I slithered up Severus's chair so I could get a better look at the old man that the Dark Lord hated so much. "I had taken it upon myself to learn as many languages as I could before I died, and Parceltoung just happened to be one of them although I must admit I could never quite get the hang of speaking it" Dumbledore chuckled, I rolled my snake eyes and allowed myself to drop onto the chair before curling up and falling asleep, my new life at Hogwarts was going to be fun to say the least.

Death Cobra Eater

Hey all this is a small oneshot I wrote while I was really really bored, hope you like it. All Harry Potter Characters belong to JK Rowling, oh and a side note, Dumbledore could in fact understand Parsletoung but not speak it, this is cannon.