Souji doesn't really know what to think.

He's met a lot of people this year. Some who've become lifelong friends, some who've become something close to a real family, some who've bettered themselves, and some who've moved on with their lives. E doesn't really know what to think.

He stares outside the window, watching the scenery.

He doesn't really know what to make of it. At first, the plan went something sort of like, 'Finish these damn things and get on with it before I get too attached.' Indeed, that was the case. But, as time passed by, he began enjoying himself, with all those people he had met. They had helped him more than they knew. He wasn't the same person as he was before when he first got into this train. Had he ever thanked them?

He had experienced so many things, and this was only another chapter in his life.

He had friends whom had struggled for the truth along side each other.

Souji thinks to this to himself as he pulls out a small photograph of the group.

"That's right Teddie. Distance doesn't matter."