A/N: YES! I looked at Wikipedia and it said that CSI: Miami will return with a NINTH SEASON. I can't wait to see season nine, it sound amazing!


Chapter 1

July 10, 2010.

The sun was high in the sky as the storm clouds began to gather. It was going to be another thunderstorm. The annual rainfall is 58.6 inches. I hoped it wouldn't be a turn out to be a hurricane. I can't even count how many thunderstorms there is each year and how many lightning strikes there are. I sighed sadly. I was the newbie to the huge group of CSIs. It was made up of Horatio Caine, the 'leader' and his assistant, Calleigh Duquesne. There was also Eric Delko, Natalia Boa Vista, Jesse Cardoza, Ryan Wolfe, Walter Simmons, Frank Tripp, and sometimes Yelina Salas and Dr. Tom Loman (the medical examiner).

I had to look twice at Jesse. Oh, boy… he was hot. There was no doubt about that. His face was soft… his hair, eyes, eyebrows and moustache were all a dark brown. He had a black jacket and pants and a light blue undershirt. His voice was so sweet; I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel's feet. He was smack-dab gorgeous. Even his black dress shoes were gorgeous!

I shuddered from pure happiness. Horatio looked at me funny. "Is there something wrong, Jenna?" Horatio asked.

"Oh, huh?" I snapped out of it.

"Were you staring at me?" Jesse looked at me funny.

"No, I was staring at the building over there. Thought I saw someone jump off it," I replied. I wasn't lying either. I did see someone fall off the building. "I'm not lying either…"

"I know you're not," Horatio nodded. He turned around and walked up to the window. He looked out of it and gasped. "Whoa… she was right…" Frank, Ryan, Jesse, Eric and I all looked out the window. I smirked happily.

"H, this kid is good," Eric looked at him.

"She has good eyes," Frank nodded.

"Damn," was all Jesse could muster. "Looks like we need to go down there and figure out who did this. See if we can find any suspects, evidence (especially particulates) or blood for that matter." He was right. We did need to go down there before it rained. "We definitely need to go down there before it rains. It's supposed to rain hard."

"Yeah, come on, let's get down there," I nodded. "Evidence will just wash away."

(Imagine rock music playing in background)

"I say this person was pushed," Horatio posed while putting on his sunglasses and stood sideways. I slightly shuddered. This turned me on; he was so freaking sexy. "Pants were pulled down but the underwear wasn't. She has no shirt on…"

"Attempted rape," I replied. "She wouldn't comply so someone pushed her out of the window," I looked up. "Huh, what's that up there?" I pointed. "It looks like a piece of cloth stuck to the railing…," I began to walk off and Jesse followed me (I did not realise this!). I opened the door to the apartment building and went up the elevator. I figured that it was at least on the twentieth floor. The elevator dinged and I got out. I was right. I could see an open door with muddy tracks across the hallway and leading into a room. I carefully stepped around and over the tracks. I put some gloves on and carefully pushed the door open. I withdrew my gun and cocked it.

"Clear," I sighed. I walked towards the door that led outside. I saw the piece of cloth. I gulped audibly. I was terrified of heights, so I decided to crouch down and grab tightly to the railing. I could see everyone except Jesse. I started to hyperventilate while I felt someone catch me before I fainted. "Jesse…," I mumbled. I saw him smile before I passed out from vertigo.

I woke up on a coach with a terrible headache. "Ugh…," I looked around. I saw Jesse, Walter, Horatio, Frank, Ryan, Natalia and Calleigh all looking at me. Even Tom was looking at me.

"Is she all right?" Horatio asked.

"Yeah," Tom replied. "She's fine, just a bit shook up and passed out from vertigo. "Don't worry about her. Let her rest, for now."

However, I never realised that this vertigo was going to get worse…