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Hello again, I've been reading a lot of Yamane Ayano's Viewfinder, and that's what inspired this fic! Well not completely I've been thinking of writing something like for a long time, comes with my fascination with Yakuza tattoo's (why specifically the tattoo's I don't know). But her beautiful doujinshi pushed me just that bit further! So any one who has read her work, will see a lot of similarities.

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Chapter 1: It all started with spilt wine


Damn all Paperwork to hell.

Uchiha Sasuke hated paperwork; there was nothing more boring to do at the end of the day. The raven sighed and moved his bangs out of the way before putting his pen down on his mahogany desk.

Being the owner of a billion-dollar corporation was so boring! (Even his side business was starting to become tiresome.)

Yes, he did mean it; you can read over that line as many times as you want, but Uchiha Sasuke meant it. After all, what could you want if you already owned everything? Now at 27 he already felt like he had done it all, and nothing excited him anymore like it used to.

There was a knock on his door, and his secretary peeked in. He was a pale man with spiked-up silver hair that fell slightly over his right eye. "Uchiha-sama, would you like to leave for dinner now?" he asked.

"There is no need to call me that, Kakashi," the raven mumbled, and stood up. His bones snapped into place after not being able to move for such a long time. He may only be 27, but he felt at least 40.

The older man chuckled, and stepped inside the room, "So you ready then?" Kakashi was more than a secretary; he was also Sasuke's bodyguard and driver, even more loosely he could be called a friend.

Sasuke nodded; he grabbed his jacket and briefcase, and followed the man out. The office building was empty by now, everyone but him had already left and gone home. He nodded towards the guards as they left the building, and thanked the silver-haired man as he opened the door to his limo. Kakashi stepped into the driver's seat and they drove away. The usual noisy city suddenly became silent, blocked out by the sound-proof glass. Yet even now Sasuke was looking over papers.

It couldn't be helped, being who he was and what his name represented paperwork always seemed to take priority. Contracts, reports… the words soon became blurred together 'til he couldn't take it anymore. It was the same every day. If only some excitement came into his life. He kept on staring down at his pale long fingers, almost ghostly in the low light. He didn't bother looking up when Kakashi told him they had reached his favourite restaurant.

Instead he waited for the silver-haired man to open the door before he stepped out. The raven straightened out his suit before walking up the grand stairs and then through the double doors. As soon as he entered warm air and the smell of food hit him. Pleasant classical music floated through the air, creating a calm atmosphere perfect for light banter.

"Ah Uchiha-sama, it is good to see you again!"

Dark eyes looked down at an overly enthusiastic restaurant owner with mild disgust. The man was sweating profoundly due to nervousness; the young Uchiha would have quirked a smirk if it weren't against his nature to do so. Instead he gave a slight nod and allowed the man to lead him to his customary seat. It was near the wide bay window and secluded.

"The usual sir?" the overweight man asked.

A non-committal grunt was his reply, but the restaurant owner took it as a decree from God and rushed towards the kitchens.

Sasuke sighed and propped himself on the table, resting his head in the palm of his hand. He was used to people acting like this; as soon as they heard his name they went all pale and shaky. All it took was a look and they did everything he wanted them to do. He didn't even have to look to know that even now everyone in the room was throwing glances at him. He frequented here so often that most just came here to see him.

Kakashi was at a nearby table ordering his own food, but the man was diligently keeping watch as well.

"Your wine, Sir?" came a small voice, breaking him out of his musing. It wasn't the voice of the owner, which intrigued him.

He looked up and saw a blonde-haired man probably in his late teens, his skin tanned, almost bronze, and sparkling blue eyes. A foreigner? Most likely a student from overseas come here to study, although his Japanese seemed pretty good. The man held an expensive bottle of wine in his hand, corked and ready for Sasuke to test. He nodded and watched the blonde open the bottle, showing him the cork to see that it wasn't tainted, before pouring a small amount into a wine glass, so that he could taste the crimson liquid. Throughout this he never stopped watching the blonde man. He couldn't be much older than himself, most likely a lot younger than him, but he moved with such grace that it fascinated him.

After he had tasted and checked its color he gave permission to the blonde to pour him another. The tanned man nodded and picked up his glass; he tilted the bottle, then he heard a loud gasp as the crimson liquid sloshed all over Sasuke!

"What do you think you're doing?!" Sasuke spluttered in outrage; he stood up so quickly that his chair toppled over.

"I apologize, Sir! I got knocked on the shoulder, here let me help you!" the blonde grabbed a napkin and started dabbing at him. Sasuke instantly went motionless as the other man was drying him off, the cloth and gentle hands moving over his soggy shirt, travelling down 'til they reached the rim of his pants.

The blonde hesitated, not sure of what he should do. It would be inappropriate to go any further, but he had to get rid of the wine! So he went on, dabbing the cloth precariously around his trousers, making sure not to come too close to his groin.

But these tentative touches stirred something in Sasuke's belly; he looked down at the nervous boy and smirked. "Is it normal for a waiter to do this to a customer?" he asked with an amused voice.

The boy spluttered and stood up unsteadily. "Gomen, I didn't mean to, I-I-"

"Uzumaki WHAT IS THIS?!"

They both turned around to see the manager waddling towards them furiously; the blonde instantly paled. Sasuke watched as the blonde tried to explain to the owner what had happened, but the man wasn't listening. Which only seemed to infuriate the little blonde and cause him to lose his own composure.

"I don't see what the big deal is? It looks like he could afford a dozen more of those suits without a problem and dry clean them a hundred times without putting a dent in his budget." He then clasped his hands over his mouth as he realized his sudden outburst.

'What a dobe,' Sasuke thought, not that this kid wasn't right. If he wanted to Sasuke could buy another one without a problem; it didn't mean however that he would let this brat get away with making such a comment.

"Is this the kind of staff you employ these days Hakido? I have never seen such a rude display of manners."

The owner instantly paled and fixed the blonde waiter with a furious glare, "Uzumaki you are fired!"

At first the waiter seemed in shock, and then Sasuke noticed the fire in those blue eyes. His fixed Sasuke with a glare and for a moment the young Uchiha was taken aback by that look. They were so passionate and expressive. "Now we're even teme; your suit was ruined, and I lost my job!"

He undid the small apron tied around his narrow hips and threw it at the owner before he strode out of the restaurant. All the customers who had been watching the dispute going on with great interest at this moment decided to return back to their food. Sasuke watched him go with an interested look; it may have been short lived, but at least he had given him a form of entertainment.

"Uchiha-sama, are you alright? I will gladly pay the dry cleaning bill!" the owner said frantically.

"Hn," was Sasuke's only reply as he started walking out of the restaurant. The owner was bewildered, and for a second he thought he had lost his best customer when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Kakashi stood there and handed the man a piece of paper. The owner looked at it and saw the information of the dry cleaner's.

By the time the silver-haired man reached the limousine he was surprised to see the young Uchiha already seated inside. He arched an eyebrow and sat himself once again in the driver's seat.

"Are you alright?" he asked. Sasuke didn't have to look at the man to know that he was smiling under his scarf.

"I'm fine, let's get some take-out and head home," he said dismissively and leaned back in his seat. As they drove his gaze flickered towards the window and the vision in blonde passed by, and just for a second a smile reached his features.

"Uzumaki? Hn."

Now there was some excitement.

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