All right everyone, story time!

This one was based off an episode of this Cartoon Network show called "Destroy Build Destroy" which had Miz and Morrison in it (Morrison was super hunky, by the way). I don't know how I got the story in my head, but I'm just going to go along with it, okay?

This one is dedicated to Terrahfry, for her excellent slash stories. I hope that she likes this one, because I will be pulling out all the stops.

Ready, because we're about to start...NOW!

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The Apple's Seed

(aka The Car Mechanic)

Dedicated to Terrahfry

by Green Phantom Queen

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Chapter 1-Eris's Trickery

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He walked into the room, eyes full of concern for who he was seeing. A beautiful woman with light mouse brown hair, eyes closed shut in a peaceful sleep. Red sheets covering her body as a hand was placed on her forehead. The woman opened her eyes, looking up to see who had come to meet her.

"How are you feeling, love?" asked the man. The woman just smiled, grasping his hand with her own.

"Fine." The woman answered in reply. "The seed is fine, but the process..."

The man let out a sigh as he sat on the bed. The black drapes covering the four-poster bed only added to the seriousness of the matter. There was some silence before he spoke.

"It is for the best, Bael." The man replied. "Bixl is getting restless; if she gets her way, then all will be lost. Chaos shall not only come to hear, but to the realms above us."

"But I can't leave you, Birch." said Bael in a longing and sad tone. "Why must it be this way?"

"I know you don't want this, but it is for the best." Birch answered back. "The seed must be protected and kept away, and this is the only ritual that is powerful enough to camoflauge it. You will be in pain, but once I find you, then we shall be together forever."

"Do you promise me that?" asked Bael with a slight whisper.

"Until the world falls down, my love." Birch replied, kissing the woman on the lips. "I promise..."

Suddenly, the doors burst open, a figure—with brown spiky hair dressed in black garbs—entered the room, getting on his knees.

"Lord Birch, the Jackal Lanterns have arrived!" He announced. "We must get this ritual started right away before Bixl arrives!"

"Send the troops to keep them at bay, Bloodroot." Birch commanded the man. "I shall do the ritual on my own."

"Yes, sir." said Bloodroot as he stood up. He then ran off to find the troops, to warn them of their impeccable doom. And once all was quiet, Birch placed a hand on Bael's forehead.

"Close your eyes, and sleep my beloved, Bael." He said in a loving tone. "No matter what happens, I'll find a way to bring you back to me. Nothing shall separate us. Can you trust me?"

Bael lowered the sheets with her right hand, revealing her white tunic. Draped on her neck was a necklace that Birch gave her for their Bonding Ceremony; she never took it off since.

"I trust you." said Bael with a whisper. "Please...end this suffering..."

Birch closed his eyes, a tear falling down his face onto the sheets, as he began to chant....

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John Morrison moaned as he rolled to the side, hand slamming in the air, trying to find the source of the noise. After some struggling he found it, pressing the top of his alarm clock. Then there was silence. Beautiful silence.

"What an awful dream," He muttered to himself. "Been keeping me awake for the past three weeks."

He then got a good look at the red numbers on his alarm clock; it was 7:00 AM.

"OH SHIT!" He screamed as he immediately got out of bed; he had forgotten that Daylights Saving occurred today, meaning that the clocks were set to an hour ahead. In other words...

"I am so screwed!" He cried as he immediately got himself a clean pair of everything: shirt, pants, boxers, socks and placed them on as he also began combing his long hair. Rushing toward the kitchen—with one leg still not in the pants and the shirt had one sleeve that was empty—he soon snatched onto an apple in the fruit bowl and took a bite out of it.

He couldn't be late today; he had a very important client coming in who was trusting him in fixing their car. And he had to be good on his word and be there on time, or else he would never forgive himself for the rest of his life.

"Come on, come on." He muttered as he opened the garage door. The roar of the door opening only added to the worry and stress Morrison felt inside him when he knew that he was going to super late. He had never been late since he had started his Car repair business—which was titled Moonlite Drive—and he certainly wasn't going to be late today.

Grabbing his keys near a key rack close to the door leading to his house, he immediately opened the door, dressed himself, and placed the apple on the passenger's seat amongst his pile of comic books and camera gear. The keys were in the ignition, the engine roared, the car was soon shifted into reverse...

And he was off to his day of work.

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Parking the car near the building, Morrison immediately locked his car and closed the door, making sure that no one could try and steal it. He rushed to the door, just praying that the client wasn't here already.

"John Randall Morrison, you're late."

Morrison gulped as he turned to his left, seeing his friend Melina waiting for him, tapping her foot impatiently near the black Sedan. Her black hair was in ringlets as she was also dressed in a blue spaghetti top and blue pants with silver decorations. Along with her black boots, she also had a black purse hanging down her arm, and a barrette consisting of black feathers on the right side of her hair.

"Oh, hi Melina." said Morrison sheepishly. "Funny story, actually; I forgot today was Daylight Savins and..."

Melina rolled her eyes as she gave a smile to the mechanic, walking toward him. "And you forgot that it's going to be my birthday next week."

Morrison blinked; Melina's birthday was March 9th, and she would be turning 30 that year. It slowly started to sink in.

"Oh man." He exclaimed, hand on his forehead. "I've been so busy with this place that I forgot. I am so sorry Mel, I didn't mean to forget!"

"It's okay, Johnny." Melina replied. "I understand; just promise me that you won't forget to take me out to dinner at the California Dream, okay?"

The California Dream; one of the most popular places for people to hang out in the evening. From Happy Hour to good service, the bustling atmosphere, and dancing, it was just a place that you had to be there to believe. Morrison was waiting to find a good excuse to go there, and he found his chance.

Morrison smiled as he hugged his best friend. "I promise I won't forget." He answered. "We've been friends since childhood, and nothing could change that. I'm going to give you the best night of your life next week."

"Until then, you owe me a fixed car." said Melina as the two ended the hug. "It's been having a few...'problems' lately."

"How bad is it?" asked Morrison.

"You'll see when you get to work on it." Melina answered back. "I have to get going, I'm going to be late for work."

"The car should be done by the time you get back to the repair shop." Morrison replied. "And if it isn't, well, it'll be the first time I break my promise on fixing a car in less than one day."

Melina laughed as she turned to see a red convertible coming toward the repair shop. At the driver's wheel was Ashley, her signature baseball cap turned sideways as she waved to both Melina and Morrison.

"That's my ride, have to get going." said Melina, placing a peck on Morrison's forehead. "Have a nice day at work."

Morrison nodded his head as he saw his friend head toward the passenger's seat, but soon came back toward Morrison, her hand rummaging through her purse.

"I almost forgot, I got this at Starship Jewelry yesterday." She stated, bringing the item out. It was a chain necklace with an apple pendant, but it was very strange; the chain was completely black, but the apple was bright gold.

"It's really nice, Mel. Thanks." said Morrison, trying his hardest to connect the clasp. Instead of having trouble, it immediately connected. It was strange, but he ignored it as he waved to Melina as she went to the passenger's seat, buckling herself in.

"Bye then." said Morrison, as he saw the car slowly leave the Repair shop and head off to their destination. Turning to the door, he brought out the keys and placed the key to the hole. Twisting it to the right, the lock clicked, and Morrison entered inside. He switched the "Closed" sign to "Open" before heading to the repair section of his business.

This is going to be a long day. He thought to himself. Hope those crazy dreams don't disturb me.

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In the throne room of the dark palace, the man sitting upon the obsidian throne saw the acts that had transpired. The time had come; it had to be now.

"Meliliot. Perilla." said the man on the throne. "I summon you now."

In a flurry of shadows, two beings appeared. One was purple skinned—or was it a cloak, it was hard to tell—with green leaf patterns and vines creeping down the arms, legs, body and face. His green eyes and black spiky hair only added to the figure.

The second figure was draped in a yellow cloak—or skin, once again, it was hard to tell—with the green leaf patterns also shown on his body—He had a pair of gentle blue eyes and brown hair along with a gentle smile.

"What do you want from us, our lord?" asked Perilla, the purple skinned being.

"It is time." said the Lord. "We must act quickly; we have found the seed."

"So it was with that person all along." murmured Meliliot, the yellow tanned being. "He is..."

"There is no time to waste," said the Lord. "Prepare yourselves into your mortal skin, and make sure that he is taken into the palace by tonight. He must find out before she discovers the truth."

"What has happened to Bixl, my Lord?" asked Perilla. "Was she not destroyed while your son was busy with the ritual?"

"She was wounded, but not destroyed." Was the Lord's reply. "And unless we don't do anything soon, the Seed shall be destroyed and everything we have worked on for the past few years will be lost."

"Then we shall make haste." said Melilot. "The longer we stay here, the greater the danger that shall be caused to everyone."

"Go, give me that seed!" boomed the Lord. "We must get it before our enemies do!"

"Understood, Lord Satan." said both figures, bowing before their Lord. "We obey without question."

Satan smirked as he saw his loyal servants disappear in a gust of wind. When the two had vanished, Satan let out a sigh.

"Six billion souls on that planet, and we were tailing the right one the whole time." He muttered to himself.

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"Wow!" said Melina, hearing the soft purring of her black Sedan at the parking lot. "It works!"

Morrison grinned as he patted the hood on the car. It had taken him the whole day to fix the car—and he was working alone until he could find a helper—but it was worth it to see his hard work.

"It was difficult, but once the problem was found, it was a breeze." He said in reply. "And I did it without lunch due to me leaving the house so late so now..."

His stomach began to growl, roaring alongside the engine of the fixed car. Melina noticed this and could only laugh at the situation.

"Tell you what, Mr. Mechanic." She said to her friend. "How about I treat you to dinner in payment for all that you've done?"

"Are you sure?" asked Morrison. "You're already paying me around $400 for repairing your car, you sure you want to spend more for dinner?"

"$400 is nothing on me, Mor." Melina answered back. "Besides, you haven't eaten and you look like you could collapse any minute."

"You got that right." said Morrison, rubbing the back of his head. "But I guess I should get changed and meet you at the Nitro Blast Café at—shall we say 7:30PM?"

"That's perfect!" said Melina. "I'll get myself ready and meet you there; you sure you'll be all right?"

"I'll be fine, Mel." Morrison replied. "Now go on, get yourself prepared,"

"Will do." said Melina as she got inside her newly repaired car. "I'll see you soon, Johnny!"

Morrison nodded his head as he saw Melina set the car into reverse, before driving away from the Mechanic's shop. There was silence as he let out a sigh.

Melina and him were friends since they were children. Melina moved next door to Morrison when she was around 6 and the two were inseparable. Sure there were times where boys would tease Morrison about having a relationship with her, but he didn't mind. After High School, the two went to different colleges and kept in touch. Melina grew up to become a fashion designer and Morrison grew into the automobile business. Sure it was hard to believe that they were friends, but after knowing them a bit more, you would truly understand and accept that they had a deep connection. Sure the two were only friends, but the thought of being a couple occurred to them—or at least if it did, the two of them were too shy to confess their feelings.

Morrison looked at his watch; it was around 6:05. If he went home now, he would be showered, dressed and groomed by 6:55. It was a 20 minute drive from his Mechanic shop to home, and it took him around 30 minutes to get dressed and showered, and if traffic was good, then it would take him around half an hour to get to the Nitro Blast Café.

He looked up, seeing the orange sky that signaled the oncoming sunset. It would be something to see as he was driving home...alone. His smile turned to a frown at the thought of loneliness. He hadn't spoken to his family ever since he became the owner of the Moonlit Drive Repair Shop five years ago, and were wondering how they were doing. He hoped his sisters were doing well; he hoped his mom and dad were also doing well.

Taking one more look at the sunset, John Morrison let out a sigh as he started to close the shop for the day.

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Cruising in his Silver Nissan Murano, Morrison looked at himself in the rear-view mirror once more; his hair was neatly combed, teeth were white and shiny, and his brown eyes were covered with large sunglasses that had a gem designed cross on the lenses. He was wearing a fur coat—it was brown coat with a faux fur collar—white pants with brown crosses and boots. Around his neck was Melina's necklace.

"I look good." Morrison said to himself for the eighth time since driving. "I look good."

It was around ten minutes until his scheduled date with Melina. Aside from getting his looks ready—which included searching for his best date clothes, using the last of his mousse and nearly wasting his shaving cream—he also prepared some flowers from his garden to be used as a bouquet for his friend. In all, it was going to be a perfect date.

As Morrison got his eyes off the mirror, two figures were seen by his headlights, and they weren't moving.

"OH SHI--" He screamed, swerving his car to the right and pressed on the brakes. The car screeched to a halt, as Morrison hit his forehead on the steering wheel from the momentum. Once he put the car on park, and turned the ignition off, he opened the door to find the figures staring at him, staring at him as if he had something on his face. Morrison's eyes widened when he got a better look at the two figures he nearly ran over.

"John Cena? Randy Orton?" he gasped out. "What are you two doing here?"

Morrison didn't get a reply, but it was strange. Cena and Orton shouldn't have been on the road; they should've been at that Wrestling Academy—he recalled it was Atlas Fighters Wrestling School—in a city that was at least 300 miles from where he was. But now they were here—dressed in regular shirts, jeans and sneakers—but about to be mauled over by a car none the less.

"Guys?" Morrison asked again. "What's going on?"

Cena looked Morrison in the eye; a pair of emerald orbs staring into bright blue. Morrison knew right there and then that something was wrong; John Cena's eyes were baby blue, not green!

"You aren't John, are you?" asked Morrison, before turning to Randy. "And you're not Randy either! Who are you?!"

"We are loyal servants to the King." John stated simply, his voice monotonous, lacking emotion. "You are needed."

"Needed for what?" asked Morrison with some fear in his voice. "If it's to fix your car, the shop's closed. But you can come back tomorrow in the morning."

"You are needed, John Randall Morrison." said Randy. "You must come with us."

"W-wait...needed for...AAHHHH!" Morrison screamed as arms from beneath the road dragged him through the ground. He tried to claw his way out, but the hands started to slice through his clothes and skin. His screams were muffled by the hands covering his mouth, and his face was scarred and scratched with blood.

Morrison was soon completely taken by the arms; all that was left of him was his sunglasses which landed on the road with a clunk

Cena and Orton looked at each other before nodding their heads. They then disappeared in a swarm of shadows. If anyone was to see if there was any evidence of that ever happened, there would be none; it was if the car and sunglasses were there to begin with.

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Morrison moaned as he slowly stirred awake. He soon sat up, finding himself in a black throne room with red glass windows. It felt sort of warm and cozy, as there was a giant fireplace that radiated its heat throughout the entire room.

"Where am I?" He asked dumbly, looking around. "What is this place?"

"This is Hell!" boomed a voice. Morrison whipped his head to find where the voice was coming from. In front of him was a person on a throne made of obsidian. This man had white skin and was wearing a black vest and pants, with silver rings linking the fabric together. He also had black spiky hair, red eyes, and three horns on his forehead. A forked tongue ran through a set of fangs as a black pointed tail trailed near his legs.

"Hell?" Morrison gulped. "But I'm a good boy, I've never done wrong. Well, except that I haven't talked to my family in a while and..."

"Silence!" barked the voice. Morrison immediately stopped talking.

"Now, if I can continue." said the man. "I've been watching you for a while, John Randall Morrison. And now, the time has come for you to realize who you really are."

"W-who are you?" asked Morrison, as the man rose from his throne. A pair of black leathery rings appeared from his back, outstretched, growing to an 11 foot wingspan. Ruby eyes stared at Morrison as he answered the question.

"I am the ruler of Hell." Was the reply. "I am the one known as Satan."

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Okay, I honestly don't know how I came up with this plot. I'm letting my newly created Morrison muse go around in my head, whispering this stuff in my ear as I type it out. And if people don't understand the names of some of these characters, they're based on plants and trees. Bixl is nicknamed as the 'Lipstick Tree', Bael is a Gum fruit bearing tree, Perilila means 'Purple Mint' and Melilot is 'Sweet Clover'. Guess you guys learned something new today, huh? (XD!)

Well, that's all I have to say right now; now I have to make sure I shut my Morrison muse up before he forces me to type a slash scene. Take care and see you guys soon!