Daddy's Little Defect

Sakura has a secret...she was not born in Konoha, she is not a Haruno, she had no last name; she was...the daughter of the Akatsuki Leader, Pein...and she was coming home. How will the Akatsuki react, when the pink haired Kunoichi comes home...and with a guest?

Anime: Naruto

Couple: Sakura/Harem

Rated: M

Genre: Romance/Adventure/SADISM..." can't all be happy...especially when Hidan is involved."


Playing Spy!


(Past: 4 Years Old)

Four years old; a child of four years old with bright candy pink hair and grassy green eyes could be heard crying in a forest shrouded in darkness from the tall trees, heavy with leaves.


(Present: 17 Years Old)

That's how old I was when I was separated from my mother and father...The day I met the Haruno's.

The woman who took me in was Meiko Haruno and her husband was Fuuto Haruno. Meiko was nice and really smart, but naïve a sense; Fuuto was also very nice and kind, but he was stern...and he...was always suspicious me...

It was two weeks after I was taken in that I finally heard from my mother and father again. That day in particular...was one of my happiest. I knew that they had not forgotten me and I was so happy.


(Past: 4 Years Old)

A small girl sat on her white clothed bed and swung her legs back and forth; her eyes following the movements with tears hidden behind half lidded eyes. A sudden warm pull in her chest caused her eyes to stray to the window where a familiar white origami bird sat perched on her windowsill. Her eyes brightened and she ran to the window where she proceeded in opening it. She held her hands out and the paper bird jumped carefully into her hands.

"Hello Mama," She spoke in a hushed voice. The bird remained silent as it unfolded its wings and revealed her fathers' hand writing. Unfolding the rest as carefully and as gently as possible before reading the letter as best she could, though knowing her father, they would use words she could read.


My sweet little girl, daddy and mommy can't come get you right now; we have a lot of work to do before you can come back. Daddy is sorry that we had to leave you there, but you can help us from the leaf village. Mommy and daddy need you to play 'spy' like mommy does.

We will continue sending you letters, and soon you will be able to send us letters and tell us everything you can about the village and family that took you in. For now, no one can know about these letters and make sure not to tell anyone about mommy and daddy.

We love you very much.

Our sweet Cherry Blossom.




(Past: 7 Years Old)

Sakura sat on the swing outside of the Ninja Academy, her feet pushed her back and forth in a slow motion as her eyes looked over the other students.

'...So weak...all of all of them.'


Sakura turned in time to have black/lavender shaded hair completely block her view as arms wrapped tightly around her. Her one true best friend was Hinata Hyuuga. There were a few others whom she had gotten close to and was still...getting closer to.

"Hinata, how are you today?"

"A-ah!" She blushed and pulled away, but Sakura held her hands in hers. "S-sorry, I got excited." She explained. "I heard were g-graduating." Her hazy white eyes gazed into her own leafy green ones. "Congratulations...Sakura..."

"It's no great task; I can only follow the footsteps of the Uchiha Prodigy. It would have been even more amazing had I been younger than him, rather than the same age he was when he graduated. How old is he now anyways?"


Sakura and Hinata turned and saw Sasuke Uchiha, one of the few whom she was close to. He had black rear spiked hair with black bangs framing his face and charcoal black eyes.

"Why thank you, Sasuke Uchiha, what are you doing here? I thought you hated me; something about 'not being worthy enough of sharing the name prodigy like your big bro' or something."

He glared at her and watched as her lips turned up into a grin.

"Thanks for coming."

He nodded and leaned back against the tree with the swing so that he was next to the two girls; Sakura released her Hinata's hands and the shyest of the three moved so that she was sitting on her knees next to Sasuke. Surprisingly, the two got along exceedingly well.

"So now...all I'm missing as a supportive cheer squad is...Naruto and...Shika...though...I can't expect much from Shika...I can always count on Naruto for a good cheer."

Hinata blushed, "S-Sakura..."

"Hm? Oh! Hehe, sorry, I didn't mean him actually dressing up as that girly Naruto that he came up with in order to get out of trouble with Iruka...though, it didn't made Iruka angrier, but its fun to watch!" She laughed at the mental image of Iruka having a nose bleed over a jutsu of a naked pig-tailed blonde. All of a sudden someone's hands were pressed against her back and pushing her into the air on the swing. She stopped laughing and let her head fall backwards so that she was looking at her 'swing pusher' upside down.

"Shika! Now where is —"


"...there he is..." She smiled as she watched the upside sown image of Naruto running away from an angry Ino. She didn't know what happened, but it was funny. As long as she was amused, she didn't care.

"Sakura!" He yelled as he jumped onto the branch that held the swing. "Congrats, Sakura!"


Suddenly Ino took the swing by the rope and stopped it in motion as she flipped up and kicked Naruto from the branch. Sakura frowned and watched the happenings. "Ino, what's wrong?"

"Naruto snuck into my families flower shop and made a mess!"

"Naruto?" Sakura looked to the blonde. Shikamaru now stood leaning over with both arms crossed over her head as he too looked on, only with mild interest.

"Hehe, here." He removed a hand from behind his back and gave her a small bouquet that was oddly arranged but still, pretty none the less.

"Thanks, but you should help Mrs. Yamanaka later."

"I will, I will."

Sakura smiled as Ino climbed off the boy irritably and stalked off back to her home.

"Sakura, graduation is starting," Iruka called out to her. She nodded and followed their teacher inside the Academy.

Three years I have been relaying letters to my mother and father, and I understand why I was left here; Naruto. Daddy says that you have something very powerful deep inside and that you are needed in the future, so I need to take really good care of you. I will, protect you...until you are needed by daddy. The same for the Uchiha prodigy; Daddy says I need to watch him carefully and learn what I can from will assume that he has plans for Itachi too.

Sakura sat next to a few others who were graduating, although, they were ten and eleven years of age, unlike she who was seven.

I will continue my role as the perfect daughter of Meiko and Fuuto Haruno, but I am and always will be daddy and mommy's Cherry Blossom Spy.


(Present: 17 Years Old)

After I graduated, I was placed in a group with Itachi as my teacher, and two others as teammates who were both the same age as me. That wasn't what got me though...I was being taught by an eleven year old. Oh well...he was awesome when it all came down to it. I mean, really, the things he could do...

My teammates were both boys, Sai...the only name he ever went by, but I would bet my life on it that that wasn't his real name. He was an artist in the most amazing ways. He was pale, with black hair and black eyes; he was always wearing black and his abdomen was always exposed, so I actually got a firsthand view of the day by day changes of the abs as he got stronger and the days passed. The other boy was something else all together...he went by the name Tobi, which I also thought was a fake name. He always wore an orange mask with a black spiral that covered the entirety of it and only one whole was free. Now...I was always freaked out around him because he would always jump me and hug me randomly. Come to think of it, I was seven when I had my first real mission.


(Past: 7 1/2 Years Old)


Sakura yelled at the boy who was on top of her as she lay sprawled out on the ground. Sai and Itachi looked at the sight with equally unemotional expressions. Sai finally moved over and pulled the overly affectionate boy off of her.

"Nooo~! Tobi wants to hug Sakura!"

She stood up and straightened out her attire before dusting her clothes off of the dirt that might have gotten on her. "Tobi, I don't mind hugs, I'm used to those...but don't knock me onto the dirt ground unless you want me to throw you into the lake next time." She motioned to her left, pointing to the lake next to them.

"Aw..." Tobi pouted, but wrapped his arms around her right arm as she leaned against a tree and waited for Itachi to speak.

"Hokage has a mission for us, so you need to go pack for a three day trip then meet me at the Hokage tower."

"Right," The three said before Tobi let go and they left separate ways.

Sakura made her way home and grabbed two other replicas of her cherry red dress with the Haruno white circle on the front and back. She hated that color of red, it was too...bright! She put another outfit, though similar design, it was black with the white circle on the front and back. Putting a long sleeve fishnet top inside her bag too and some fabricated white body wrap, she added a pair of tabi sandals and a black ribbon before grabbing a first aid kit and closing her bag. A tap on her window drew her attention and she smiled, opening the window and watched the ever familiar white origami bird fly in.

"Hello mom," She let the bird perch itself on her finger before opening the letter and reading her fathers' words.


We saw that you graduated from the Ninja Academy, we're proud. Your mother will be at the crossing to Ame Country in three days, you should be passing during the same time she is. She will come to you when you are alone. She has something for you, but you can't let anyone find out about it. It will make communicating much easier and we will be able to do so much more frequently. We love you very much, take care.



She smiled and watched the paper fold back up.

"Then I look forward to seeing you again mom," She said before kissing the origami bird on the cheek before she let the bird fly out of her hands and out the window. She pulled her bag over her shoulder and ran downstairs where her dad and mom sat conversing.

"I have a mission from the Hokage, so I won't be back for about three or four days."

"Oh, okay sweetie, be careful." Meiko said with worry lacing her voice.

Sakura actually pitied the woman, but Fuuto...he still didn't trust her. He just stared at her, watched her...analyzed her...

"I'll be careful," She smiled before running out the house and shutting the door behind her. She felt a hand take her free one and turned to see Tobi standing with his mask still on, and although she couldn't see his face, she knew he was wearing a huge grin.

"Ready!" He shouted happily, "Let's go!" He pulled her and the two ran and met up with Sai who was jumping from tree to tree at a leisurely pace.

"Sai, do you know the mission rank?" Sakura asked as she pulled her hair into a low ponytail with the black ribbon, her long bangs were pulled over the side of her face and covered her left eyes but not to the point she couldn't see. "I doubt they would give us anything higher than D...right?"

"...I would assume so."

"So this should be relatively easy...good." She smiled and ran ahead, leaving the two behind her as she jumped into the look out of the Hokage's tower.

"Good, you three are here." Sarutobi said as Tobi and Sai jumped through after Sakura. Sakura stood next to Itachi who stood a foot taller than her. "You are to deliver a peace treaty to Ame and then return with theirs."

Itachi nodded, "Right."

"This is a B rank mission, and is of high importance, so I implore you all be careful and keep your eyes peeled."

They left with the peace treaty in Itachi's hand, but stopped when he stopped at the entrance to Konoha. "Sakura," He handed her the treaty. "You will be holding the treaty until we get to the halfway mark, then you will give it to Tobi. Sai will carry the other peace treaty back halfway before giving it to you again."

"You won't be carrying it?" She asked.

"No, I would be the first target if we were to be ambushed, and that would do us no good. If that happens, you three are to continue on until you cross the border of Ame."

"We understand," Sakura said, the other two nodded.


(Present: 17 Years Old)

And of course...we end up getting ambushed, like he said. Damn, that sucked too...I ended up getting left with Tobi while Sai stayed with Itachi to help him. Then Tobi and I got attacked not even five minutes later!


(Past: 7 1/2 Years Old)

"Sakura, run!" Tobi moved in front of her and pulled two Kunai out. The four had gotten more than halfway to the border; in fact, they were only twenty minutes away from the border.


She ran as fast as she could, making sure to keep her senses wide open as she avoided branches and trees while managing to stay ahead and out of the way of any fast flying weapons.

"Get that bitch!"

She frowned at the name calling but continued running. "Come and get me ass wipes!"

She yelled as loudly as possible before darting in-between trees. She jumped up and flipped so that her head was facing the ground almost; her feet barely touched the tree as she pulled out six Kunai's, three in each hand as she pushed herself off the branch and threw three of her Kunai, successfully taking out one of her assailants before slamming into the arms of the last oncoming ninja. He was, from what she could see, a ninja from the Village Hidden in the Clouds. She always wondered about that village, considering they weren't actually in the clouds.

"I have you now bitch."

She smirked and spun around as Itachi, Tobi and Sai caught up. They arrived in time to see her impale three of her Kunai's into the ninja's neck.

"No, you had me..." She pushed him off of her and flicked the blood off of her Kunai before putting them back into her pouch. Itachi walked up with two of her Kunai's, one of which had been embedded into the skull of one of the assailants and the other in the throat of the second. The three were dead, but she was still missing a Kunai.

"Is this...yours?"

Itachi, Sai and Tobi were in front of Sakura before she had time to react. A woman with periwinkle blue hair and deep blue/green eyes smiled at the group as she held out a Kunai. She wore a simple black top and skirt with a slit up the side, beneath the top was a fishnet top and in her hair was an origami flower. She had no forehead protector or any sign that showed which village she was from, if any. But Sakura knew who she could she forget...

" is..." Sakura moved easily between Sai and Tobi, the easiest of the three to get past. She smiled and took the Kunai from the woman. A smile graced the ladies lips as she looked Sakura over intently.

"If it's alright, do you mind if I travel with you, at least...until we get to Ame? I figured that is where you four are heading..."

"We have no time to be taking on travelers."

"Itachi, come on!" Sakura complained as she turned and faced the older by four years.

"...fine, if she can keep up, she can come."

"YATTA!" She smiled and out of excitement, she hugged Tobi who jumped equally excited...though, she wasn't sure why he was excited, but she wasn't going to ask either.

"What do we call you?" Itachi asked.



The group arrived easily enough, with no further delays or problems and Konan had easily kept up. She was now sitting on a bench with Sakura next to her. Sai, Tobi and Itachi were getting a room for the four while the two talked.


"Sakura, you shouldn't call me that in public." She scolded, only half meaning it. She was too happy to really care, but the fact remained, the two weren't yet ready to blow their cover...when they had so much more to do.


"No, don't be sorry." She took Sakura's hand in hers and stood up, taking Sakura with her.

Sai walked out in time to see the two disappear into the forest.

Sakura followed her mother until they came to a stop at a natural spring. They sat down and Sakura leaned against her mother's shoulder. "Mom..." She let tears fall from closed lids.

"Don't cry Sakura, I don't want to see you cry."

She nodded and studded crying, whipping the tears from her eyes, her cheeks were flushed but other than that, there were no signs that she had ever cried.

"This is for you. Pain said that we needed to be able to get in contact with you more often than we do. He also wants to be able to talk to his daughter as much as possible. He complains about not getting to see you, and he paces when he waits for your letters. It's funny to watch...but he really misses you. He wanted to be the one to come see you, but he can't leave like I can. He has too much to-do." Konan said gently, though her voice held an underlying of hate beneath it.

Sakura took a scroll from Konan and opened it, the pages were no different than any other scroll, but she didn't care about the scroll at the moment. "Is there something wrong?"

" that has to do with you, at least. We have been in recent conversations with someone from our past and...It's nothing my Cherry Blossom, nothing to worry about." Konan smiled and pulled Sakura into a hug before pulling away and standing. A few seconds later Itachi, Tobi and Sai appeared before them.

"Sakura, we have to go, come on." Itachi said, not once taking his eyes off of Konan.

"...R-right..." She stood and moved to Itachi who placed his hand on her shoulder. She placed the scroll against her skirt and beneath her belt. "I will see you...Konan..."

Konan smiled sadly, "No doubt," She turned and jumped out of sight, disappearing into the trees and leaving the group to stare at where she had vanished into.

"Sakura, let's go." Itachi motioned to the tower and she nodded, following after. She handed Tobi the treaty that he had handed her during the assailant chase.


(Present: 17 Years Old)

The mission had gone relatively boring after that; but I found out the secret of the scroll mother had given me! If I wrote something, it would disappear into the paper and a few seconds later, dad or mom would be writing to me...and when I rolled up the would erase anything and everything they wrote to evidence!

I had to join a regular group though...after Itachi pulled some a family massacre on the Leaf Village. Though, I still suspect foul play on the Council's part! There is no way he'd do something like that without a reason! He left Sasuke alive, though that only made Sasuke turn into some kind of revenge obsessed avenger. I should know, since I was made his and Naruto's partner. Tobi...disappeared shortly after Itachi killed the Uchiha's and Sai...Danzo...the Council's very own pompous fuck...called him back as an assassination. Sai had told me once about how he was raised an Assassin in an Elite Group called ROOTS...though...he hadn't ever mentioned Danzo...I found out by Kakashi that he was incapable of doing so due to a cursed seal on his tongue near the back of his throat that would paralyze him if he ever mentioned Danzo. I found out about Danzo on my own and he didn't want anything to do with me...for one reason or another, so I got sent back to Iruka who put me in Team Seven with Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke.

It was only a few years later, after we...well...Shikamaru, Hinata and I graduated as Chuunin. The others didn't even get a chance to actually fight in the exam. Take for instance...Sasuke...he had been placed against Gaara, this really adorable panda like red head who was our age...they had pretty much abandoned any and all thoughts of turning Chuunin...which interrupted many other fights. I do find it funny that Shika turned Chuunin after her forfeited the match to the panda boy Gaara's sister. I on the other hand was placed against Ino...she never stood a chance.

Oh...yeah, lost my train of thought. It was only a few years after the Chuunin Examination that Sarutobi died in a fight against one of the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru who, turns out...used to work for my father. Then Sasuke ends up going A.W.O.L and abandoned his village. Not that I personally cared what he did...but it pissed me off how he could just up and leave like that. Then woe and behold, our new Hokage turns out to be another legendary Sannin. She took a liking to me; I know this because the next thing I know...I'm her apprentice!

Tsunade...that's her name...She trained me in the secret arts of healing and I came up with a few of my own Jutsu's along the way...I learned complete chakra control and she taught me how to harness that amazing super human strength that she possessed! seventeen...I alone equal her in strength, but I was always a step ahead of her in mind. I used her to my advantage, to gain the knowledge she so willingly gave me.

Naruto ended up getting trained by the third Legendary Sannin...Jiraiya...and I the end...we will be the next generation of Legendary Sannin...won't Kakashi be proud. His three pupils getting trained by the three the end though...only one will remain at his and Konoha's side...forever remaining loyal.

(Past: Two Day's Ago)


'Hinata?' Sakura turned and watched as Hinata ran after her. She hadn't even passed the Konoha gates yet and already someone knew she was leaving. "Hinata―"

"Take me with you!"

Sakura was taken aback by the sudden demand by her normally shy and uneasy friend. The Hyuuga heiress wrapped her arms around Sakura's waist and Sakura couldn't help but place her own arms around the girls' shoulders. "H-Hinata..."

"Please...y-you were the only one who ever believed in me...I can't lose you!"

"...alright Hinata...but you understand...right? If you go with are abandoning understand?"

"I-I understand." She smiled carefully.

"The you should go pack. I hadn't expected you to find that letter so soon."

"I a-already packed..." Hinata pointed out the pack over her shoulders and Sakura smiled.

"Then let's hurry...before someone else comes. I left notes for Naruto, Shika, Sai and Neji..."

"I-I also left a note for Naruto, Hanabi, Neji and Kiba..."

"You will be leaving many important people behind, I hope you won't regret this, because there is no turning back."

"I know...l-let's go." She smiled and took Sakura's hand.


Sakura took off with Hinata and the two started for Ame, the Rain Country. Sakura let the latest letter from her father run through her mind.

Dearest Sakura,

I hope you are ready to return home, it's time you came back. We no longer need a spy inside Konoha. Come home.

We have already started moving after the remaining few Jinchuuriki and only have four left. Soon, peace will be all that fills this world as a new God rules. Please hurry back; I want my daughter to be introduced to the Akatsuki soon.

We Love You



It was finally time...for her to go home...


(Present: 17 Years Old)



So this is where I stand. Me and Hinata are back to back...soaking wet with rain, blood and mud...I know, it's disgusting! But what can you expect when it's raining and we are fighting this really hot blonde with a hairstyle so similar to Ino's that I literally almost made the mistake of calling him 'pig' the fact that he's trying to kill me and I didn't even say anything to him, had I called him 'pig' he would have gotten even angrier!

He was obviously in the Akatsuki, but he wouldn't listen to me or Hinata...which was really fucking annoying.



Sakura crouched down and avoided the majority of the blast, successfully covering and blocking Hinata from anything that would have harmed the girl.


"I'm fine," Sakura stood up and face the blonde who stood smirking. She could see the other, the red head behind him. If she remembered what her father had told her about the members of the Akatsuki...the Bomb Expert...was Deidera from Iwa and the one hiding in the puppet...must be the Puppet Master Sasori from the Red Sand. "D-Deidera..." She called uncertainly. The blonde tilted his head and she sighed, happy to know that she was right. "Listen, really don't want to kill me...Pain is expecting me...and in truth...I have been avoiding fighting you because I know I can hurt you, so if you don't stop...I will kill you." Her voice was calm and steady as she began healing any major wounds.

"...How do I know you are telling the truth, yeah?"

"...Well...the way I see kill me and find out later that I was telling the truth, after Pain kills take me there and I talk him out of killing you for attacking me...You will know why he wants to see me when we get there...but trust don't want to kill me. Konan will also be out for your head if you kill me...or...try to kill me."

"...fine, yeah."

She sighed and looked up to say something when she noticed him gone. She turned in time to see his hand come down and strike her in the neck. Already he was holding Hinata's limp form and her eyes fazed back and forth into light and darkness...she felt him wrap another arm around her waist before she lost all consciousness.

"Master Sasori, grab this one." Deidera said, motioning to the black/lavender haired kunoichi he held.

"Hm, I wonder why Leader would be expecting her..."

"Who knows, yeah...but we will find out soon enough...we are almost to the compound..."

The two started off on the familiar trail and about two hours later, they were only too happy to see the hidden Akatsuki Compound. Sadly, the relaxed and calm feeling of contentment was soon going to be taken away from them by forceful hands...


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