Three days later….

Rin had been watching the door carefully. Ever since she had mentioned Len's name, her parents seemed to become more withdrawn and secretive. Her mother looked like bursting into tears whenever she mentioned her dreams and her father looked ready to kill something. Miku also seemed to be acting strange as each day her parents would ask if she knew were Len was, and each time she said no, Miku would look at her intently, as if trying to read her mind for the truth. It was true that she didn't know, but tonight, she had an odd feeling like she needed only to let her power guide her and she would find him.

She had asked Miku before why their parents were searching for him so desperately, but Miku only shrugged.

"I honestly don't know. Mother is blocking my gift with hers, and mine isn't strong enough to bypass her block. But Father looks like something needs to die whenever you talk about your dreams, and Mother looks upset. Whatever is going on can't be good." She had said.

And it was true. Dakaru would often go out back and…vent…after hearing her dreams about what Len had done, or went through, of who he killed, or who he let live after offending him.

Creeping out of bed, and careful not to make a sound, she opened her window. Watching her door, she slipped out, hiding in the bushes. Once she was certain no one was coming, she let her wings sprout from her back, stretching as she took to the sky silently. She closed her eyes, reaching out with her aura, searching for the Len's familiar soul, latching onto it and leaving a bit of herself as a beacon to guide her as she vanished soundlessly.

Len awoke with a start, feeling something soft touch him. It was odd, like a soft glow on a dark night, or a whisper in the wind. Something only noticeable if you were looking for it, and now that he was looking, he could see it. As he grew, he learned to sense things. He could sense what being had blood on their hands, those who led immoral lives, those that harbored unnatural hatred. He could also sense those who were in love, the way SOMETHING in them seemed to reach out, longing, yearning for the touch of the target of their affections. He could see the bullied, the way sorrow seemed to radiate from their hearts in waves, the lonely, the downhearted. He could sense things he should not be able to sense, and it only further assured him he was special, better, STRONGER than these weak mortals.

To see such an odd piece of…something…on him, that he did not recognize gave him pause. What was it? He could sense it there, but there was nothing there. Touching his shoulder, he rubbed the spot, still sensing it there, on him, marking him. Then, it abruptly vanished.

"Guess I wasn't as discreet as I thought…" A girl's voice was heard a few feet away as he leapt to

his feet, his wings wrapping around him in defense. He turned in the direction of the voice, seeing a girl, her blond hair blowing in the wind. She was in a pair of what appeared to be silk pajamas, and he could easily see she had no bra on. She shivered. "It's cold out here…How do you get used to this, Len?"

Len's eyes narrowed. "Who are you, and why do you know my name?" His wings tightened round him as he felt them grow tense, ready to flee or fight in a split seconds notice.

Rin giggled softly. He was just so cute! "My name's Rin, and as for how I know you…Well, I've been watching you since I was a little girl. I know all about you, Len Kagamine. By the way, no need to be so defensive. Use your wings for warmth, like before. It's not healthy to keep them on standby for a fight if you're not moving. It's too cold for that." She shivered again.

Len was slightly irritated by her happy demeanor. He didn't know why, but something about her pissed him off, something he couldn't place. She felt…familiar. Like he should know her, but didn't. "What do you know about my wings? Are you another religious nut going on about how I'm the spawn of the devil? Or maybe a scientist, trying to seduce me into letting you experiment on me and cut my wings off. Whatever it is, go away. You'll be signing your death warrant by staying."

Rin gasped, horrified. "Cu-cut your wings off? I would never do such a thing! It's like cutting off your arm!" Horror ran through her mind at the thought. To cut the wings off of their kind was like capital punishment, rendering them, for the most part, human. It was just not done outside of battle!

Len's eyes seemed to narrow even further. "What do you know about my wings?"

Rin seemed to snap out of her shocked silence. "Well, for one, they aren't supposed to be black, normally. Unless one of your parents were extremely naughty, anyway. They're usually white. My father has black wings, but he knows why his wings are black."

Len gaped. "Yo-your father? You mean…you have them too?" Could it be true? Were there others like him?

As if reading his mind, Rin laughed. "Of course there others! What, did you think you were the only one?"

Len felt like hitting her. She seemed to think this was funny! His eye twitched in annoyance as he glared at her. "I fail to see any humor here, girl. I've KILLED people for lesser insults to me. Don't think that I will let you get away with it because you're a girl."

Rin laughed, and then felt a shudder run through her body as his eyes narrowed at her. It was one thing to watch in her dreams, and quite another to be in his presence. She could feel his anger as she shivered. "Okay, okay, calm down! I'm sorry, okay? You're right, it's not funny. I'm sorry, I just felt like it would be common sense…"

Len glared at her for a few moments before his mind went back to his previous thoughts. Her father had black wings, and she had wings as well…or did she?

"Show me."

"What?" Rin blinked. Surely he didn't just ask her to show him her wings? Didn't he know how improper that sounded? "Wh-why?" What is he implying?

"Prove that you're like me. Show me your wings." He demanded. As much as he wanted it to be true, he wouldn't allow himself to be deceived like this. "You've seen mine, so it's only fair. Or were you lying about all that? I'd have to kill you then, you know."

Rin bit her lip. She felt incredibly naughty for what she was about to do, but it was the only thing she could do. With a soft rustle, two white wings came into being upon her back. Her eyes widened as an odd sensation, as if her aura were being pulled, for lack of better words, toward him, unaware that he was feeling the same odd sensation.

Len, however, chose to act on these odd feelings. All he knew was that her wings were there, and he felt the need to touch them, caress them, to feel their softness. "So you were telling the truth…at least it looks like it to my eyes." He walked to her in long strides, the pull of her wings singing a siren's song in his mind.

Rin took a short step back, trying to bring herself under control. Why was her aura acting like this? Why was it so important that she let him touch her wings? She'd never felt such a strong pull; and it was slightly frightening. She half-heartedly tried to pull her wings back into herself, and almost gasped in surprise when they refused to be hidden. Unknown to her, a small amount of pink manifested itself on her wings, unnoticed to both of them.

Len wasn't even trying to resist, not knowing what was going on, only that it seemed like he NEEDED to touch her wings. That desire wouldn't be denied, and he decided it was curiosity that compelled him. Reaching out, he felt his fingers brush the pure white feathers. He nearly gasped in surprise as a stream of…something…ran through his body. Her wings were so soft…far softer than his own.

Rin, however, knew exactly what it was. Bliss ran through her, centered on her wings. "A-ah!" She gasped softly, much to her embarrassment. She bit her lip as her aura went haywire, surging to her wings for more contact with the black winged boy, the power of her very SOUL seeming desperate to touch him. She blushed softly, repressing the moan threatening to escape her lips as he caressed her wings. Every touch, every stroke, every twitch of his fingers was amplified ten times and shot tingles through her body.

"They're…." Soft? Welcoming? Beautiful? "…Real." Rin almost felt dismayed. Then she realized what she was letting him do as she squeaked softly. "Sto-stop!"

Len didn't seem to hear her, his eyes and mind fixated on her wings as he stroked them in an oddly loving manner. "Why are they so soft..?" He wondered absently.

Rin's protests died in her throat. "Wh-what?" She stammered. Didn't he know? Then it hit her: He DIDN'T know. He likely didn't even know what he was insinuating by the way he was touching her wings. She debated for a moment, debating whether or not to tell him that the way he was touching her was strictly a lover's touch as her aura seemed to plead with her not to tell him yet, or he may stop.

"L-Len…" She moaned, before her eyes widened. 'Did I just MOAN his name?' In her head she was hitting herself for moaning in front of him, too caught up in her disbelief to notice Len's face.

'Did she just…moan?' He thought, his mind going oddly blank. A brief moment later, he decided to try an experiment…purely out curiosity, he assured himself, refusing to acknowledge the sudden surge of attraction he felt toward the blond girl. Leaning forward, noting her eyes drifting to him and widening, he brushed his lips against her wings.

Rin watched in disbelief as Len leaned forward and pressed his lips against her wings, gasping audibly, unable to contain it as pleasure shot through her body like a bullet. 'This…this has to stop NOW!' her mind screamed at her. She could feel her sense and aura battling it out at she debated heatedly on what to do. "Le-Len…don't do that...HNN!" Her request seemed to fall on deaf ears as he kissed her wing again, watching with dark brown eyes as her back arched and her body trembled.

'She…likes it when I touch her wings..?' He thought, watching her squirm and gasp softly as he stroked her right wing carefully. Then, he watched her legs go out beneath her in slow motion, moving quickly to catch her. She looked away with a fierce blush, her body indescribably warm against his. 'What's happening to me?' He thought as he held her bridal style. He didn't understand why he bothered to catch her.

Rin's mind was covered in fog. Half of her was screaming for him to touch her move, and the other half wanted him to stop before she jumped him. "Len…you need to stop…" She finally managed to groan softly to him, much to her own dismay.

Len agreed fully. She seemed to be having a strange effect on him. He slowly lowered to the cold concrete of the roof as she leaned back against the wall. As he turned to sit next to her, by mere chance, or perhaps divine intervention, their wings touched.

It was at that moment, Rin knew heaven. Not the heaven she lived in, but the heaven belonging only to the most divine, and for that moment, all was right with the world. Pure pleasure coursed through her body, and her aura rejoiced as she almost passed out.

Len was in shock. The moment their wings had touched, Rin had a moment of panic on her face which abruptly vanished, to be replaced will a look of rapture. At the same moment, a feeling of utter bliss filled him, his body tingling, as they both gasped for breath.

It was a moment of pure intimacy, Rin decided. This was a meeting of two compatible souls, two auras calling for each other. She knew it was no mistake that she had been able to watch him since she was a child. Perhaps it was her destiny to be with him, to heal him of what had been done to him.

Then, abruptly as it started, it stopped. She found herself crashing back to Earth, only the warm afterglow and blushing face to show that it happened.

"Wh-what just happened?" Len cursed his shaky voice.

"A meeting of auras…" Rin whispered dreamily.

"A meeting of WHAT now?" Len demanded. Rin, snapped out of her dreamy state with a start.

Biting her lip, Rin decided to explain. "Our kind….yes, our kind, Len." Rin emphasized "our" to drive the point home before continuing. "Our kind...You've noticed it, right? That you were stronger, better, faster than humans?" Len nodded. "We are clearly not human, and by their writings, we are called angels."

Len scoffed. "Angel? No, they call me demon spawn, devil child, monster."

"I know they do, Len." Rin seemed pained as she admitted this. For how long had she been forced to watch as he was physically, mentally, and emotionally tortured? "They're wrong; you know...You aren't a monster. You're just…misunderstood."

"Well, they can keep 'misunderstanding' then. I'll just have to…correct…their 'misunderstandings'." Len growled.

"Len…" Rin wanted to tell him not to judge them so harshly, but found she couldn't bring herself to defend them. Not after seeing all they'd done to him. Not after what she had just felt with him. She sighed. "We have…powers. Our wings are the main focusing area of these powers, and we often call them call them our "Aura" when referring to the power of our soul. What just happened…" Rin blushed furiously at the memory. "We…our auras melded together and mingled for a few moments…Generally its taboo to touch another angel's wings outside combat or medical purposes."

Len blinked. "Why? And if it was such a bad thing, why didn't you try to stop me?" 'Not that it would have mattered' was the unspoken thought in Len's mind.

Rin flushed a darker red. "I-I…my aura was…" She seemed to be stumbling over her words, before whispering something in a soft, embarrassed tone.

"What? Speak up." Len demanded.

"I-it's nothing." Rin stammered, trying to avoid the question.

Len's eyes narrowed. "What aren't you telling me, girl?"

Rin glared, despite her blushing face. "This "Girl" has a name. It's Rin."

"Fine then, Rin. What are you hiding from me?"

"My aura was calling out for yours!" She finally snapped, then hid her face in embarrassment. "By the Absolute One….I let you TOUCH me…You don't even know me, and I let you touch my wings…"

"So? I touched your wings, big deal. It's not like we had sex or something." Len didn't seem to see the big issue.

Rin flushed red. "Yes, but it wasn't much different. Only…lovers…are normally permitted to touch another's wings. It's an intimate act, like kissing is to humans…and when our wings touched, our auras mixed…" Rin's eyes widened. With a soft cry, she wrapped her wings around herself, seeing that a rather large amount of pink was covering them. With a squeak of embarrassment, she forced them to withdraw into herself. "You didn't see that! And no, don't ask what it means!"

Len, in a rare mischievous moment, decided to tease Rin. "What do you mean? What does the pink on your wings mean?"

Rin looked horrified. 'He saw, he saw, he saw!' "It's nothing! It doesn't mean anything!"

"You're lying~" Len smirked, drawing closer as she blushed. "Tell the truth, Rin…" He whispered, pinning her against the wall, his hands on either side as he leaned in close to her.

Rin bit her lip softly. She could FEEL her hormones and aura going nuts, trying to convince her to let him do whatever he wanted to her, conspiring to make her lose control and jump the boy in front of her.

"So even angels can feel lust…Good to know. Admit it, girl…you want me. You want me BAD." Len smirked in a teasing manner, taking in her flushed cheeks and dark eyes.

"N-no…" Rin could barely whimper a denial, her will to resist weakening from close contact. "I-it's my aura…it's attracted to you for some reason…"

Len blinked, releasing her. "See? Was that so hard?" Inwardly he was confused. 'Aura is the power of the soul, she said…and her aura was calling out to mine? And that attraction...was mine doing the same?' Suddenly, Len began to laugh.

Rin grew angry. "What's so funny?" She demanded. If he was laughing at her honest confession, she'd….she'd…likely slap him then go home and cry…

"Aura is the power of your soul, right?" He asked, still laughing. Rin blinked.

"Yes..?" She confirmed hesitantly.

Len's laugher doubled. "This gives 'Soul Mates' a whole new level of meaning! Souls calling out to each other… sounds like a cliché line from a bad book."

Rin was confused. "How is that funny?"

Len's laugher started to die down. "I…really don't know. It just struck me as hilarious."

Rin pouted slightly. "It's not funny, Len. In fact, it's quite serious! You don't know how our world is, or our rules. And when Auras are attracted, it's a big deal. The fact that my aura called out to yours means it wasn't just lust!" Her hands clapped over her mouth after she heard herself.

Len's laugher stopped abruptly. "…What?"

Rin sighed, slumping against the wall. "When Auras are compatible, they tend to make someone seem to be drawn slightly to the one they are interested in. It can be used as a beacon, and you can often find someone using it. The stronger the attraction and compatibility, the stronger the pull is."

Len frowned. He hadn't tried to resist the pull, but the urge to touch her was almost irresistible. How strong was that in comparison to a normal attraction? A blond girl with blue eyes and bright smile flashed into his mind. 'Akita… '

Rin blinked, having for a brief moment seen into Len's mind, just in time to catch the image and name. "Oh…I'm sorry…I forgot…your heart belongs to another, doesn't it?" For a moment, Rin felt a moment of resentment to the blond girl. She wasn't even here! Then Rin felt guilty for her moment of anger. 'It's not her fault…'

Len snapped out of his ponderings. "What? What do you mean my heart belongs to another?"

Rin sighed, looking Len straight in the eye. "That girl, Akita. You care for her. Deeply."

Rin blinked in confusion when Len scoffed. "She's Human, and she's probably got a family by now."

"Doesn't stop you from liking her." Rin countered. "It's not something you can just stop."

"It doesn't matter. She's human, thus, she'd betray me. I'm doing her a favor by forgetting she exists. Otherwise I'd have to kill her."

Rin was dumbfounded. "B-but…she was your friend! You wouldn't kill her! I know you wouldn't!"

Len turned, looking her in the eyes with an icy cold gaze. "Humans are unable to comprehend what I am. Only in death do they cease their biased judgment on what they don't understand. She would be no different."

Rin paused, a moment of pity passing over her heart. "I'm sorry you feel that way…but who are you trying to convince? Me, or yourself? You care about her, whether you like it or not. Don't try to deny it."

Len clenched a fist. "And how would you know that? How would you know anything?"

Rin recoiled slightly from the dark and angry look in his eyes. "I….I've been having dreams about you and that girl since I was young…but mostly about you. I never seemed to catch your name till recently, though." Rin's eyes widened as she remembered what she came for, having been…distracted….by Len's molestation of her wings. "My parents are looking for you…"

Len blinked, temporarily sidetracked. "What? Why?"

"We're not sure…Miku and I were never told, but Mom and Dad seem desperate to find you. Why, we have no idea. It could be to bring you to where you belong, or it could be to kill you. I don't want to think they want you dead, but they aren't happy whenever your name is mentioned."

"Che. Most people aren't happy when I'm mentioned, so what ELSE is new? And most who look for me don't live to tell the tale."

Rin shook her head franticly. "You don't understand! The fact that my parents are so desperate to find you means that it's either very GOOD, or VERY BAD. And they WILL find you…its just a matter of time…" Rin looked down. "If it's good…..then you'll be fine. But if it's bad…then Dad may very well have you killed. He's rarely this upset or angry about anything, but when he's this pissed off, something or someone usually ends up dead. My father is…he's powerful. He's fought hordes of demons to a standstill, slain hundreds of opponents, and he…he…He'll KILL you if you fight him!"

Rin watched in disbelief as a dark smile appeared on Len's face. "Slayer of hundreds…he sounds like a fun fight. Maybe I'll learn a few things…but perhaps you're right. I'm too soft, having only dealt with pathetic HUMANS…Perhaps if I fought them in large numbers I'll be a bit more experienced."

"NO! Don't kill anymore!" Rin yelled, horrified. Len would start a war against a planet of living beings for TRAINING? "You mustn't! I'll be your opponent if I must, but don't kill more innocent people!"

"And what would you know of combat, Rin? You're a girl, and you don't look that tough. The way you act suggests that you abhor violence." Len looked at her doubtfully.

Rin seemed to deflate. "I do hate it, but it's a subject that we must learn in school. Our kingdom is a powerful one, and the greatest in terms of military strength. Learning to fight is MANDITORY."

Len raised an eyebrow, intrigued. "A school that requires you fight…Interesting. And you go to such a school?"

Rin nodded. "It's something everyone must do…not even royalty is exempt…" She mumbled.

"Royalty? You live in a monarchy?" Len inquired.

Rin nodded. "In school, rank on the social ladder is irrelevant. You could be next in line to be a ruler, and be the biggest outcast in school. Or you could be the scum of the streets, yet the prince of the school. No one is told backgrounds, and everyone is judged according to ability and strength."

Rin could see the wheels in Len's head turning as he began to grin. "Teach me."

Rin was taken aback. "Te-teach you?" She squeaked.

"Yes, teach me. You went to the school, you learned to fight, so teach me." Len moved closer, putting his hands on either side of her, before leaning forward to whisper into her ear. "Teach me, Rin, and I'll make it worth your while somehow."

Rin shivered, feeling his hot breath on her ear. Her heart was pounding uncontrollably as her mind raced, trying to shut down improper thoughts while trying to find a way out of this mess. Her aura wasn't helping, and she for a moment, she had a flash of the two of them, wings out and devoid of clothing. She could almost FEEL him on top of her, their bodies moving together as she lost herself in the blissful sensations he was giving her, their lips locked on a passionate kiss of-

"Rin? Rin! Hello?" She snapped out of it, a rosy blush on her face and panting slightly.

"N-not now…I have to get home…before they know I'm gone…I'll be back later, okay?" Rin protested.

"You had better…" Len growled, feeling slightly "frustrated" at the moment.

With a small wave, Rin vanished, and Len was once more alone. "Fuck…what the hell was I thinking? And why does she affect me like that?" he pondered for a moment, then began to chuckle. Soon, he was laughing, but rather than his normal, mocking laughter, it was genuine amusement. "Holy SHIT was she cute!" He continued laughing for a while, and then a few hours later, he fell asleep with a smile on his face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pantsu Nugeru Mon, Ne!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Rin breathed deeply as she crept back to her room. Len…was every bit a damaged as she expected, but he wasn't too far gone yet. She could feel the loneliness and shame hidden deep in his heart, and his outer shell was very tough and violent. But she could understand him, for the most part. He didn't WANT to be how he was, but he had to be to survive. Circumstances made him a monster, but he could be saved. She just knew he could! At least, she hoped…She crawled back into bed, certain she had gotten away with it until she heard a voice from the door.

"Where did you go, Rin? Where WERE you?"


In an undisclosed location, a cloaked figure watched. A smile crossed unseen lips as the figure gazed at the past, future, and present simultaneously.

"And so it begins, Len Kagamine. The wheels of Divine Fate have begun to turn, and you are the lynchpin that holds it together. The path before you shall never be easy, and you will often walk with one foot in the light, and one in darkness. Born of black wings, cursed by Fate, and descendant of what many would consider an unholy union, but conceived with a pure love… You who will break the mold, you who will challenge those who would fancy themselves as God…You will break rules, set upon you since the beginning of time. You will defy your curse, you will bring light to those who have it not.

But be wary, young one, for shadows stir. They will seek to end you, before you can fulfill your destiny, and they will seek to lead you astray.

It is too late for her, as she has been bound to you, Young Fatebreaker. You will do the Bidding of the Absolute One, to return the world to His glory, but you cannot do so alone. Your sister is your First Light, a guide to show you the good in the world that you have been denied. Do Not turn her away, and she will always be there. She will love you forever, no matter what anyone says, and she will SAVE you from the darkness within.

The Absolute One has not abandoned you, Young Fatebreaker, and he grieves for your suffering. It is not his wish to see the suffering of his children, and he wishes it would not be so. But Free will is something he has always promised his creations, and he will not break that promise now.

Be Strong, Young Fatebreaker…

Be Swift, Young Fatebreaker…

Love, and be Loved…

Protect, and be Protected…

Your suffering…will be rewarded with love.

Your Crimes…will be forgiven.

Be strong, swift, and courageous, and you will be the Absolute One's instrument of salvation, to bring your kind back to its roots.

You will show them all that the Absolute One loves his people.

You will, because you are the Fatebreaker. You are the White Demon. You are the Dark Angel. You are he who walks both paths.

And you…will save us all.


So…I had to wait for my friend to finish typing the next bit up, so sorry for the delay. And for those of you who don't like the harem Idea, sorry bout that.